A Brief History of Dutch Masters Cigars

November 9, 2015

Since 1911, Dutch Masters have been one of the best-selling cigars in America. These machine made, all naturally wrapped cigars are recognized the world over for their Rembrandt” Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild” artwork on each package.

G.H. Johnson Cigar Company was the original producer of the Dutch Masters cigar brand. Dutch Masters would become a mainstay of the Consolidated Cigar Corporation in 1921. The Consolidated Cigar Corp. later became part of Altadis USA, producers of many of the most renowned premium and domestic cigars sold today, including this well respected time honored brand.

Dutch Masters became a household name in the late 1950s and early 1960s for its sponsorship of various television projects of the well-known cigar-smoking comedian Ernie Kovacs and numerous other radio, magazine and television ads.

In 1995, Dutch Masters introduces its first line extension, the Dutch Masters Masters Collection.

Throughout the following decades, Dutch Master’s has remained at the very top of the charts in sales, thanks to its smooth mellow flavor, signature musky aroma, and very affordable price.

Today, this is no longer just your grandfather’s stogy. With an extensive lineup, that includes the Dutch Masters Masters Collection, and the regular Dutch Masters, the modern smoker has a choice of many popular sizes and a whole lineup of mouthwatering and delicious flavored cigars.


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