4.12280701754386 57
Churchill Probably on of the best and most complex sticks I have smoked. Starting from the first this it built flavor like nothing I have smoked before. Kinda pricy but a great special occasion stick 5 5 1
Churchill Perdomo Reserve 10th anniversary Churchill is sure to please your census. Smokes gray always good draw mellow but planning a flavor 4 5 1
Churchill The reserve 10th Ann was a great smoke tasted like a good champaign smooth sweet I will smoke again no trouble lighting drawing smoking and made tough great construction 4 5 1
Churchill I always keep a few in my box. Always a good draw even burn. My favorite morning smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill A mild cigar with a pale wrapper. Had a nice draw and burn. A creamy leathery tasting smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill These are nice mild cigars. Well made good flavor. Bit of chocolate and nuts sweet smooth. 4 5 1
Churchill Great cigar! Smooth and easy to smoke. Burns perfectly. So much quality. The taste is creamy from the first puff to the last. 4 5 1
Churchill Didn't care for this one to much. Not really any flavors. Just a plain tabacco taste. 3 5 1
Churchill This is terrible cigar very bland taste doesn't carry good flavor thru length did not like it 4 5 1
Churchill This cigar has pretty good construction and flavor. It's not a strong cigar meaning just about anyone can enjoy it. 4 5 1
Churchill Love this one. Great slow burn. Even consistency. Flavor is very mild. Smoke this one on a regular basis 4 5 1
Churchill Really nice smooth cigar. Great for beginners. Churchill size a bit too big for me. Will definitely try in a smaller vitola. 3 5 1
Churchill This was a great cigar as a maduro. This like most with a Connecticut wrapper don't appeal to me or my palate 4 5 1
Churchill The 10th anniversary happen to be my favorite cigar from Perdomo. One of the first premium cigars I ever had. Will always be in my humidor 5 5 1
Churchill what can u say its a perdermo great perfect stick never can go wrong with a a perdermo in my opinion 5 5 1
Churchill I may have got a bad batch for this cigar because they were pretty dry and had a poor aroma. 4 5 1
Churchill This Perdomo is one of the best Connecticuts you will ever smoke. Once you try it you will be hooked like me. 3 5 1
Churchill Good cigar smooth taste a little more than mild in my own opinion. I would recommend it to a friend 4 5 1
Churchill Cool mellow smoke billowed out of this cigar. It was super creamy and tasty. Great construction and burn. Wonderful mellow cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill Very nice cigar from the golden cello to the nub heavy in the hand mild building to a solid medium in both flavor and strength beautiful cigar job well done 5 5 1
Churchill Call me crazy but I like this stick just as much as the 20th anniversary stick by perdomo! Very good quality cigar!!! 5 5 1
Churchill Another must try by Perdomo. Nice a creamy with just a hint of pepper as well. Great draw haven't had a bad one yet. Must try for any smoker. 4 5 1
Churchill This is a smooth smoking easy draw stick. Even burn and consistent construction. This is a must try if you have not had one yet. 4 5 1
Churchill This is a great mild cigar perfect for beginners or as a first smoke of the day. It's creamy and smooth with just enough flavor to start the day off right. 4 5 1
Churchill I love the 10th anniversary line from person I this one is medium in body buts got great flavors that are smootj 4 5 1
Churchill A very pleasant smoking experience. Don't rush this cigar. This cigar is full of flavors and creamy on the tongue. Good construction that gives a nice draw and holds up well to a hearty wet bite. 4 5 1
Churchill One of the most Cuban-esque cigars I've found. So good I get giddy when I smoke with. Great flavor without being strong. I wouldn't say it's mild… just perfectly balanced and very very delicious. 5 5 1
Churchill Exceptionally smooth. Mild but with good flavors. Nutty with tastes of cashews and almonds. A slight sweetness and an earthiness. 4 5 1
Churchill This was a good smoke but like most Perdermos I smoked it cracks and likes to go out some. Good flavor and I like it. Will try another. 4 5 1
Churchill Person always makes high end cigars and this one is no exception. There's a lot of caramel and toffee notes but also some rich floral tastes throughout true to Perdomo's style. Good cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill The perdomo 10th anniversary Churchill really is a lovely smoke. Nice creamy and medium profile. 5 5 1
Churchill Nice cigar for the money. Nice even draw throughout the cigar. Flavor was the same throughout no noticeable changes. 4 5 1
Churchill Excellent cigar one of my favorites great rich and spicy flavor I would definitely recommend this one 5 5 1
Churchill Hands down all Perdomo cigars are great. This one is no exception. Great flavor. Lots of smoke and even burn. 5 5 1
Churchill I have suggested this stick to so many people I should be a rep. Not to strong so a beginner smoker will enjoy as well as a seasoned smoker. 5 5 1
Churchill After hearing so much from this one I finally got a chance to pick up a few the other day in my honest opinion it was an overrated smoke 3 5 1
Churchill One of my favorite mild cigars! The most flavorful mild cigars of there with tons of smoke and cream and spice and cedar 5 5 1
Churchill Sorry to say I had a horrible experience. I must have gotten a bad box. Taste was horrible stale and they split open. I sent them back. I was very excited to try them. 1 5 1
Churchill Nice cigar. I love the size of a Churchill. Nice light wrapper on this one. A close second to the 20th conneticutt 4 5 1
Churchill One of the best cigars out there for the price. Always a pleasure. 10th anniversary Perdomo is where it's at. 4 5 1
Churchill This is a great mild smoke. Be sure to take your time with this cigar! It does pack a punch! Pairs well with a nice IPA. 4 5 1
Churchill perfect draw and burn. nice looking wrapper. pleasant prelight aroma and great tobacco flavor when lit. 4 5 1
Churchill Buy them they are great. The flavor and the structure. The wrapper and the fillers both are awesome. 5 5 1
Churchill Good cigar flavor of spice and sweet cedar and tangy tobacco. Well balanced and smooth. Would recommend if the profile sounds interesting. 3 5 1
Churchill Got one of these in a sampler a while back. I remember it being alright. Good construction but pretty mild in my opinion. 4 5 1
Churchill I thought this was an excellent morning and coffee cigar. Definitely try the smaller vitola as the size of this lacks the flavor concentration. 4 5 1
Churchill Great smoke with a nice smoke out put. The Construction of this smoke is right on point. 4 5 1
Churchill One of my go to sticks. Pepper and cream in the beginning with just a hint of sweet tobacco at the end. Love these. 4 5 1
Churchill Mildly delicious. Made well with excellent draw. 5 5 1
Churchill I have smoked 20+ of these and never gotten a bad one. If you want a nice smoothe, creamy smoke with a good amount of flavor this is the best. Quality and burn are always top notch. 5 5 1
Churchill Typical Perdomo excellent construction, draw, & consistency. The burn is reasonably even, with a firm, white & grey ash. Cigar starts-out mellow, slowly progressing to a mellow-medium bodied flavor with creamy notes of mild spice, coffee, & leather. Best enjoyed with a slow smoking pace. 4 5 1
Churchill JR's Lacks communications. I placed order twice and both times was rejected but JR's never reached out to inform of issue. Latest makes no sense. I was approved for Military Discount but they could not ship to me because of something about verifying who I am. Makes no sense. Reached out to JR's twice through their online system and to date not one email or call. Pour communication skills. 1 5 1
Churchill Perfectly made, great draw and taste 5 5 1
Churchill I’ve had cigars before and were good. This box from JR were dry, when taking paper label off would pull the outer tobacco wrapper off. Cigars are good but dried out from JR…. 2 5 1
Churchill Great burn great smoke smells good. I really enjoy the smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill Just right smell good taste good 5 5 1
Churchill Not too heavy very smooth creamy taste going to order more now. 5 5 1

Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary

Churchill 7 × 54 PECH10

Crafted by the renowned Perdomo family, the Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Churchill cigars feature a stylish sandy-brown Champagne Connecticut wrapper and a blend of super-aged Cuban-seed long fillers. The result is a mild and mellow smoke that’s silky-smooth, rich, creamy, and flavorful. These striking cedar chest of 25 are available on the JR Cigar website.

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Connecticut Champagne


Nicaraguan Cuban Seed


Mellow - Medium


Box of 25

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