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Diabolus Got these as a bonus with my last order. I'm glad I ordered 2 boxes because I got 10 Diaboluses! They are awesome! After letting them aclimate in my humidor, they are smooth rich bold cigars. The JR description is dead on. Over the years trying the different brands and types I came across a Punch Sampler. Since then I've become almost exclusively a Punch smoker. They have a good variety, are consistent and priced competitively. Punch is now my Go-To Cigar. 5 5 1
Diabolus I ordered the Scamp and received these Diabolus as a gift with the order. I now have a box of these Diabolus in my collection of many. They are a very tasty Punch that will Knock You Out. They are right in line with the many A+ top quality stogies I have enjoyed and burned over the years. I recommend them to anyone that loves full flavor as I do. I have found that most of the AJ Fernandez creations now occupy 94% of my many humidors and these Punch Diabolus have a rightful place with me. Highly Recommended! 5 5 1
Diabolus Bought as a gift. He loves the cigar, 5 5 1
Diabolus A very good smoke for me not an everyday but when i have the time to sit down and just enjoy the cigar it is outstanding and it gets better when you pair it with a good crisp German ale (my homebrew) 5 5 1
Diabolus As a bold cigar guy - I usually jump at these offerings that are “supposedly” strong in flavor and kick, and finally, I have been sat downand slapped in tha face. The diablo tastes AMaZing!!! It will also put u on ur butt. Easily the most kick of anything Ive tried. Exponentially stronger than a double ligero or boneshaker or anything bold. Love it! 5 5 1
Diabolus If I could give it 10 stars I would. I am ruined,no other cigar I have smoked can match this Diablo series.Perfect draw,burn,construction, and the blend is superb.I found myself retrohaling the entire cigar.First inch was peppry,peppery, nuance after nuance,creamy smoke with hints of leather,toffee,and dark chocolate.Full bodied to say the least,what a treat. This is a cigar to be savored and contemplated. 5 5 1

Punch Diablo

Diabolus 5.25 × 54 PUDDI

 As one would expect from a blend by AJ Fernandez and General Cigar, the Punch Diablo Diabolus is a delicious premium smoke! Flawlessly rolled, and wrapped with a seamless, dark brown Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, this medium to full bodied pleasure is loaded with a mix of sweet and spicy flavors backed by notes of chocolate, earth, and leather.

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Ecuador Sumatra

Connecticut Broadleaf

Honduran / Nicaraguan Ligero




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