4.527777777777778 36
Virrey Gordo Great smoke med-full. A lot of flavors. High recommend..... 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo Great amount smoke. Full body with great complex flavors. Highly recommend. Just bought a box the other day. 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo New world by aj gordo is a great choice if your looking for a well constructed flavorful cigar. You can't go wrong with one of thee 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo A boxed-pressed cigar with an even burn good ring burn great give to the touch deep & consistent flavor. A good cigar but have some doubts whether another purchase is in order at the current and elevated price point. Better cigars are available at cheaper prices. Lesson learned: only purchase at a discounted price. 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo Fantastic cigar well worth the money 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo The size does not matter this thing is great in every vice and the construction is flawless 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo This might be the most beautiful cigar ever crafted. Every time I smoke one I feel like I'm treating myself. Considering the stunning appearance fantastic flavor flawless construction and low price it's no surprise that this cigar appears on numerous cigar-of-the-year lists. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Good draw and good smoke. Another good AJ smoke in a long line of good smokes 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo I usually love this cigar. However, this last box I purchased was terrible... I smoked four from the box to be sure. They tasted like mold and were very musty. Sent JR an email hoping they will exchange them. We’ll see. JRs service lately has been lousy. I spend upwards of $3,000 a year at JR but I’m tempted to start going elsewhere. 1 5 1
Virrey Gordo New world from aj fernandez for me is one of The greatest AJ cigars a lot of smoke leather flavour and spices. Just great cigar 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Cant go wrong with AJ. Best blends and he is not slowing down. Wonder if he is ever going to make a bad stick 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Bold spicy full with big hints of leather and cream. Packs a punch with no bitterness just pronounced flavor. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo This cigar is about as perfect as it can get. The flavor is wonderful. The draw is consistent through the entire cigar. The construction is second to none. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Al great stick! A must smoke. Great flavor and draw. Won't break the bank too. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Usually I don't smoke Gordo shape..I bought some of these to give it a shot..the smoke really fills up the room..the flavor comes at you with a vengeance..packed with spice 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo these in the gordo to me are not good at all just no flavor just really muted and not worth trying again 2 5 1
Virrey Gordo From Montecristo Cuban from Cuba to This Cigar is a big different in price not a quality. Great Cigar Great Taste Great to smoke with friends and pass time for couple of hours with you single melt scotch. Cheers to all. 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo Great smoke smooth tasty and not a bit harsh any time through the burn or on a relight. You can tell you are smoking quality tobacco. Glad I bought these in a 10 cigar pack 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Great smoke and very smooth!! I can’t think of a better thing to do on a nice summer night. Enjoyed this with a nice whiskey 🥃 by the fire pit! I recommend this cigar! 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo Love the New World by AJ. Great flavors, easy to smoke, can’t go wrong. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Keep coming back to the New World cigar. Weekly smoker and have tried a lot of different cigars. This cigar will remain in the humidor. Great Smoke!! 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo .Great cigar with a great draw 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo Just the Perfect ring size to bring the strength down to EXCELLENT Flavor. Construction is consistent to an Easy Draw and good burn, No Over heating to ruin the flavor. Absolutely in my TOP 10 for a frequent rotation. Still a pretty STRONG STICK so perfect for me. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo New World is my new favorite! Great draw, great flavor, even burn and consistent throughout the box! 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Good flavor, tight packed and doesn’t get stronger when relighting! 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo Consistently good cigar. Always in my humidor 4 5 1
Virrey Gordo Excellent smoke 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Love this cigar long lasting flavor from start to finish burns nicely not too rich or too mellow just right. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo I have been smoking the AJ Gordo's for many years now and they have never disappointed me. Always very consistent in construction, draw and flavor. If you like a larger ring cigar, this one is for you. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo good draw consistent 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Great flavor, reasonably priced 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Better take time into consideration. Good cigar for golf course. Stays lit last long time! 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Rich, smooth and substantial 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Excellent cigar, I love all New World cigars. They are my favorites. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Very few cigars can match New World by AJ Fernandez. Perfect strength, the wrapper tastes delicious and the smoke is so satisfying it is a true experience. Maybe the mist consistent cigar in my 30 years of smoking. Forget about Cubans, they just don’t get any better than this. 5 5 1
Virrey Gordo Always liked AJ cigars, this particular cigar I didn’t enjoy as much as I did the thinner gauges of the same group. I would stick the thinner gauges as they draw better and have more taste. 4 5 1

New World by AJ Fernandez

Virrey Gordo 6 × 58 AJNWG

Voted Best Bang for Your Buck for 2014, the New World by A.J. Fernandez Virrey Gordo is a top of the line smoke at an affordable price. Spice and pepper emanate from its Sumatra wrapper, while its vintage fillers smooths it out to create a terrific cigar. A new classic from A.J. Fernandez, try out a New World today. Packaged in a box of 21.
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Medium - Full


Box of 21

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