4.730769230769231 26
80 Years Maduro This Padron is really Good. I like taste - i feel nuts and herbes. I recommend. In my opinion 9/10 4 5 1
80 Years Maduro What else can be said about this cigar. It’s fantastic. One of the best cigars available. If I could. I would smoke them every day. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro My all time favorite stick.... Can't go wrong with any Padron.... beyond worth the price tag... 10 out of 10! 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Such an elegant design and a real pleasurable smoke. Hats off to Padron for this one. Will most certainly be purchasing again. 4 5 1
80 Years Maduro Make it a special occasion and take your time.. You'll need it to enjoy this full bodied cigar 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro If you're paying $30 for this cigar you should like it. I did very much! More than worth it though smoke it when you can take your time and taste the flavors. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro these special release were so good that ive ordered a box and will be turning these to ashes 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Flavorful and exquisite better than ANY Cuban cigar I've ever tasted!! 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Very Enjoyable full body Cigar. The notes were extremely great full of flavor but this was my first time smoking it for New Years. I will definitely add this to my humidor. Very good construction of the entire Cigar. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro The Padron Special Releases 80 Years is a nice cigar made to celebrate joses 80th birthday gret flavor changes and aromas 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Best cigar I have smoked from Padron! This 80 years is phenomenal. You won't go wrong with this one. Lots of spice and everything nice. It's perfect 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro I wish I was rich so I could stuff my humidor full of these bad boys. But unfortunately I’m not so this is a rare special occasion treat only. Its very pricey but hands down the best cigar I’ve ever smoked even beating out Cubans. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Just a great cigar... smooth draw fantastic burn and full flavors...right down to the nub... didnt want to put it down. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro I cannot stop saying how much I enjoy this smoke and flavors are right on point 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Bought this and aged in my humidor for about a year. I think due to poor aging on my part it didn't have the excellent flavors I was expecting but gorgeous cigar with a complex body to it 4 5 1
80 Years Maduro Not really a torpedo fan seems like a waste to cut so much off at the tip. But still these are amazing cigars 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro I really loved this cigar. great tobacco flavor. no burn issues. the draw was perfect. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro As usual without fail. The Padron company does it again with the 80yrs anniversary soon to be classic cigar. You have to try this one. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Padron specials release 8 0 year is a true treasure and highly recommend to smoke should you get it 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro When you think about a special occasion cigar no cigar will better suit the bill than Padron 1926 80th Anniversary Cigar. Using the finest aged tobacco from the Padron factory in Nicaragua you will get a full flavor full body smoke with the smoothness of the Anniversary series. The construction on this cigar is impeccable and it will hold up to all weather conditions. Even the biggest of cigar snobs cannot deny the perfection of a 1926 80th and it is one of the few cigars in its price class that can carry the price tag without disappointing. The Padron 1926 80th is the perfect gift for any degree of cigar smoker. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Really great smoke, wish I could afford to smoke them on a regular basis, special occasions only for me:) 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Spectacular !! Wish I could smoke 2 of these a day!! 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro Excellent experience. Incredibly well constructed and consistent throughout the 1+ hours. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro This is by far my favorite New World cigar. Every chance I get I buy a box of these or all the cigars available in my local cigar shops. This is a must have stick for serious cigar smokers. 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro A perfect and very strong cigar! Perfect cold taste. Perfect draw, consistency, and construction. The aroma is awesome. The flavor is superb! Notes of leather, spice, espresso, and a hint of caramel. This is a very strong and robust smoke! The one drawback is its price. At 35 dollars a stick, it is beyond the reach of many cigar lovers. Yet, it is worth each and every penny as a special treat! 5 5 1
80 Years Maduro JR Cigar cheated me on Loyalty points for buying these item advertized on JR website at time of purchase “5 Times Loyalty Points if purchased today” and not only has JR Cigar not honored their advertisement they ignored the ten plus emails I have sent about it and I have already wasted two hours on hold on the call in “help” line now I have file a Paypal claim to get them to follow through. This is not the first time I have been cheated by JR Cigar and will make sure to go on every smokers blog and forum to let everyone know exactly how JR Cigar responds to this situation. Word to other customers watch your back with JR Cigar and make sure to pay with Paypal as doing a Paypal claim will be the only way to get them to give you what you paid for. 1 5 1

Padron Special Releases

80 Years Maduro 6.75 × 54 PD803

The limited edition Padron 1926 80 Years 80th Anniversary cigars were created in celebration of José O. Padron’s 80th birthday. Each band has a unique serial number on it so you can be assured the cigar is part of this special series. These dark maduro-wrapped premium cigars are enjoyably full in body, and super-spicy with smooth, toasty, and mellow notes of espresso and caramel. Each eye-catching box contains 8 pyramid-shaped beauties.
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