4.213333333333333 75
President My husband ordered his cigars on 8/5/20. Called last week as site said back order. Was told they should ship within a few days. Today get this request for review. Site now says product is sold out. Have no idea when cigars will arrive. 1 5 1
President Great Cigar. 5 5 1
President Thank you for the recent shipment of the President. This was a Christmas gift for my husband! They were shipped in a fairly timely manner . Packaged nicely and securely. He absolutely loves them! 5 5 1
President Buy for my husband 5 5 1
President they are great need to order more 5 5 1
President Good cigar at a great price 4 5 1
President Great ordering and delivery experience 5 5 1
President A good mellow cigar at a good price. 4 5 1
President I ordered one box but was shipped and charged for 2 boxes. They haven’t responded to my email requesting correction of problem. 1 5 1
President Good quality for the money 5 5 1
President just regular smoke, low on quality, could taste better, if had more real tobacco in them. 3 5 1
President Customer Service was polite, knowledgeable and overall very helpful in my experience. Would like to see shipping cost lower. 5 5 1
President when i ordered i was told i would get an email to let me know when the order was shipped. i never got an email at all. i did not know when they were shipped and had to watch the mailbox every day to see them when they got here. shipping time was good and i love these cigars and have been smoking this kind for over 50 years when i can get them. no complaints about the product. my complaint is that after i placed my order no one took time to acknowledge my order or to tell me when to expect delivery. 4 5 1
President I smoke these after a surf while changing or throw a couple in the garage for something to smoke while messing around. Very light draw, smokes fast if you’re not careful. For the price they are well worth it but not a cigar you’re going to brag about. 4 5 1
President Received my cigars and seemed a bit smaller and the box was very flimsy. Had other boxes and they were very well made . 3 5 1
President The worst cigar I have ever smoked 1 5 1
President Good value 5 5 1
President I find these cigars to have a nice mellow flavor. A very fine cigar to relax with. 5 5 1
President Nothing to add 5 5 1
President Excellent morning smoke or anytime smoke when you don't have the time for a good hand rolled! 5 5 1
President It's a good cigar for the price. 5 5 1
President A great cigar. 5 5 1
President I like them 5 5 1
President Bought for my husband. He has been smoking these for over 50 years. 5 5 1
President Always good.....that's why I keep buying them! 5 5 1
President Just great service and great prices on what i smoke. I have been using JR for years and its been a good experience. I appreciate the military discount as well. 5 5 1
President As a machine made, mass market cigar, this one manages to consistently be a favorite of mine. I honestly prefer it to many, higher end, hand rolled cigars. It is a short filler cigar with a homogenized tobacco leaf wrapper (tobacco paper). But that said, what you lose in craftsmanship, you gain in consistency. Each cigar smokes and tastes exactly like the last. I do recommend to clip the end on these, even though they are pre-punched, as it enhances overall flavor, draw, and smoke output. The flavor is very mild. The cigar features a lightly sweetened tip. It produces a generous, creamy smoke that delivers sweet, light notes of vanilla, maple syrup, classic tobacco, and just the most subtle hint of white pepper toward the finish. It fills the room with a medium note of pipe tobacco that is actually quite pleasant, even when compared to expensive, hand rolled cigars. Time commitment to this cigar is around 30 minutes start to finish if not over smoked. If you're looking for a classic, mild, everyday smoke that is enjoyable to the pallet and easy on the wallet, look no further. 4 5 1
President This was an effective replacement for the unavailable King Edward cigars I usually buy. 4 5 1
President The perfect inexpensive cigar for a smoke when you have a few minutes 5 5 1
President I really enjoy the smooth flavor of the Dutch Masters "President" cigar. It's always nice to relax with one. The only complaint I have is the packaging, They are sometimes a pain to unwrap. I highly recommend these cigars though. 5 5 1
President My husband and I like these smooth , inexpensive cigars .... Nice smoke 5 5 1
President Ordered Dec 1st. Shipped by Best Way. Can't track? Where are they. My card was charged. Haven't heard anything about them. 1 5 1
President Every one is the same as the last. 30 minute smoke. Smooth and mellow. Easily holds a 1 inch ash so roll is tight and tobacco is good quality. Taste is slightly sweet with a trace if peppery spice. Pleasing aroma and taste all the way to the end. Is it a $100 cigar? No. But for about a buck ten each, you can't go wrong. 4 5 1
President JR will ship fast and fresh love this company 5 5 1
President In my opinion the best cigar for what you pay. Consistently smooth!! Consistently a great smoke!! I've tried many cigars in just about every price range. Definitely impressed with these cigars!! 5 5 1
President You always come through with my favorite cigars at a fair price. I'm beyond impressed! 5 5 1
President Consistently smooth, Great cigar for the price! 5 5 1
President good quality 5 5 1
President Good smoke, quick ship, always a pleasure. 5 5 1
President A good cigar at a great price. 4 5 1
President A Good, Inexpensive Cigar. 4 5 1
President good snooker. the taste was a bit flat 4 5 1
President OK 3 5 1
President Very good smoke for the price. Nice even burn. 4 5 1
President What I smoke every day it works for me 4 5 1
President No comment 4 5 1
President Oh is a on the high side price wise for a machine made but all that JR keeps in stock. 4 5 1
President good cigar for the cost 4 5 1
President Good Cigar. 5 5 1
President Excellent draw with mild easy to enjoy cigar 5 5 1
President Some have draw issues, others have pin holes in the wrappers. The worst ones are the duds that have excess tar in them and make the cigar bitter. After trying some quality handmade cigars I will never go back to these. I'll save what I have left for the in-laws to smoke. 3 5 1
President Nice and mellow great for the early mornings 4 5 1
President Good smoke for the price 4 5 1
President Good Smoker at a lower cost 5 5 1
President I like the sweet chocolatey flavor after dinner. It’s like a dessert. Most are pretty good but a few aren’t as good as the others. 5 5 1
President good for the money 4 5 1
President This is not good. 1 5 1
President Nice cigar 5 5 1
President Impressive 5 5 1
President Burn fast, 2 5 1
President Great experience 5 5 1
President I like this cigar. Its very consistent, mild and even smoking. 5 5 1
President na 4 5 1
President My Father and I smoked these and the Dutch Master Coronas regularly. Still a great cigar and I will re-order. 5 5 1
President Good mild flavor. 4 5 1
President I almost hate to admit it but I like these type of cigars because they are consistent. No, not great tasting. Not robust. Not full-flavored. Their "cheapness" is the first 3 things you notice about them. Pricier ones can be frustratingly variable. Wrapped too tight. Unsmokable much of the time. Even George Burns said he enjoyed basic machine made cigars because they were always the same and didn't require a lot of puffing to keep lit. I'm supposed to enjoy smoking cigars not have to fight them. There. I said it! 5 5 1
President Good cost. Good Draw. Good flavor . Like everything about them 5 5 1
President I'm almost 80 yo, longtime cigar smoker, and still love to putz in yard and gardens. DM Presidents' size and manufacture make them perfect choice for hands-free smoking and they are so affordable you never feel guilty leaving a half-smoked cigar in the yard when working. Draw, strength and taste acceptableand they keep mosquitoes at bay. 4 5 1
President I opened the box and every cigar was dry even tho was in plastic wrap. I usually get this kind of cigars because they lite and never had problems,but this time i had to throw all of them. 1 5 1
President I like the smooth taste of the cigars. Plus the smoke of them. They dont go out on you. I will probably buy more of the on my next order. 5 5 1
President I've always loved the old fashioned cigars with great draw and flavor 5 5 1
President Been puffing for 50 years and have smoked a lot of cigars. This is a mild paper cigar with shreds of tobacco for flavor. First 2/3 are smooth and mild. The final third is bitter and hot to draw. Cant compare to a real tobacco cigar in every category except for the oral satisfaction of puffing. Use to buy these for a quarter 3 5 1
President Good flavor. 4 5 1
President very satisfied 5 5 1
President Good Value for everyday smokers... consistent quality and construction... 5 5 1

Dutch Masters

President 5.62 × 42 DMPRP

Dutch Masters President cigars are machine made in Puerto Rico using a timeless classic blend of Caribbean Basin Cuban seed fillers finished with a tasty natural leaf wrapper. Rich, smooth, flavors of nuts, leathers, and hints of sweetness, provide a mellow smoking experience that has made Dutch Masters America’s #1 bestselling machine made cigars since 1912. The cigars are sold in affordable 5-packs with five 5.62 × 42 President’s in each pack.

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Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

Puerto Rico



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