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The perfect smoke for any manner of aficionado in search of an affordable yet top-notch smoking experience, Dutch Masters cigars will be an excellent addition to your daily rotation. Perfect for enjoying while busy with yardwork or running around doing errands, Dutch Masters delivers smooth mouthwatering flavors catered to please any palate preference.

The history of Dutch Masters started over a century ago in 1912, first made by GH Johnson Cigar Co. Soon after, GH Johnson merged with several other cigar makers in 1918 to become Consolidated Cigar Corp – which would go on to become the maker of popular premium brands like Montecristo and Romeo y Julieta.

To develop the now famous Dutch Masters brand, GH Johnson sought inspiration from Dutch renaissance artists, known as the “Dutch Masters.” The works of Rembrandt had particularly interested GH Johnson, and the legendary work “The Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild” is portrayed on every Dutch Masters cigar.

Depicting 5 men inspecting a cloth to potentially be used by the guild, it highlights the importance of quality control and a critical eye. Dutch Masters’ focus on quality tobaccos and construction is perfectly captured by this classic work of fine art.

However, it was not until the 1950s that Dutch Masters became the household name it is today. The advent of television proved fruitful for advertisers of all industries, but Dutch Masters saw its popularity soar after working with the legendary late-night talk host and comedian Ernie Kovacs. Kovacs, a cigar fanatic himself, proved to be the perfect partner for promoting Dutch Masters.

For nearly 4 years, each month Kovacs would create an hour-long special sponsored by and advertising for Dutch Masters. Infused with his unique brand of comedy and skits, Kovacs’ commercials for Dutch Masters were incredibly popular. His works with Dutch Masters proved in the early days of television that commercials and advertising could be seamlessly combined with art and comedy.

The next 30 years saw Dutch Masters struggling. With the untimely and tragic death of Kovacs, a ban on tobacco television advertising, and public awareness of the health risks associated with tobacco, Dutch Masters sales stagnated. However, everything changed during the 1990s cigar boom and the explosion in popularity of cigar smoking, and Dutch Masters returned to prominence as a best-selling brand.

Today, Dutch Masters cigars are machine-made by Altadis U.S.A. in Puerto Rico with unrivalled precision and construction. They come in a variety of different sizes and blends, including the classic President size that captured palates over a century ago.

Unlike most machine-made cigar brands, Dutch Masters use genuine whole-leaf wrappers for its cigars, including top-quality wrappers like Connecticut Shade and Candela. Find out more about the history and flavor of the Candela wrapper on our Blending Room. You can enjoy the style of blend that best fits your palate.

Dutch Masters cigars is also a major maker of cigarillos maker of cigarillos, which are thin, miniature cigars that can be smoked in a fraction of the time as a full-sized premium cigar. Find out more about the difference between a cigarillo and a cigar on our Blending Room. Coming in a variety of traditional and flavored blends like Gold Fusion, Ripe Berry, and the classic Palma, there is a Dutch Masters fit for any preference.

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