4.260869565217392 46
Churchill The My Father Le Bijou Churchill Is one of the best cigars you'll ever smoke in your life 5 5 1
Churchill Talk about a slow burner with tons of flavors. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. 4 5 1
Churchill Great smoke and super oily. Great cigar. Decent bit of strrngth. Not a beginner smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill MF is a trustworthy cigar manufacturer! You can’t go wrong with them. High end cigars at a modest price point. 5 5 1
Churchill This is a nicely wrapped cigar but the draw was a little tight it wouldnt stay lit and it burned a little unevenly. 3 5 1
Churchill I have had a couple of these now. Just ok... the flavour just isn’t for me. Creamy smoke and mouth feel. Retrohale is quite nice: but I just don’t like the taste. Took regular puffing to keep it going especially in the second half. 3 5 1
Churchill This is a great smoke! There is certainly a reason this brand won cigar of the year! It's a must try!! 5 5 1
Churchill Wonderful cigar nice oily wrapper nice hints of cedar rich dark flavor great long smoke with a nice even burn 3 5 1
Churchill Great cigar great flavor. The draw was a little tighter than I prefer so I had to open it up with a draw pen but totally worth it. 4 5 1
Churchill This was number one last year for a reason. The jet black wrapper is a thing of true beauty and the flavors coming from this cigar are excellent as well. The blend is a medium + at most even though some may think it is a full strength blend I have not found this to be true of the 1922 4 5 1
Churchill But I can say this was one of the best cigars of my life. Creamy tingly pepper nectar sweetness and smoke in abundance that gets powerful as you go on. Loved it! 4 5 1
Churchill this 1922 is so good i truely love these it has the right mixture of spice and mildness great awesome stick 4 5 1
Churchill I went in to the 1922 with high hopes and expectations but I was slammed back down to the lowest depths of melancholy. I cut it with a V-cutter but it literally took four swipes with the torch to get it to stay lit. Threw draw was tighter than a drum and the burn was so uneven that I continually had to rotate it to stop it from canoeing. Eventually by the half way point I cut the smoldering end off to start all over. Again my travails continued. It was only by biting and pressing on the cigar did it finally open up. The last third was fine but by then I had given all hope for a satisfying smoke. Needless to say I won't try it again and I thought that at this price point and history of reviews none of this would happen. So....buyer beware. At least the flavor was there in the final third but after my workout I was so disappointed. 2 5 1
Churchill I usually smoke the #2 bellicoso Bought a box of these for a wedding Not a huge fan . Burn was uneven on about half of the cigars Should have stayed with my usual First time I haven't raved about MF products 3 5 1
Churchill One of the best cigars in the market. Continues to be pleasing to me and my group. A definite hit for your humidor. 5 5 1
Churchill The My Father LeBijou Chirchill I feel is just as good as it's highly rated little sister that got a CA. 97 pt review 4 5 1
Churchill I have had the Churchills which tasted Amazing the best I have ever had but the same amount of that flavor takes until the end with the Torpedo. 4 5 1
Churchill All the hype that i was getting about this cigar. Was all true. Nice dark oily chocolate wrapper. White ash hints of espresso and malted leather if there is such a think. With small hints of pepper. Box worthy cigar 5 5 1
Churchill Great stick. Medium to full body and a great burn. I've had some aged a few years and they definitely get better with time 4 5 1
Churchill I've only been smoking cigars for a little over a year now and not on a regular basis but I love trying new ones and broadening my cigar horizons. This cigar is simply phenomenal! I am making a special section in my budget to keep a few of these in stock at all times. 4 5 1
Churchill Solid medium body smoke very smooth and creamy. Similar to the original my father but much smoother and more darker dessert like flavors. Perfect for those overwhelmed my the original. 4 5 1
Churchill do you want to smoke a cigar you won't forget? Then by this! Super rich tobacco with a complex flavor profiles so good. 4 5 1
Churchill I picked one of these up at the recommendation of my local tobacconist this is by far one of my favorite smokes of all time. My only complaint is the price. 5 5 1
Churchill This is by far one of my favorite smokes of all time it is full of spice and strength and is perfectly constructed my only complaint is the price 5 5 1
Churchill I hope My Father never stops making cigars. I could smoke nothing but this brand forever and die happy. These offer a bit more body so smoke away 5 5 1
Churchill I highly recommended trying this one to anyone who smokes cigars it is the all around perfect cigar 5 5 1
Churchill One of my favorites. Has deep taste of rich earthy tones. Then the sweet spicy retro hale has a lingering taste of sweet cedar 5 5 1
Churchill Top rated for a reason. I truly love this cigar. Not a daily but definitely on a good day to take the time to enjoy an amazing cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill But I can say this was one of the best cigars of my life. Creamy tingly pepper nectar sweetness and smoke in abundance that gets powerful as you go on. Loved it! 4 5 1
Churchill Don pepin is a monks some of my favorite makers everything from the construction to the smoke output is good 4 5 1
Churchill I hate to be the naysayer here but I found these cigars to be very disappointing. Highly regarded in the ratings and by most of the reviewers here the box I purchased had indifferently constructed cigars with a tough draw. A constant need to be relighting them. And they were stored and humidified perfectly. I won't be buying a second box. 2 5 1
Churchill The MF LB 1922 won cigar of the year for a reason. This is an excellent blend with awesome flavors. I recomend this one to my friends that are new smokers when they are looking for a heavy cigar. It's not too heavy and is medium + at best but is super creamy and smooth. 4 5 1
Churchill I have had the Churchills which tasted Amazing the best I have ever had but the same amount of that flavor takes until the end with the Torpedo. 4 5 1
Churchill beautiful wrapper. great tobacco flavor the whole cigar. no draw or burn problems. the construction was perfect. 5 5 1
Churchill To be honest I'm waiting to smoke five of these bought them and I can't wait the one I did have west well constructed great burn wonderful flavors 4 5 1
Churchill This was a flawless cigar I loved everything about it I guess I fell in love with it haha but it was to long and I had to cut it a little short for he day 5 5 1
Churchill Delicious! Full bodied flavor full of pepper and creamy deliciousness. Highly recommend! Be wary though this cigar is nothing to mess with! 5 5 1
Churchill Five star cigar! An amazing dark Churchill that is full of spicy flavors. This all comes mixed with a very smooth draw! 5 5 1
Churchill I can't get enough of the le Bijou. It's a total package cigar and is amazing in any vitola. Rich flavors would be enjoyed by most anyone. 5 5 1
Churchill The May fathe cigarsbarenthe best they just continue to producethegreat Nicaraguan cigars time and time again 3 5 1
Churchill Love this stick. My favorite of the my father line so far. Especially the Churchill size. Tasty from start to finish. 5 5 1
Churchill Love this cigar. This was cigar Aficionado's number one cigar of 2015. Great consistency, construction and flavor. 4 5 1
Churchill Perfection! The cold taste is exquisite! The flavor and aroma are impeccable! The draw and consistency are beyond reproach! The construction is flawless. This is not just a cigar - it is a masterpiece! 5 5 1
Churchill Nice very Nice 5 5 1
Churchill This is simply my all time favorite cigar. Flawless construction, draw, full bodied flavor. Best 2 hour smoke. Pairs with anything, a great bourbon, a good beer, or red wine. I love My Father cigars! 5 5 1
Churchill These are always a great smoke and plenty of flavor, one of my favorites 5 5 1

My Father Le Bijou 1922

Churchill 7 × 50 MFLBCH

Part of the acclaimed My Father Le Bijou 1922 series, the Churchill is a son’s homage to his father – cigar extraordinaire Don “Pepin” Garcia. A full bodied, bold smoke, the dark smokes are handmade in Nicaragua and expertly rolled using a spicy Nicaraguan binder, perfectly aged Nicaraguan long fillers, and finished with a gorgeous Habano Oscuro wrapper. Sold in counts of 23, the Churchill comes packaged in a beautiful white box with luxurious gold crest.
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