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A biblical word of wisdom tells us to “Honor Thy Father’ and legendary cigar master Don “Pepín” García, like his son Jaime, before him, has beckoned the call.

As a brand extension to the My Father line, made in honor of cigarmaker Don “Pepín” García by his son Jaime, Pepín in turn created Le Bijou (“The Jewel”) for his own dad, who was born in 1922. Handmade in Nicaragua, these deep, dark beauties contain aged long fillers jam-packed with intense flavors. With a spicy binder and a Habano Oscuro wrapper, the combination provides a full-bodied and unique Cuban-style smoke with a delightful lingering aroma.

If you are a devout Don Pepin fan, or you enjoy incredibly delicious full-bodied cigar brands then you should definitely try Le Bijou.
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