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Cigarillos Palma Great taste, slow burn( IF the machine that contructs these was adjusted today enough that product even RESEMBLES a cigar & isnt just an unsmokable mess!!)..NO quality control, apparently; fat, thin, ragged ,2 good followed by 3, loose tobacco(& IT brands, though claiming to " inspect EVERY wrapper,will ONLY send a " buy 1 , get 1 free " coupon (via " Certified Mail, no less! Twice the cost of the pack of unsmokables!), to replace DEFECTIVE product..Frustrating at the end of a day looking forward to a relaxing break.. ( contact the CEO , itg brands if you have these same issues..maybe the info never makes it upstairs.Me, im trying other brands) NOT recommended 2 3 1
Cigarillos Palma I use them for blunts but overall they come not too bad shape. Sometimes they have way too many loose leaves ,broken leaves or sometimes no leaves at all. Very frustrating and rare to find a perfect pack of 3 3 3 1

Dutch Masters

Cigarillos Palma 4.50 × 28 DFC2P

The Masters Collection Cigarillos Palma from the famous Dutch Masters brand – a popular machine-made cigar brand in the USA, is an absolute delight to smoke. You’ll just love the mellow, sweet, and aromatic flavors of classic, rich tobacco. They are available in units of 60 (2 fresh-loc foil packs of 30) on the JR Cigar website!
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Natural Tobacco Leaf

Homogenized Tobacco Leaf

Caribbean Basin Cuban Seed

Puerto Rico



30 Packs of 2 (60 total)

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