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Coming from the talented workers and blenders at La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Nicaragua, Undercrown cigars provide a top-shelf smoking experience at a price any average joe can manage. Introduced in 2011, for over a decade Undercrown cigars has been a favorite of aficionados across the country.

It all started in 2009, following the release of the famous Liga Privada brand. Quickly catching fire in the market and enjoying incredible popularity, supplies were running a bit thin to keep up with demand. To ensure there was enough Liga Privada for the hungry masses, Drew Estate asked its workers in the factory to curtail its consumption of the top-rated brand.

Understandably, the workers were pretty disappointed. However, instead of wallowing in their disappointment, they got creative. The workers experimented with different primings, vintages, and leaf positions to come up with a blend that captured the taste of their beloved Liga. By 2011, the workers had a blend that pleased their palates, and pitched the blend to their boss Jonathan Drew.

Drew loved the blend and release it “under the crown” of Liga Privada, and the Undercrown brand officially hit the scene in 2011. With several line extensions since then, including the top-rated Undercrown 10 cigar that celebrated the 10th anniversary of the release of Undercrown, the brand has won the hearts and palates of aficionados across the country.

For the original Undercrown blend, the workers at Drew Estate selected a blend of Brazilian Mata Fina and Nicaraguan Cuban-seed long fillers that have all been masterfully aged to perfection. This zesty blend of filler tobaccos is packed in a hearty and unique Connecticut Habano binder, which is a Habano leaf grown and stalk-cut in the loamy soils of the Connecticut River Valley.

The finishing touch is a top-shelf and decadently dark San Andres Negro wrapper with plenty of tooth and a shimmering oily sheen. Each puff will provide your palate with a hearty, bold, and complex medium-full bodied smoke brimming with flavors of black pepper, espresso, roasted nuts, baking spices, dark chocolate, and a surprising amount of creaminess on the finish.

With such luxurious tobaccos and flavors, you might be thinking that Undercrown cigars are on the pricey side, but that could not be further from the case. Undercrown cigars are made in a variety of popular sizes and shapes and come packaged in reasonably priced boxes of 25 or in shockingly affordable packs of 5.

If you are interested in a complex, flavorful, and downright delicious cigar to enchant your palate with every puff, Undercrown will be an excellent addition to the collection in your humidor. Get a box or 5-pack shipped fast and fresh to your front door by ordering Undercrown cigars from JR today!

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