4.4523809523809526 42
Pita All around a very decent stick. No large veins in the leaf and beautiful tan coloring. No green splotches. First this was mellow and then led into a nice spice in the retro Hale 5 5 1
Pita punch corojo classic pita is a great little quick smoke. Mellow smooth and good Construction 4 5 1
Pita I very much like these can't complain for the price. These are smooth smoke not too complex just perfect for whem you want to unwind. 4 5 1
Pita A nicely box pressed cigar. It draws well and burns perfectly. These cigars are amazing after aging them in the humidor for a year as they typically need time to mature into an outstanding medium to full bodied smoke. A little harsh on delivery but patience is rewarded if you can age them. 4 5 1
Pita A powerhouse of a cigar. Very sweet and tasty with a spicy kick. I bought a box of these a while back and they were gone in 2 weeks 4 5 1
Pita Always a good well made dependable smoke. 5 5 1
Pita Punch rare coroho is my all time favorite of all the smokes I ever had. The flavor profile is the greatest. 5 5 1
Pita This is not your father's punch! I was expecting a good cigar but with a consistent taste throughout. This kept me guessing every third and held my attention the whole time 5 5 1
Pita The punch pita is a real treat. I think it is a very good and worthwhile cigar. Bet you like it too 5 5 1
Pita A solid cigar. Smokes nice enjoyable but lacking a bit in my opinion. Maybe my expectations were too high. Somewhat harsh and needed a lot of fussing with. 3 5 1
Pita Haven't smoked one in a while but is a great smoke! Great flavor also reasonably priced. 5 5 1
Pita Wasn't a bad smoke burned evenly a bit dry but the flavors didn't agree with my pallete couldn't finish just wasn't my cup of tea 3 5 1
Pita The rare corojo is one tasty stick no matter the size. Perfect blend in body and flavor. Definitely a must try cogar. 4 5 1
Pita Was good for about the first and then it started tunneling and all was lost. I'm not sure if it was the humidity problem or what but had to throw it out 5 5 1
Pita Great cigar i love this line from punch classic flovor full bodied and smooth. 5 5 1
Pita This is a smooth full flavored cigar. Complex in flavor with an abundance of smoke you will enjoy this stick! 5 5 1
Pita Smooth easy draw. A fine cigar that isn't available year round. Grab em when you see them. Don't have to be aged much in your humi. Good right off the shelf. 5 5 1
Pita Very nice or the wrapper. Smooth drive all the way through to the nub. Nice like Coco flavors. 4 5 1
Pita There is not a better cigar than Punch Rare Corojo for a cigar lovers money especially if you like the taste of a corojo wrapped cigar. Construction taste aesthetics and consistency are always top shelf! ALso thank you JR for such great service!! 4 5 1
Pita A one of a kind cigar! I buy these by the box! They're my favorite and I can't get enough of them 5 5 1
Pita Punch Rare Corojo is a instant classic. Once you try it you will see why. I enjoy them and also share them among friends. 5 5 1
Pita I always try to keep a few of these in my humidor they're good for a change once in awhile. 4 5 1
Pita Very special from first puff to the nub. Wow what flavor. So complex. I sensed so many different notes. To manyto describe. I will say this is a for the lover of smoke who enjoys being mesmerized. 5 5 1
Pita These are so good. i really like the punch rare corojo. Nice strong smoke. really really good 5 5 1
Pita PunchPunches always been a really solid cigar continues to do so it won’t let you down with flavor or construction and I feel like the draw is always perfect two thumbs up 4 5 1
Pita Delicious blend from Punch Cigars. A little light on the flavor side BUT delicious none the less 4 5 1
Pita I have smoked 3 of these and they are well built great draw and smoke well. The flavor is off. I dont know how to describe it but ut seemed like it was missing something. 4 5 1
Pita Nice cigar. Construction was solid and had a pretty even burn. Mild to medium body w a decent taste. 4 5 1
Pita The punch pita is a real treat. I think it is a very good and worthwhile cigar. Bet you like it too 5 5 1
Pita Pretty good smoke. Lots of flavor. Excellent draw and burn. Earthy medium profile. I like all the rare carojo 5 5 1
Pita Another winner here. Like the rest of the line this is a great cigar. Grab some. 3 5 1
Pita I'm just leaving a message to myself word up it's true that you don't know I'm saying the smoke was pretty good it was concise I was consistent with smooth smooth smooth like a baby 5 5 1
Pita The rare corojo is one of the better cigars that Punch produces. Rich classic flavor in a well crafted cigar. 3 5 1
Pita Love the fact that this is like my Punch I mean identical flavor with the pleasant added spice of the corojo. Toasty woody Punch goodness with corojo spice? SOLD! 3 5 1
Pita One of the very best cigars I have ever smoked!!! Mellow and flavorful very complex. Strength but not excessive. Beautifully constructed with a smooth draw. At the top of my list just wish I had more!!! If I had to choose just two cigars to smoke it would be a mix of these and Punch Signatures!!! Punch knocks me out!!! 5 5 1
Pita Smooth draw. Mellow to the mouth. Slow burn and always gives a perfect smoke. Used to order Excalibar now this is my only cigar. 5 5 1
Pita I like PUNCH cigars and these are my new favorites .Enjoyed every one that I have smoked so far. 5 5 1
Pita My go to cigar. Always a great roll and they age beautifully in the humidor. I used to switch back and forth with Fuentes 858 but the consistent quality has made this a solid choice. Never lets me down. 5 5 1
Pita The blended tobaccos gives this cigar a smooth rich flavor. After a few weeks in a humidor the flavor becomes even more mellow and brings out the sweetness. E-Z draw nice finish. 5 5 1
Pita The price and quality of purchases from JR is always first rate. This is my favourite cigar and they have it in stock and they ship fast. 5 5 1
Pita They are very enjoyable. 5 5 1
Pita A good cigar, but not great. Always consistent. 4 5 1

Punch Rare Corojo

Pita 6.12 × 50 PURCPI

Robust, well balanced, aromatic, and super-smooth, the popular Punch Rare Corojo Pita is a cigar to be reckoned with. Grab the terrific Toro is while you can, because they sell like crazy! Packaged in boxes of 25.
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Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua




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