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No. 2 I really like the partagas for a morning smoke with coffee. It is a mild smoke to me . I prefer a more full bodied smoke after 12. 5 5 1
No. 2 You could set a watch by the consistence and quality of the Partagas cigar! I have been smoking Partagas for over 20 years! Thanks. 5 5 1
No. 2 A good little cigar. That doesn't break the bank. Good flavor medium body good burn. Always in my humidor 5 5 1
No. 2 I will admit the first time that I tried this cigar it really didn't agree with me. But I had another one that I put away in my humidor for a couple of months and it definitely did the trick. It seems the age absolutely smooth the taste out the burn was almost razor sharp the transitions are very enjoyable. I look forward to trying this cigar again if not splitting a box with a friend 4 5 1
No. 2 Not a huge fan of the first third but after that it was somewhat better but still overall a normal not worth buying again for me! 3 5 1
No. 2 Partagas no. 2 is a great everyday smoke. Smooth smoke with nice notes. Partagas makes good sticks and this is no joke. 5 5 1
No. 2 My favorite cigar. Non regular cigar smokers also love it. For smoothness flavor and even all the way down. 5 5 1
No. 2 This has become my cigar of choice for commuting to and from work. This cigar will not make you smell like you smoked a rubber boot. The taste and aroma are right there next to wonderful. The strength is more than you would think with being so smooth and fragrant. The best thing about this cigar is the sweet and floral Cameroon wrapper the best wrapper on any cigar. 5 5 1
No. 2 Good little stick I felt the taste a bit harsh. 4 5 1
No. 2 A good draw with tons of smoke output. Notes of cedar chocolate earth and hay. A great quick smoke that burns well and pulls with no issues 4 5 1
No. 2 This cigar is too small for my tastes. It burns hot and becomes bitter pretty easily. At first it has a nice flavor but it does not hold. A larger version of this cigar is far better 3 5 1
No. 2 Very rich and satisfying. Earthy and leather great tobacco tastes. You will enjoy this tasty cigar! 4 5 1
No. 2 Numb 2 is a really great tried and true stick with great flavors awesome construction and nice consistent cigar I would say grab these babys and smoke them up can say great value here and just let rest 3 5 1
No. 2 Good smoke. Have breakfast first then pair it with coffee out on your back patio. Sure to enjoy it. 4 5 1
No. 2 this was a pleasant cigar. I had no burn or draw issues. the flavor came through with a mild chocolate. 4 5 1
No. 2 The number two for me had a bit of a tight draw for me well packed with rich tobacco maybe to we'll packed but has great flavor 4 5 1
No. 2 I am a big fan of partagas cigars and this one didn't let me down. I enjoy medium-full bodied cigars and this partagas was prefect at being a medium bodied cigar. It burns well stays lit and has a nice woodsy/earthy flavor with hints of a spice. 5 5 1
No. 2 I have been a fan of Partagas cigars, and especially the No. 2 series, for years. The company recently rebranded the packaging and ring style to try to look more contemporary, but also changed the cigar. It burns hotter and not as consistent/reliably. Very disappointing. Another icon, established in 1845, gone by the wayside. :( 1 5 1
No. 2 I’ll get the negative out of the way - and it’s just one person’s opinion, but the huge band is just silly on such a smaller form stick. That said, this midline cigar fired off spicy then calmed down into a nice English market / Dominican smoke. Consistent draw and burn from top to tail. Peppery flavors through the back half. 4 5 1
No. 2 A great smoke, my every other day choice. Been consistent for all the years I've smoked. I agree with the other poster on the band, it's oversized for the cigar and in a couple of instances has peeled some wrapper when taken off. Over-glued I think, Only one slightly plugged in a box of 25. Flavours are complex and interesting all the way down, not hot even on the nub. Recommended for those preferring a mild to medium cigar 5 5 1
No. 2 I wanted these exact sticks. The red label never 2. I got a box with very large wrappers that take up half the cigar. Wasn't what was displayed. The smokes are ok, but I remembered them being better back in the day which is why I tried to buy a box of the older labeled ones. Lesson learned 1 5 1
No. 2 They're hard to draw and the unravel. 1 5 1
No. 2 This is my go to smoke. Smooth draw, good construction, as always great flavor... new label was not an issue... will definitely purchase in the future. 5 5 1
No. 2 A very tasty cigar, very pleasing and relaxed smoke, a little spice, and nice! 4 5 1
No. 2 Nice Medium strength consistent construction with a smooth even draw. Great morning cigar with coffee 4 5 1
No. 2 Very smooth and consistent, hints of spice but not overwhelming. Draw was great on each one I've had, it's a nice half hour medium bodied break in the middle of the day. 4 5 1


No. 2 5.75 × 43 PA2

Packaged in a box of 25, the No. 2 is a small almost-petite corona. It is still a long burning smoke though, due to the vintage Mexican and Dominican tobaccos. Its rustic brown Cameroon wrapper adds in nice touches of pepper and leather.
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