4.379310344827586 58
Pita It’s been awhile since I have bought any of these but I seem to remember it being everything that you would expect from a Punch cigar. I found it to be well constructed but a little stronger than my everyday smokes which is the reason I haven’t bought any lately. As Winter sets in though I will be putting a few in my humidor for when I have the time to enjoy a good slow smoke. 5 5 1
Pita Great value for this cigar. Bigger flavor but a little strong for me. Would smoke to relax after a big meal. 4 5 1
Pita For a smaller cigar this one doesn't disappoint!! Great flavor throughout and they don't set you back big bucks for it! 5 5 1
Pita A well rolled flavorful stick. Good burn and easy draw with a good blend of flavors. This cigar is a good dependable smoke any time with tastes of earth leather and some wood. Creamy with a bit of pepper and a nice medium finish. 4 5 1
Pita Not a bad cigar. Not a huge fan of the size but it was fine. 4 5 1
Pita Received a punch Rita from a buddy on the golf course. Had brought an oliva cr as I like a kikd smoke. He talked me into trying this and it was way to full for me and left a bad aftertaste 3 5 1
Pita The punch cigars are affordable and rich in earthy flavors. Love one of these every now and then and the price is good 4 5 1
Pita Nice medium to full body cigar. Like its name it is a punch of flavor. Pepper spice leather and yet not harsh. Great construction too. 5 5 1
Pita Pita rocks and I always come back to it for a balanced evening smoke with body and flavor Never too overpriced or trendy 5 5 1
Pita This is a decent cigar with a nice construction and pretty easy and smooth draw. Finishes well. 3 5 1
Pita Amazing bold peppery flavor very consistent and constructed very well. Burn slow and steady. Very fine cigar. 5 5 1
Pita #greatness #Awesomeness. Just 2 words to describe this worthy cigar. If you know Punch then you also know they are just that good. 5 5 1
Pita This cigar although I could not quite put my finger on the flavors that it presented was very good. The tobacco flavor was very mild. The draw and burn were perfect. 3 5 1
Pita Delicious pita!!! I have enjoyed about 6 of these so far and each one was just as amazing as the first. Flavor to the max!!! Buy a box!!! 5 5 1
Pita Love, love the Punch Pita as my one a day cigar. Consistent flavor, mostly in the draw and if properly maintained in a humidor, stays lit but is not dry. One suggestion JR, lower the price 25%🤣 4 5 1
Pita Smoked them for some years now and plan to continue. 4 5 1
Pita This are just damn good cigars. Never disappointed with Punch. 5 5 1
Pita I ordered two boxes of cigars and both boxes were not what I ordered I don’t know your policy on returns The La Gloria came with a 60ring which I don’t like, I want a 50/54 ring size as in my Gorda Is there anyway to send me the right cigars I ordered? Thank You 1 5 1
Pita My go to for after dinner and coffee. Consistent flavor, occasionally the draw is hard. 5 5 1
Pita Punch is the best cigar made. Period. I have been smoking cigars over 40 years I have tried them all. Nothing beats a standard Punch. 5 5 1
Pita Great stick at a great price. 5 5 1
Pita I got a couple bundles of these for a killer price. For those times that you want to sit back and not think about depth too much this is it. 4 5 1
Pita A well rolled flavorful stick. Good burn and easy draw with a good blend of flavors. This cigar is a good dependable smoke any time with tastes of earth leather and some wood. Creamy with a bit of pepper and a nice medium finish. 4 5 1
Pita Well made and cheap. Better than many cigars 2X the price. Can't go wrong with most Pumch offerings. 4 5 1
Pita Punch puta is that every occasion smoker. It's good with a fine single malt or a light beer. Either way it fits 4 5 1
Pita After sitting in the humidor for a week tried one. Very tight and horrible draw. Tried running it through with my prod and still didn't loosen up. Can't comment on the taste - was too busy trying to get smoke out of the damn thing. Ended up throwing it out. Will give the other 4 a few more weeks in the 'dor and report back. 2 5 1
Pita Traditional Cuban-style cigar. No frills. Solid consistant & balanced. A longtime standard. 4 5 1
Pita Great cigar with full flavor and nice draw the construction is flawless and I would definitely recommend it 4 5 1
Pita I love the Pita Maduro...this little fireplug packs a lot of flavor..very consistent..great draw..very spicy..the Maduro wrapper gives it an extra zing! 5 5 1
Pita this was a wonderful stick very imjoyable great stick for a new cigar smoker no to strong but not light 4 5 1
Pita Great bold flavor consistent taste and equal burn. Very well wrapped. I've heard many good things about the punch cigar company. This cigar lives up to the story's I've heard of the Amazing bold flavor. 5 5 1
Pita All the way around it is a great cigar. The aroma the flavor and an even burn. 4 5 1
Pita Punch has been a choice of mine for years I call it old reliable for the price 4 5 1
Pita not a huge fan of most stuff Punch puts out but the aroma this cigar emits is heavenly. the flavor isn't anything to write home about however for what you pay such is expected. solid smoke. 4 5 1
Pita Great cigar. Pleasant burn great constitution and consistency. Good smoke from beginning to end. Reasonibly priced. 5 5 1
Pita A great medium to full body cigar with lots of flavor. Good ash great burn line and near perfect draw. 4 5 1
Pita The punch pita is on fine smoke with enough flavor and strength for after a good dinner the flavor of punch is a great bang. For your buck 5 5 1
Pita Delicious pita!!! I have enjoyed about 6 of these so far and each one was just as amazing as the first. Flavor to the max!!! Buy a box!!! 5 5 1
Pita The Punch Pita is a wonderful cigar to light up after dinner sitting on my patio listening to the ocean. I love the smoothness and the subtle flavored. I never feel overpowered by this cigar. It simply provides a perfect ending to a good meal. 4 5 1
Pita I’ve been smoking Punch cigars for years. The Punch Punch has been my daily smoke for most of that time. I decided to go a little stronger and now The Pinch Pita maduro is my go-to smoke. Great body and peppery taste. 5 5 1
Pita Very tasty cigar. Has a hint of that signature horse poo smell of a Cuban and close in taste as well. The Maduro wrapper is darker then hoyo de Monterrey and offers a strong yet smooth Maduro flavor with light spice notes entering in the mid the 2/3. After buying a single to try it I’ll be buying more for sure. 5 5 1
Pita I just tried this cigar for the first time, very enjoyable. The taste was smooth from the first draw, the ash was white and consistent to the end. I would definitely purchase these again. 5 5 1
Pita Purchased a 10pk. They smoke great. Great taste, even burn, good draw. They arrived fresh and well packaged. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. 5 5 1
Pita This is the only stogie that burns my fingers because I smoke it to less than an inch left. No other smoke taste good to me for than long. Damn good smoke, great draw...pretty damn even burn too! It has become my everyday smoke 5 5 1
Pita Great Maduro Lonsdale,I've really come to trust Punch to always deliver a great well made product,they must have a great quality control-quality assurance program at their factory. 5 5 1
Pita Nutty, Spice, tasty wrapper, consistent, well constructed…. Good value after dinner smoke 4 5 1
Pita Still me favorite stogie. I smoke these down till they burn my fingers. Only stogie that I do that with! 5 5 1
Pita Great smoke for any humidor...a must try 5 5 1
Pita Not the worst but not as good as I would expect from PUnch. 3 5 1
Pita Punch is Trump! Never had a bad one. 5 5 1
Pita A bit strong for me, but I did enjoy smoking it! Nice draw! Consistent and slow burn. I recommend this cigar, as long as you enjoy very strong smokes! 5 5 1
Pita Great smoke good burn great flavor 5 5 1
Pita Just great all around 5 5 1
Pita Punch is always reliable and solid taste and consistency 5 5 1
Pita Very consistent medium-full bodied, smooth draw, even burning. Nice finish. Quality I’ve come to expect from Punch. 4 5 1
Pita Good sticj with consistent quality construction. 5 5 1
Pita Let's actually go with a 4 1/2 rating. Always mouth watering, always consistent, always robust. While other brands have fallen by the wayside, Punch honors tradition and smoker loyalty. Punch branched into other offerings but didn't sacrifice a thing on this line, unlike some others in my humble opinion. Gotta get some more!!! 4 5 1
Pita I'm slowly working my way through the Punch catalog and these came along with a nice promotion from JR. These are fabulous cigars. They arrived in great shape and I smoked one right out of the box. The draw is just right for me. The toothy Maduro wrapper had no unraveling or flaking. Nice amount of billowy smoke with a strength just toward the top end of medium. Burned even and consistent. Great tobacco flavor. I enjoyed every one of the 50 mins it took to get too short to hang on to. I'll be keeping these on hand! 5 5 1


Pita 6.12 × 50 PUPI53

When it comes to premium handmade cigars from Honduras, there is none finer than the legendary Punch Pita. This timeless classic comes crafted with a dark and luscious Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper paired with the finest Cuban-seed tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, for the ultimate smoking experience for seasoned aficionados. Order an affordable 5-pack and embrace the seductive aroma and lush full flavored notes of leather, bittersweet chocolate, earth, and creamy caramel that makes Punch Pita one of the world’s most popular cigars.

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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua


Medium - Full


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