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Quorum Shade Cigars come from the legendary J.C. Newman Company, makers of the super-premium Diamond Crown, Brick House, and the legendary Cuesta Rey, just to name a few. Although not as luxurious as some of the big-name brands, they come pretty darn close, and at around $2 bucks a stick, that sure is saying a heck of a lot! Quorum Shade presents a smoother and mellower version of the best-selling Quorum cigar thanks to its silky blonde Ecuador Connecticut wrapper that is as smooth tasting as honey. Although mellow- to- medium in strength, Quorum Shade is in no way bland, as the Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos that complete this blend add a lot of complexity and character. If you are looking for an affordable all-day smoke that doesn’t sacrifice quality and flavor, then be sure to add a bundle of Quorum Shade Cigars to your cart the next time you are shopping online at JR Cigar.
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