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Corona Sports Honey I have been ordering the Dutch Masters Honey Sports for quite a while and always enjoyed them, but this last shipment failed to meet my expectations. The flavor was not there. One of the packages looked like it had been opened and the construction was poor. One of the cigars was VERY loosely packed. My "go to" smoke, but this time, not satisfied. 2 5 1
Corona Sports Honey My husband only smokes Honey Sport. When we found these on your webpage he was in heaven. Now they are on BACKORDER. 5 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Quality has gotten worse on both the cigars and the packaging. Disturbing given that they are machine made. Shortages are too frequent. You need to tell that to Dutch Masters. 1 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Sometimes the construction good sometimes the construction bad 2 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Lately, over the last year these former great cigars have turned to the equivalent of smoking a turd. The cigars are filled with cracks and holes, have to be patched up with rolling papers. Quality of tge construction and wrapping of the cannella wrap is terrible. I'm getting my money back on this last order and never ordering them again. 1 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Some packs was open few fresh poor wrapping 2 5 1
Corona Sports Honey My cigars are Dutchmaster Honey Sports. I really like them. Sometimes wrappers on them aren't flavored as strong as others in pack. But over all, a great inexpensive cigar!!! 4 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Nice taste 4 5 1
Corona Sports Honey This cigar packs alot of flavor for an affordable price. This may be a machine made cigar but don't let that dissuade you, it is as enjoyable as cigars I have paid far more for. The scent hits your nostril as soon as you open the wrapper and the smell only gets better as you smoke. 10 outta 10 would smoke again. 5 5 1
Corona Sports Honey The only cigar my husband enjoys. What more can I say, but JR cigars are ready at all times to keep them available for him. Plus being a member is a plus. 5 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Excellent taste 5 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Great cigars enjoy them at all times of the day and night. Very well made 4 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Great taste 5 5 1
Corona Sports Honey Fresh cigars, prompt delivery, easy communication. 5 5 1
Corona Sports Honey amazing i got these at a food lion on vacation thinking they were the white grape ones and i was surprised by the best flavor i ever smoked by dutchmaster since russian cream 5 5 1

Dutch Masters

Honey Sport 5.63 × 43 DMHS1P

One of the most popular and best-selling machine-made cigars in America since 1911, the Dutch Masters Corona Sports Honey cigar are wrapped in a light candela leaf and are mellow and loaded with classic pipe tobacco flavors with tastes of sweet and enjoyable honey. The aroma is to die for. They are available in units of 20 (5 handy packs of 4) on the JR Cigar website – home of the best cigars in the world.
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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

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5 Packs of 4 (20 total)

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