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First introduced in 1992, Quorum Cigars hold the distinction of being one of the first boutique style brands to grace the premium cigar industry. After a very long hiatus, this once high-end and very costly brand is back and just as great as ever. The only thing that has changed is the very affordable price. Now produced by the legendary JC Newman Company, this all-Nicaraguan binder and filler blend is available in four top-quality wrappers: A silky Ecuadorian Sun Grown, a Habano leaf, an Ecuadorian Shade, and a dark, oily, Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper. All four Quorum blends offer thick clouds of sweet-smelling smoke accompanied by a variety of rich flavors in various strength profiles that are well refined and highly complex from start to finish. Sold in super affordable bundles of 20, the new Quorum cigars will not only grab your attention with its low sticker price, but as you will quickly find out, it’s also one of the best tasting smokes on the market, regardless of cost.

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