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Exclusive Cuadrado The web site lists the JR exclusive Undercrown Churchill as 6X50. It is actually 6.6X44 as indicated on the brown wrapper on the packaging. A very boxed press cigar with a rectangular shape much like Oliva's Master Blend 3. This cigar is more of a maduro not an EMS. Figure 2 of visual with the 10 cigars(5 back to back) gives a more accurate view of what is being sold . All the following visuals do not apply. This 10 pack alows you to sample the Undercrown brand at a more reasonable price. An overall good smoke. 4 5 1
Exclusive Cuadrado What else would you expect from the folks at Drew Estates. Medium to full body but very smooth. Also can’t beat the price when JR runs sales. 5 5 1
Exclusive Cuadrado Love these cigars..I considered them a Lonsdale. 5 5 1
Exclusive Cuadrado This is an excellent cigar! 5 5 1
Exclusive Cuadrado Great flavor mild blended smoke very good stick, only problem was the sticks were dry nothing a few weeks in humidor would not fix. 4 5 1
Exclusive Cuadrado I am a big Undercrown fan and these did not let me down one bit!! Very enjoyable and fantastic flavors. Would suggest as a great buy!! 5 5 1
Exclusive Cuadrado JR keeps me coming back, because they're the only ones with Undercrown Maduro in this size. This is the best vitola for this cigar IMO. The great Maduro flavors are concentrated and the performance is great. 5 5 1
Exclusive Cuadrado I got two drew estates samplers with the purchase of some joya de nicaragua clasicos. (I think). While I was unimpressed with most of the other cigars in the set (save the undercrown 10), I fished this out first as it had such an unusual shape. I love all shaped cigars but had never had such a flat box press. There is something about the shape that sits very pleasantly on one's hand and fits so comfortably between one's lips. Now the draw is superb as well. Like power steering in a 1972 cadillac.. I think it is the HUGE volume of velvety smoke combined with just the smallest amount of resistance. But no cigar, no matter how well it functions can long satisfy if it doesn't taste good. Nearest I can make in comparison is a Padron. Cocoa nibs, soft nuts and baking spice. I went ahead and purchased three packages. There were, sorry to say, a few disappointments. The flavor is not dependable from individual cigar to cigar. I got one that tasted of stale tobacco, had this been my first I would never have gotten another. My fourth had that same flavor but it did not carry through the entire smoke and finally, strangely given this shape, I encountered a severe tunnel in another. Even so, even given two bad smokes in six so far, I find these extremely enjoyable. So much so that they are on my "do not share with any but my true smoking buddies" list. I will not be left without at least two of these in my humidores. 5 5 1


Exclusive Cuadrado 6.50 × 44 LPUCJR

 The Undercrown JR Exclusive Cuadrado cigar is a very popular Drew Estate creation made only for us! This decadent cigar started as a private blend for the factory Torcedors, but it was so darn good, that Drew and Company simply had to release it to the public. A consolidation of extraordinarily delicious Cuban-seed tobaccos, the Undercrown JR Exclusive Cuadrado cigar unleashes creamy textured notes of sweet espresso, almond, and spice, accented with nuances of coffee, dark chocolate, and black pepper. Treat yourself to a bundle of these densely packed, slow-burning gems online from JR Cigar— the only place you can get them!

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Box Pressed Parejo

San Andrés Negro

Connecticut Habano

Brazil / Nicaragua


Medium - Full


Bundle of 10

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