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Fabulosos The fabulosos is an amazing medium body stick with little to no spice but loaded wither that older stick cedar and a creamy nutty taste. You can’t go wrong with Partagas construction or burn 5 5 1
Fabulosos These cigars are great and are well made. They are great flavored and full of smoke. 5 5 1
Fabulosos If I had to pick one brand of cigar as my favorite it would be Partagas. So I was looking forward to this 5-pack. Unfortunately the first one I tried was so tightly wrapped and packed I felt like I was training for the trombone in trying to smoke it. I gave up after less than an inch. I wanted a good smoke so I went on to a Montecristo white label. I'll have to see how the other 4 are in this pack. Any suggestions for loosening up/improving the draw? 3 5 1
Fabulosos A medium bodied smoke with a woody and oak taste. A really nice draw that produces good smoke volume. An enjoyable cigar 4 5 1
Fabulosos An easy smoke even burn though occasionally comes unraveled in the wind. The Cameroon wrapper gives it a smooth taste as long as it is not rushed. This cigar is consistent from first to last. 4 5 1
Fabulosos A very smooth but bold smoke. Nice woodsy cedar and earthy sweetness. Great burn and good construction. Smoked a few to get to where I liked. 4 5 1
Fabulosos Yum these are pretty good. Partagas makes some great Cuban cigars and these aren't bad themselves. 5 5 1
Fabulosos Fabuloso is a hearty stick with an enjoyable flavor. The draw is a little inconsistent on those I have smoked but that can be attributed to humidity so I am unsure if it is a cigar issue or store issue. 4 5 1
Fabulosos Great smoke construction good burn good everything good to go buy this stick good for something I like this one great cigar 4 5 1
Fabulosos Nothing like a Partagas to get the day moving. This is a great stick with smooth smoke. Nice flavors and excellent burn ! 4 5 1
Fabulosos Partagas is a fabulous cigar and great brand. Good draw good construction good smoke and good wrap 4 5 1
Fabulosos Well made with a good draw and even burn. The flavor seemed a little flat though. Not quite as good as the old Almirante... 4 5 1
Fabulosos I always have this cigar in my humidor. Been buying it for over 20 years. This is my go to cigar when I don't know which one to smoke. Very distinct flavor which always satisfies. 4 5 1
Fabulosos This cigar has excellent flavor and reasonable price but frequently has inconsistent draw and wrapper splits. This I believe comes from uneven bunching. 3 5 1
Fabulosos Very tasty mild smoke. Consistent construction. Have never been disappointed with this stick. 5 5 1
Fabulosos Outstanding cigar well build no taste after taste put white ash and great name Partagas 5 5 1
Fabulosos Upon first pass I thought this was a special stick so I waited for a special moment. Bad idea. Draw was very tight even after lopping off the entire cap. The barrel was as hard as a rock and having to draw so hard to get any smoke surely affected the flavor. Maybe I received a bad stick but this cigar left much to be desired in my opinion. 3 5 1
Fabulosos Fabulous! Great flavors. Bold and tasty with notes of cinnamon and coffee. Flawless wrapper and no burn or draw issues. 5 5 1
Fabulosos What a classic cigar with a near perfect Cameroon wrapper to top it off. There is a reason these have been around so long. Near perfect 5 5 1
Fabulosos This is a good smoke with a lot of earthy slight cocoa and a little fruity flavors 4 5 1
Fabulosos this stick is fab for sure i would say in my opinion they need a greay deal of rest before smoking 4 5 1
Fabulosos Great cigar Partagas is usually on the money. Great bang for your buck. I've smoked them for a long time and haven't had but a few burn issues. 4 5 1
Fabulosos Partagas cigars are always a great smoke. Great shapes great flavor and just a real great smoke. Always good cigar after cigat 5 5 1
Fabulosos Good after dinner cigar. Consistent subtle flavor with good construction. 4 5 1
Fabulosos The Fabulosos is a good smoke with an earthy, sometimes sweet taste, because of the Cameroon wrapper. It has good flavor, but the construction is sometimes not so good; sometimes too tight, sometimes too loose. Over all, it's a good mid day smoke. 4 5 1
Fabulosos I’ve come home, tired and just need that quiet down time with the WSJ in my cigar room( not man cave, I’m more civilized) and nothing is more relaxing than a Partagas Fabulous. Ahhh the day has ended. 5 5 1


Fabulosos 7 × 52 PAFA

Packaged in a box of 25, this thick Churchill-sized smoke truly is fabulous. Its hearty filler tobaccos are grown in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Its oily Cameroon wrapper is peppery, with a touch of leather.
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Dominican Republic / Mexico

Dominican Republic



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