4.416666666666667 36
Corona Viva Got these in the Black Friday deal great price and my favorite size in the Undercrown. Looking forward to ordering again 5 5 1
Corona Viva Great smoke with nice rich flavors. Medium to full body that offers an enjoyable experience. Will definitely be keeping a few of these around. 4 5 1
Corona Viva Great stick some consistency issues but notes of cocoa coffee earth spice hits the pallate perfectly! Grab one well.....grab 10 you will want more! 4 5 1
Corona Viva Nice stick dark smooth wrapper that has somewhat of a medium to easy draw loaded with rich tobacco taste 4 5 1
Corona Viva A very pleasing smoke. The rapper has a good oily smooth consistency that leaves a delightful taste on my lips. There is a oaky leathery flavor with a nice finish that I haven’t tasted before. Overall a very good value. 4 5 1
Corona Viva This is by far my favorite cigar for the money . It was nice to see them on the daily deal . Very rich and robust 5 5 1
Corona Viva Good draw Easy to light Good flavor Good price Recommend for all ua yep ya yep ya yep 4 5 1
Corona Viva Always love these Undercrowns . My go to for cigar. Affordable great construction burn and flavor 5 5 1
Corona Viva This is an awesome cigar. One of my all time favorites and at a price that is affordable. You can't go won't with cigar. 5 5 1
Corona Viva Really smooth stick. Was pleasantly surprised by draw. Not to loose but not to tight. Sat in humi for about 2 yrs. slight cream but still had some spice. 4 5 1
Corona Viva The UC Corona viva is my hands down favorite regular production Undercrown. This cigar never fails to deliver the goods I'm looking for in a cigar. Bold and hearty thick smoke with a kick. Flawless construction every single time and a nice tight white ask that looks like night and day to the dark colored wrapper. I highly recommend this cigar 5 5 1
Corona Viva I love undercrown they r the most best stick great taste perfect construction and nice stick 4 5 1
Corona Viva Hands down the Undercrown from Drew Estate has to be one of my all time favorites. A medium to full cigar with hints of coffee and some spices. 5 5 1
Corona Viva Great smoke i love them i think they are just as good as the liga no9 and t52 at a cheaper price so i usually grab one of these before a liga 5 5 1
Corona Viva I'm going all 5s on this one. Bought a box and very glad I did magnificent! I usually prefer mild cigars but these are great. This is the 4th Drew Estate cigar I have tried and have not been dissapointed yet. 5 5 1
Corona Viva A very good smoke with lots of leathery flavors that you don't find very often. 4 5 1
Corona Viva The Undercrown was underwelming for the price it kept going out and had a side burn that a triple flame wouldn't correct 3 5 1
Corona Viva Excellent tasty creamy smoke. The undercrown series is my favorite at any price! 5 5 1
Corona Viva I love these cigars. Always have them in stock in my humidor. If you have tried you won’t regret it. 4 5 1
Corona Viva This is not a cigar for the faint of heart. Thick rich flavorful smoke from start to finish. When I hit the Lotto these will definitely be in my humidor. 5 5 1
Corona Viva This is a nice smoke. Very reasonable price too. Very light sweet flavor with a hint of cherry. Good burn. 4 5 1
Corona Viva Gross I don't know why people want white grape stogies not my thing garbage thank you but no thanks 3 5 1
Corona Viva The Underxrown line is one of my go-to cigars lines Well constructed and excellent flavor in all of the varieties. 4 5 1
Corona Viva Absolutely love the entire undercrown line! Great smoke for the price definitely worth keeping some of these in the humidor. 4 5 1
Corona Viva Nice body and flavor 5 5 1
Corona Viva If you aren’t going to pay the big bucks for the liga privada the undercrown is a great alternative. 5 5 1
Corona Viva Best of the Undercrowns by far actually prefer this to many of the Unicorn Series. 4 5 1
Corona Viva This truly is one of the good quality sticks that I've had the pleasure of smoking 4 5 1
Corona Viva This is a decent cigar with strong notes of grass and leather and an overwhelming taste of nuts. It goes well with a nice red wine. 4 5 1
Corona Viva Great cigar. I like them better than the t52. I have and will continue to have them as long as I can get them. 5 5 1
Corona Viva I highly recommend this cigar. Construction draw and consistency are impeccable. Drew Estate delivers on flavor (as always) w/ this great value smoke. I would recommend this one for all smokers! 5 5 1
Corona Viva Very good medium smoke with no burn or physical issues . Plenty of positive tastes without being overwhelming. 4 5 1
Corona Viva The first one I tried had a little clovie-ish taste thing going on but after a month or so resting in the humidor this balanced out to a great smoke. The draw id excellent and I've had no troubles with the construction. I like to keep a few of these handy. 4 5 1
Corona Viva Technically corona gordas but my favorite cigars are the toro especial and these are very close in size, last boxes were aged 6 months and a year so these have a way to go but have that signature flavor, a little more full strength in this blend or stick maybe? First third is a little lighter with the full sweet pepper and spice notes kicking in strong at 2/3rds and good to the nub. These are bigger than you would think and a nice sized box. On sales a grest price. These are great as daily smokes or even better aged for special occasions, they really get flavorful 5 5 1
Corona Viva Perfect size and proportions between wrapper and long fillers. 5 5 1
Corona Viva My only complaint is that it doesn’t last long enough. I would purchase a larger ring gauge, but they are usually sold out 5 5 1


Corona Viva 5.63 × 46 LPUCC10

Undercrown Corona Viva cigars were created after the artisans at Drew Estate had to stop smoking their very own Liga Privada cigars because supplies started to run low. In response, these torcedores decided to craft their own cigars with the same tobacco used in various other Liga Privada cigars, hence the Undercrown Corona Viva cigars were born. Drew Estate soon realized that these top-shelf cigars were too darn good to keep in-house, so they were released to the public and quickly gained overwhelming popularity. Undercrown Corona Viva is expertly rolled in a 5.63 × 46 format using long fillers from Brazil and Nicaragua covered by a Connecticut Habano binder and a dark, oily, San Andrés Negro wrapper. Undercrown Corona Viva is a densely packed medium-to-full bodied flavor bomb offering a deep spicy core complimented by rich notes of leather, chocolate, and caramel. Aficionados and beginners alike will bask in the luxurious flavors and captivating aroma that Undercrown Corona Viva cigars provide. Be sure to grab a box of 10 when buying your favorite smokes online from JR Cigar.

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San Andrés Negro

Connecticut Habano

Brazil / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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