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The Story of An American Dream is a truly inspiring autobiographical novel by Jose Orlando Padron that is a must-read for every true premium cigar aficionado. After migrating from Cuba to Miami in 1962 to flee the harsh Castro regime, Padrón had to live on the $60 in government aid given to Cuban refugees. A true American story, filled with optimism, hope, hard work, and perseverance. His dream of launching a cigar factory like the ones he worked for in Cuba finally came to fruition when he founded the now famous Pardon Cigar Company in 1964. This entrepreneurial journey, filled with many ups, and downs, will give you great respect for Jose Orlando, and will make you appreciate the love, dedication, and obstacles, that come with creating a fine handmade cigar. In addition, the vast product knowledge that you will gain from this top-selling book will make you value this great centuries- old hobby even more!

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