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Piramide My first 5 pack was incredibly good so I bought another. This 5 pack wasn't so great. Outstanding flavor but couldn't keep them lit any of them. The draw was horrible and I must've relit the last one 8 times... ridiculous. 2 5 1
Piramide Wow. Great smoke, complex but easy to get into. My new favorite dark maduro. Noted review about hard draw. Must clip a little lower on the shoulder, draw and burn is straight, clean and true! 5 5 1
Piramide Great Smoke but milder than I anticipated. 4 5 1
Piramide Awesome cigar. Hands down best for the money. Always in my humidor. Consistently good maduro flavors great. 5 5 1
Piramide Always my go-to cigar whether lit or not I always have it in hand. It's the wrapper that gives it the flavor. Not for the feint at heart. 5 5 1
Piramide Awesome flavor the burn is great. The maduro wrapper is a plus. The filler is one of a kind. First time I smoked this brand I was sold. 5 5 1
Piramide Good smoke and flavor. TIGHT draw always, def needs poking about a third into it. Uneven burn usually. 4 5 1
Piramide Only cigars I smoke 5 5 1
Piramide Love this product. Great smoke; full of flavor 5 5 1
Piramide Very enjoyable! 5 5 1
Piramide Great smoke 4 5 1
Piramide Good flavor but they are too tight, after poking them the burn becomes uneven. Only one of them was perfect. Additionally I receive the Partagas "Flor de Tabaco" and not the Partagas "Fuentes y Cia 1845" as advertise. I don't know if they are the same thing but the ring is different from the one on the pictures. In summary the draw was horrible and need poking and relit if you want to finish them. 2 5 1
Piramide Friend recommended this cigar. Had a hard time finding due to the label change. Great smoke my new go to cigar. Draw was great just need to cut it down a bit more. Burned even. Only issue I had which why I didn’t 5 star was it had a crack down the center. Will buy again. 4 5 1
Piramide Great tasting good flavor 5 5 1
Piramide You look at this smoke.....what you see is what you get......dense, chewy and bold. I enjoyed this, not for the timid!!!! Only problem was (my fault) I had gotten the piramide shape and I had to keep it clenched between my teeth for fear of it falling out of my mouth!!! I will try other shapes offered. 5 5 1
Piramide Nice shape and nice dark wrapper. Very nice flavorful smoke. No harshness or bite. Somewhat tightly rolled which restricted the smoke volume. I would buy these again. 4 5 1
Piramide These are at the top of my list of cigars to smoke. I will go out of my way For one of these cigars. 5 5 1
Piramide Strong , good consistency 5 5 1
Piramide Great smoke , good flavor and consistency 5 5 1
Piramide I recently purchased a few packs and so far evey single cigar when cut starts to completely unravel. The cigar becomes completely unsmokable. I am extreemly dissapointed because I used to love these cigars. I will not purchase them anymore. 1 5 1
Piramide The 3 - 5 pack of cigars were stale. Very disappointed and I will not purchase again. 1 5 1

Partagas Black Label

Piramide 6 × 60 PABPI5

This is a very special pyramid size packaged in a pack of 5. Its blend is a mix of vintage Nicaraguan and Dominican long filler, creating an interesting smooth and spicy aroma. It’s then covered with an oily Medio Tiempo wrapper from Connecticut, creating a rich, bold, and spicy profile.
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Connecticut Medio Tiempo

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic / Nicaragua

Dominican Republic



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