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Quorum Shade Cigars come from the legendary J.C. Newman Company, makers of the super-premium Diamond Crown, Brick House, and the legendary Cuesta Rey, just to name a few. Although not as luxurious as some of the big name brands, they come pretty darn close, and at around $2 bucks a stick, that sure is saying a heck of a lot! Quorum Shade presents a smoother and milder version of the best-selling Quorum cigar thanks to its silky blonde Ecuador Connecticut wrapper that is as smooth tasting as honey. Although mild to medium in strength, Quorum Shade is in no way bland, as the Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos that complete this blend add a lot of complexity and character. If you are looking for an affordable all-day smoke that doesn’t sacrifice quality and flavor, then be sure to add a bundle of Quorum Shade Cigars to your cart the next time you are shopping online at JR Cigar.

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