4.486486486486487 37
Gran Toro Big fan of this brand. Great flavor smooth pull spicy notes at the end. It's one I always seek out. Sharp looking band too 4 5 1
Gran Toro Not my favorite size of the undercrown line but they still are an amazing smoke. Flavors of chocolate cocoa and spices 5 5 1
Gran Toro If you are a smoker of maduros try this kne for sure. And it’s wallet friendly 4 5 1
Gran Toro Dark and rich flavor filled with billowing smoke off the head. Sure to enlighten your taste buds. One of my favs 5 5 1
Gran Toro Great smoke and easily a favorite! 5 5 1
Gran Toro The undercrown grand toro wasnt my fav love these stick but the favor was list to me in this size 3 5 1
Gran Toro I cannot say this enough about this particular cigar: it's solid all around. amazing flavor great draw and a flawless construction. Drew Estate can do no wrong. 4 5 1
Gran Toro The Undercrown Gran Toro was the first Undercrown I ever tried and I hated it. It wasn't until my palate developed a little more and I smoked another in this vitola and it hit all the right buttons for me. I now love this cigar and know that it will deliver flawless performance and flavors every single time. This is a Go to smoke for me when I need an affordable cigar with some kick 5 5 1
Gran Toro The only issue that I have with this amazing cigar is that it burns a little fast and I enjoy it so much id like it to last longer. 4 5 1
Gran Toro Very good cigar. Tons of foot smoke. Strength and body is medium full to full. A classic dessert stick. Lots of sweet dessert bread notes not bite or pepper 5 5 1
Gran Toro My favorite cigar right now. This creamy medium smoke taste great! It has spice sweetness and plenty aromatic smoke! 5 5 1
Gran Toro If you have never smoked an Undercrown then by all means try one. They are similar to Liga Privada No.9 but a bit less expensive. They are full flavored gems that deserved to be bought by the box. Try a single or a 5er and you will not be disappointed. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Reddit Liga Privada Undercrown is a tasty cigar featuring San Andres Wrapper. A medium body cigar without much spice this cigar is a classic and should be in every man's humidor. The entry line of Liga Privada it is a bargain budget cigar with many of the premium characteristics of its elite counterparts in the 9 and T52 lines. The big easy draw on this cigar makes it a pleasure to smoke. 3 5 1
Gran Toro great everyday cigar love the taste and so smooth very enjoyable. Would recommend the cigar to even the beginner great great taste 4 5 1
Gran Toro Gran Toro is strong flavorful and delicious. Recommend this cigar highly to a cigar afficianado. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Great cigar I just order these not to long ago and the construction of these were good and it taste good 5 5 1
Gran Toro All around good smoke. Flavors in this are excellent. Great drawburnconstruction and consistency. This one is a great smoke every time. I get earthy almost smoky flavors on this smoke. 5 5 1
Gran Toro This is a amazing cigar one of my all time favorite the undercrown has a mild peppery taste with cedar and hints of cocoa and chocolate even burn and each third is delicious 4 5 1
Gran Toro The Gran toro is the first time I smoked an Undercrown and I was still very green in my cigar smoking hobby. I hated that first one. I gave it a couple more chances and I am glad I did. I have come to absolutely love this cigar! The draw is almost always perfect as is the burn line and overall value from this cigar makes it a home run. If you go into smoking this for the first time thinking it'll be anything like the Liga Privada lines you will be disappointed. However if you try it out and understand it is an entirely different animal you may just find that you love it. I know it did for me. 4 5 1
Gran Toro This is a great cigar at any price. I like it as much or more than the Liga Privada No. 9. Consistent quality and you can't beat the price. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Wonderful in everyway you really cant complain about this smoke it has never let me down 5 5 1
Gran Toro This site is one good premium stick that has everything that you want in a cigar 4 5 1
Gran Toro Had this cigar at one of their events. It was very good. Good draw nice and smooth. Tons of smoke. 4 5 1
Gran Toro Great smoke would love to try the shade brand if you ever get them in 4 5 1
Gran Toro Fantastic. Medium bodied and some full towards the end. Great flavors and tons of smoke. Drew estate did a great job. 5 5 1
Gran Toro This was my first REAL cigar I picked out. Got me hooked immediately. That oily wrapper and pleasing room note keep me coming after this one time and again. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Very good cigar. I stumbled upon these in a variety pack and really enjoy all aspects, from flavor to draw and burn. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Fantastic smoke, my go to for maduros 5 5 1
Gran Toro Like these alot 5 5 1
Gran Toro My new go to cigar 5 5 1
Gran Toro I can’t figure out why I pick this cigar out of the hundreds of other cigars in my humidor. It must be that they are THAT good. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Some people dog on Drew Estate for various reasons but I let the cigars do the talking. These are extremely consistent and expertly crafted. Each stick I've had burns straight to the nub, draws effortlessly and and delivers the flavor. At about $6.5 a stick on this offer with a frequent discount, it's a very solid deal. I hope this brand will remain in place for the decades to come. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Delicious. Rich Retrohale. Ninety minutes well spent. Me time enjoyed. Bourbon didn't hurt the cause either. We all made great friends. 5 5 1
Gran Toro Very nice flavor with plenty of smoke output and a easy draw. 5 5 1
Gran Toro T52 for the rest of us 5 5 1
Gran Toro Never received the cigars so I cannot judge the Gran Toro. The package was stolen by what I suspect was a JR employee. 1 5 1
Gran Toro Would recommend this smoke to anybody who enjoys a fine medium cigar.A nice consistent smoke throughout.About a fourty five minute to an hour smoke.Get yours and Enjoy 4 5 1


Gran Toro 6 × 52 LPUCGT

Their unique Mexican Otapan Negro Último Corte wrapper gives the Undercrown Gran Toro its exceptional spicy zest. Add the Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan filler tobaccos, and you have a smoke that is lavish, smooth, sweet, and so remarkably delicious, you'll wish you ordered more! Packaged in a box of 25.
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San Andrés Negro

Connecticut Habano

Brazil / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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