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Sun Grown Robusto This little Nicaraguan euro is a great everyday smoker without breaking the bank! 4 4 1
Sun Grown Robusto Over the last 4 years of smoking Perdomo (specifically the Fresco Sungrown), I’ve never had a poor (or even an average) constructed cigar - it was always top of the line quality and construction. My local B&M was out of stock this go around and did not have a timeline of a restock so I thought I’d try ordering a box through JrCigars. Once delivered, I was alarmed to see a large amount of sticks looking a little rough; some slightly deformed, some with extreme discoloration, and even a few with cracked wrappers. I tested one of the better looking ones and it was brutally dried out.. Which makes me curious of the cigar environment at the JrCigars warehouse.. maybe it was a just a rough shipping journey! No box of cigars is perfect, I’ll keep them in the humidor to age, and hopefully bring back to life (outside the cracked ones) and will update this review as time passes. 4 4 1
Sun Grown Robusto A very good sungrown wrapper cigar. Mild and a good everyday smoke. I will reorder! 4 4 1
Sun Grown Robusto As Cigar prices keep going up it's nice to have a quality tobacco everyday smoke. Perdomo Fresco is that quality everyday smoke! 4 4 1

Perdomo Fresco

Sun Grown Robusto 5 × 50 PEFSGR

Don’t let the bundle of 25 packaging dissuade you, because the Perdomo Fresco Sun Grown Robusto has all the of qualities you’ve come to expect from a premium handmade Perdomo cigar, sans the fancy box! A top-notch blend of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos are cultivated with the same care given to every other Perdomo offering regardless of price. The construction is on par with the best cigars ever made, and the lush flavors cedar, coffee, toast, and hints of sweet spice will delight even the most discerning mellow to medium body cigar enthusiast.


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