3.3225806451612905 31
Churchill Good bargain smoke Construction is a smidge soft but the rating is proportional with the price 4 5 1
Churchill You get what you pay for. It is smokable but tastes dry with not a whole lot of flavor 2 5 1
Churchill Recently I have smoked a San Cristobal Legend Rocky Patel Fire and Alec Bradley Prensado none of which came close to burning as good as this Quorum Classic. The construction of the Quorum was great. This cigar is enjoyable to smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill This is another cigar that works well as a yard gar due to its low price point. There isn't much in the way of flavor on these but that may be just me being a snob. Try it out 2 5 1
Churchill Hey these are great fishing and yard work cigars . They aren't bad at all for the money and I found one a few days ago that had been ignored in the humidor for a year or so and it was very good . Don't expect them to taste like a 12 dollar cigar however they will probably surprise you . 3 5 1
Churchill quorum is a solid every day cigar. It its a good short filler stick at an affordable price point. 3 5 1
Churchill Good cigar for golfing and long walks. Burns slow even in the wind. 4 5 1
Churchill I usually keep a few of these on hand as backups. For a cheap cigar they're really not bad at all. I've actually preferred them over several higher end cigars that didn't meet my expectations. 4 5 1
Churchill Overall this what in would call a campfire cigar where you sit around with guys enjoying a mild cigar 3 5 1
Churchill A really good quality Churchill cigaSr that is rich in flavor and composition! This is an excellent every day smoke! 4 5 1
Churchill To me the only good thing about this cigar is the price which stands to reason you get what you pay for this is a yard or garden gar at best 2 5 1
Churchill This cigar gives off a medium bodied dry wood taste that does not change at all throughout the cigar. If you enjoy woody cigars this is a great discount stick. 3 5 1
Churchill Not even close to the best cigar but if you're looking for some full size cigars and don't want to spend a lot gets the job done. 2 5 1
Churchill Good flavor. Great smoke for the price. This is my go to cigar when I just want a good smoke to relax with without the price attached to some of the higher quality rolls. Tastes similar to the more expensive Hondurans but burns a little quicker and sometimes burns unevenly. And frequently removing the ring tears the wrapper due to poor glue application. 3 5 1
Churchill Nice flavor and smokes nice. The draw is very easy and ash is tight for a cheap cigar. As with any cigar it tastes better after sitting in the humidor! 4 5 1
Churchill This small priced cigar from J C NEWMAN has great Nicaraguan tobacco in it and the construction is nice but it's the money savings that make this cigar greT 4 5 1
Churchill Very well rounded cigar light on the wallet smooth yet tasty smoke. Has become a favorite! 4 5 1
Churchill Half of the second bundle were rock hard and with a very hard to impossible draw. I will continue to be a JR Customer but I am finding the Quorum Classic Churchill's becoming more and more below my expectations. 3 5 1
Churchill Smokes like a Charmin. 4 5 1
Churchill The quitem class Churchill doesn't suck as bad as some other barging. Sticks but don't expect it to wow you 5 5 1
Churchill For a cheap stick this is a good one. Smooth good draw and construction. If you are looking for a good yard 'gar or cheap bundle stick this is good. 4 5 1
Churchill I love the flavor and draw of this cigar. Just the right size for an after work smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill this is a under rated cheap stick smoke these all the time can not beat these for there price just rest them 3 5 1
Churchill This was o e of the sticks that was a bit long when it comes to time but wanted to try it because of price point 3 5 1
Churchill Terrible smoke that leaves a bad after taste and falls apart rather quickly. Probably not worth the investment. 2 5 1
Churchill I agree with Good Cheap Stick because that is what this is. Okay the draw was good in some of them but out of the 20 a few had a hard draw which cause then stick to lose its construction. If you mouth is not dry before smoking this stick it will be after. 3 5 1
Churchill These are your classic best bang for your buck cigars. I buy a bundle of these every chance I get! The overall experience is great every time. 4 5 1
Churchill Smoked a bit hot. Ash was on the gray end of the spectrum. Ok everyday cigar but nothing special. Decent smoke for the price. 2 5 1
Churchill Not a bad cigar when you consider the price. Sure it may not win any awards but it is a solid smoke if you are short on cash. I'm looking at you my fellow college students. 3 5 1
Churchill Not my favorite cigar. Usually a bit of contruction issues and mostly a taste of just tobacco. Worth spending more money on a decent stick. 2 5 1
Churchill Very good cigar for the price 5 5 1

Quorum Classic

Churchill 7 × 48 QUCCH

The affordable Quorum Classic Churchill cigar combines the spicy edge of Nicaraguan filler tobaccos with the smooth toasty character of an Ecuador Sungrown wrapper. The result is a mellow to medium-bodied smoke that is rewarding any time of the day. Order a bundle of 20 today and find out for yourself why these tasty cigars may just be one of the best values in the industry.

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Ecuador Sun Grown




Mellow - Medium


Bundle of 20

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