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No. 9 Maduro I am no cigar expert, but I have and I do smoke a lot of cigars, good cigars. Let me put this review in context: Today I smoked three well-known cigars—a Cuban Montecristo #1 (6 ½ in., 42 r.g.), a Dominican Fuente Fuente OpusX Fuente Fuente (5 5/8 in., 46 r.g.), and a Nicaraguan Padron 1926 #9 Maduro (5.25 in. 54 r.g.). A few categories and a 5-point scale don’t serve very well to make a fair comparison of the three. I’m going to use 1-10 and if you like, divide the numbers by 2. (1) Appearance: Montecristo had no sheen and was nothing special to see [score, 6]; OpusX was smooth, oily, and inviting [8]; Padron had a nice sheen, was smooth, and symmetrical from box-pressings [9]. I bullet cut all three. (2) Draw: Montecristo was just above average for having a smooth pull [6]; OpusX was practically perfect [9]; Padron was perfect [10]. (3) Burn: Montecristo burned sideways with a 2-inch strip burning on one side of the cigar [3]; OpusX was almost completely even throughout the smoke [8]; Padron was perfect start to finish [10]. (4) Construction—evident in appearance, draw, and burn—Montecristo [3]; OpusX [9], Padron [10]. (5) Finish: I quit the Montecristo about halfway through [2]; I stayed with the OpusX gladly to the end [10]; I regretted the Padron coming to an end [10]. As for (6) Taste and Flavor: Here, cigars taste like tobacco to me, not berries and nuts and leather and such—Montecristo was undistinguished and without much flavor [3]; OpusX had a nice medium-bodied pleasant taste, though it picked up a little spiciness [tobacco spiciness] along the way [9]; Padron was full bodied and full of gratifying taste that also grew in strength all along the way— though it is not overwhelming, because of its strength the Padron may not be for everyone [10]. I won’t be rushing out soon to find Montecristo #1s, but the OpusX is good (very, very good) and worth hunting, whereas the Padron is something special that I’ll certainly remember and put into a rotation of cigars that I smoke on special occasions, though somewhat regularly. 5 5 1
No. 9 Maduro Padrón never lets me down, especially when I smoked this dark beauty for the first time, great flavors and construction just like the series, but with an added darkness and full bodied profile, perfect smoke to end the night with. 5 5 1

Padron 1926 Series

No. 9 Maduro 5.25 × 54 PD2693T

Padron 1926 Series No. 9 Maduro is a full-bodied, firmly constructed Toro with a slick, oily wrapper that adds a tangy sweetness to the blend. Padron fashioned this dark beauty to honor the genius behind these excellent smokes, company founder Jose Orlando Padron. The No. 9 Maduro is offers a symphony of flavor beginning with a strong spicy kick that is soon joined, and eventually taken over by a creamy nuttiness that remains consistent for the duration of the smoke. When you order cigars online, add a box of ten of these to your cart, and experience pure smoking perfection!
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