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First launched by Don Jaime Partagas in Cuba circa 1845, Partagas Cigars are one the oldest and most famous Cuban heritage brands still in existence today. Now produced by General Cigar Company, and handmade in their modern state-of-the art factory in the Dominican Republic, this wildly popular brand never forgot its Cuban roots. This unyielding commitment to old world standards has produced a huge portfolio of highly regarded brands that includes the original re-imagined Dominican blend that took the American market by storm shortly after the Cuban trade embargo with Cuba. Today, Partagas continues to grow their all-star lineup that includes such gems as the Spanish Rosado, Partagas 1845, Extra Oscuro, Extra Fuerte, and Black Label. These bolder blends were made with the well-seasoned smoker in mind. For all others, such cigars as the Anniversario, Legend, 160 Signature, and as mention above, the original Dominican blend, offer their own uniquely delicious medium bodied profiles that Partagas fans the world-over have come to love. Order your favorite size, shape, blend, and packaging, right here at JR Cigar, and find out why Partagas Cigars will always remain one of our bestselling brands.

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