3.5833333333333335 24
Double Gordo One of the better short filler sticks. Good draw construction flavorful & aromatic. Burned well with a decent ash For the money the JR Alternatives are a better buy. 3 5 1
Double Gordo Solid cigar....bold flavor and aroma...holds the draw well...added it to my list of cigars to order...i would recommend it to friends 4 5 1
Double Gordo This is one of those, "great cigars for the price" kind of cigar. Great flavor. Even draw. Solid construction. This is a fantastic ever day cigar and one you'll share with a friend. 4 5 1
Double Gordo Bought a sampler with 2 Quorum Shade Double Gordo in it. What a great cigar! 5 5 1
Double Gordo Packed to loose for my taste. 2 5 1
Double Gordo Loved this 'gar 5 5 1
Double Gordo Great everyday smoke. You can't beat it for the price. Great flavor & well constructed. Very enjoyable smoke ! 4 5 1
Double Gordo Great cigar for the money very smooth good draw and good to the last puff 4 5 1
Double Gordo I have been looking for a less expensive cigar I was paying close to $7.00 for the ones I smoked. My friend told me about these I tried the 50 ring. I started ordering the double Gordo 6x60 great taste I'm enjoying then and cost a third of the money 4 5 1
Double Gordo Very affordable, pleasant daily smoke. Burns well with occasional touchup. 4 5 1
Double Gordo This is so close to being a good value. Price is right, tastes pretty good. But at least half of them burn down one side, and do it so quickly it's hard to catch. I don't want to spend 5 minutes after l light up making sure my cigar is burning evenly. 3 5 1
Double Gordo Smooth and flavorful but tends to unravel. 3 5 1
Double Gordo Taste great, but rolled to loss 5 5 1
Double Gordo Lots of runners when smoking. Won't order again. 2 5 1
Double Gordo Poor construction. Falls apart. Hard to draw. Taste just ok. Will not buy again. 1 5 1
Double Gordo The cigars were dry and draw difficult 3 5 1
Double Gordo Good price. Good taste 5 5 1
Double Gordo These are stale or old cigars you sent me. The wrapper unrolls as soon as it’s out of the package. Very disappointed in what you sent me. These are a good cigar but should never have been shipped because they are old or weren’t stored properly 3 5 1
Double Gordo construction poor, harsh flavor, too short 2 5 1
Double Gordo Smooth 5 5 1
Double Gordo For the cost it’s great, little notes of leather and coffee. I’d consider it a milder experience. Out of my pack I had a few imperfections causing runs but nothing too bad, and a few had slight issues like a crack under the band on the wrapper, also not a major problem just got to cover the hole with your finger. 3 5 1
Double Gordo I've ordered other Quorum cigars and have enjoyed them. I ordered the Gordo's to have a longer smoke on the course. I have not been disappointed and the cigar lasts most of the round. My friends love the aroma. This cigar has a good draw and flavor.. I will definitely buy again. You also can't beat the price. 4 5 1
Double Gordo I decided to try this economy priced cigar as it's made by the same company that makes my regular cigar brand, Brickhouse. It's certainly not the same as a Brickhouse Mighty-Mighty, but it also costs half as much. The flavor is the same and it lasts nearly as long. I have had some issues with the way it burns, i.e., one side faster than the other, but overall, it's the perfect cigar when I'm out mowing the pasture on my tractor. 4 5 1
Double Gordo They are an OK average cigar for every day use! 4 5 1

Quorum Shade

Double Gordo 6 × 60 QUSDG

The premium Quorum Shade Double Gordo Cigar will offer you a big mouthful of delicious mild to medium-bodied flavor. This big, creamy smooth stick is mellow enough to enjoy with your first morning cup-of-joe, yet hearty enough to compliment any late day meal or cocktail. Casual and serious smokers alike will always find the right time to enjoy this versatile and very affordable smoke. Sold in bundles of 20.

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Mellow - Medium


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