4.430434782608696 230
Ricasso Now this is a very very special cigar. A real pleasent surprise when I paired it with some coffee. The nutty and peppery flavor of the cigar complimented a nice light hazelnut cup of coffee. The burn was excellent and I was able to retain a nice long solid chunk of ash with a nice light color to it. 5 5 1
Ricasso A very fulfilling smoke after dinner on the deck with an ice glass of brandy it’s a smooth tasty cighar 4 5 1
Ricasso Me and my sudsy smoked these on several occasions. It never disappointed always perfection there can really be nothing bad to say 4 5 1
Ricasso monte makes great cigars and this is no different. I love this cigar. it taste so good with a nice glass of scotch paired with it 5 5 1
Ricasso Fantastic smoke from Monte Carlo. This Espada is full blown goodness. The construction the draw and the presentation are all A+. Bravo! 5 5 1
Ricasso Great draw and great construction. Fast burning at first. A hint of cedar is present. 4 5 1
Ricasso This has some great mocha flavor without being an infused cigar. Great construction and consistency. Get a fiver and smoke em. 4 5 1
Ricasso Great cigar! Buttery smooth wrapper. Bold flavor. One of favorite non cuban montes. Would recommend it. 4 5 1
Ricasso Well constructed cigar I personally like the draw and the way it smoked the flavor was not my favorite but would encourage trying 3 5 1
Ricasso The Ricasso is an amazing smoke by Montecristo. Just light one up and relax with a glass of brandy or wine 5 5 1
Ricasso Nice smoke good flavor a little bit of a tight draw though... Otherwise it was a winner in book. It just felt a bit hard to draw. 4 5 1
Ricasso One of my absolute favorites. Good burn good construction good flavor. Strong without being bitter or overpowering. 5 5 1
Ricasso Had to buy a box. The middle and last third are packed with flavor. The draw is tighter than I prefer but all in all a great series. 3 5 1
Ricasso I was Best man at a friend's Wedding. This was the Monte. I selected to enjoy out of several humidors. This cigar had a great draw a razor sharp burn. The creamy smoke was unbelievable and the bouquet of flavors was a trip down the dessert table without the calories. 4 5 1
Ricasso Montecristo espada ricasso is always a great experience of the senses. Flavors are excellent experience 4 5 1
Ricasso One of the best in their brand. I love their flavor construction and body. I really recommend this excellent cigar. 5 5 1
Ricasso I just had a cigar recently. My cousin brought it. He got it with a sample pack and I have to say it was great! Great flavor and it burns so nicely. I will definitely give this one a try 5 5 1
Ricasso Nice stick but can be a bit strong. You will like it if you like a bold flavor and flavorful draw. 3 5 1
Ricasso Great medium bodied flavorful cigar. Light on the pallet yet flavor is on point. 5 5 1
Ricasso The monticristo is a VERY great brand and always a pleasant smoke. But the draw was kind of tight. It was a very nice smoke though 4 5 1
Ricasso it's a Monte. nice smoke. good flavors consistent through the he entire smoke. nice draw and good finish. 4 5 1
Ricasso Great for an after work smoke . Great aroma burned perfectly no complaints. Great quality as usual 4 5 1
Ricasso Draw was sub-par on this one. Used a v-cut but had to punch through what I'm assuming was a plug. Construction overall was good. Would like to smoke a few more for a better understanding of this cigar. 3 5 1
Ricasso Montecristo riccaso is a Monte cigar good construction and consistent but not one of my favorites from monte 4 5 1
Ricasso I loved the flavors and construction. It wasn't too strong it was just right. I recommend this cigar to a veteran smoker. New smokers you're not ready for this experience. 5 5 1
Ricasso This isna truely lovely cigar. A true pleasure to smoke. An easy burning stick tjay has tons of flavor 3 5 1
Ricasso Nice change to have a fuller bodied cigar. Hints iof leathery expresso and a little spice. Very nice cool smoke to the end. 5 5 1
Ricasso This guy is a tasty flavorful addition for your humidor that can be enjoyed any day of the week! 5 5 1
Ricasso Montecristo Espada never disappoints classic brand and great cigar ring and taste of the most important thing is 5 5 1
Ricasso Perfect draw and burn. Great tasting with plenty of smoke output. Very good stick. 4 5 1
Ricasso The Espada is one of my favorite Montecristos. It's smooth and rich flavors blend pefectly with the hints on chocolate you get throughout. Yes it's a little more pricey than some other sticks but you get what you pay for with this one bub 4 5 1
Ricasso When I say Nicaraguan puro I had expected a pepper bomb or at least some strength. But then blend is more of a traditional one. Medium body and light in the Nicaraguan flavors. But still s good cigar over all 4 5 1
Ricasso Once the cigar is lit there is some spice present especially through the retrohale. Though the spice isn’t overpowering like some Nicaraguan cigars. It is just enough to wake you up. Smoking my way through the first third of the cigar there are notes of maple and earth with some roasted coffee. The cigar isn’t as balanced as I would like a cigar to be but the flavors are enjoyable. 4 5 1
Ricasso Great cigars i love these they are a solid smoke. Very enjoyable love these cogars 4 5 1
Ricasso I enjoy some of other Rocky Patel products but this one I did not enjoy. Was a little bolder than I hoped for and was just bold and no spice to it. I enjoy the spicy taste after the draw. I would smoke it again but I wouldn't buy it again. 3 5 1
Ricasso This monte is a nice medium to full bodied smoke that is well constructed and evenly consistent but is a little more flavorful than most of its brand 5 5 1
Ricasso If money is no subject this one is must. I been smoking cigars for over 30 years and never came across bad Montecristo cigar 5 5 1
Ricasso I usually don't put a negative spin on any cigar they all have their good characteristics but this Montecristo is all show and no blow...IMHO Very disappointing. Don't get me wrong it didn't taste horrible it didn't hardly taste at all. Like tasteless brown paper sack. Maybe it the packaging weren't presented so elegantly my expectations wouldn't have been so high. My bad for expecting more. If you're looking for a smooth with flavor that will not overwhelm you then this may be your cigar! 4 5 1
Ricasso I smoked this one from a sampler. I had very high expectations for it but it wasn't as good as I was expecting. The draw and construction were flawless but I didn't think it had a large enough smoke output and the flavor wasn't very sweet. Overall I'd give it a ⅘. 4 5 1
Ricasso Exceptional cigar. Well constructed good burn highly recommended. Taste are excellent through. Get it don't be scared by the price well worth it. 5 5 1
Ricasso Love this stick great cigar all around. This is the go to cigar for me and should be for you 5 5 1
Ricasso Everything I would expect from monticristo. The burn was even the draw was perfect. Very flavorful. 4 5 1
Ricasso Huge fan of montecristo cigars this one is a very good smoke. Would say try this 5 5 1
Ricasso I love this cigar it's a very well constructed cigar with a good draw. It's even better if you let them rest and put some age on them. I love the flavor of this cigar. Small batch cigars go a long way in my book. 4 5 1
Ricasso Great cigar. Smoked one of while back couldn't be better. Have one in the humidor right now age of the bit and its going to be great. 4 5 1
Ricasso Was looking forward to trying this but was mostly a let down. It's a decent cigar but nothing special like I expected from a top of the line Montecristo. 3 5 1
Ricasso A good draw and consistency! And a great flavor as well! Good cigar! Plus it's a Montecristo so that should say it all! 5 5 1
Ricasso The espada line is my favorite libe of montes! Perfect construction. These babbies smoke so great. They even taste amazing. Do yourself a favor and buy a box. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great medium body with alot more complexity than most of the Montes I have tried. Nice overall nuttiness with a sweet spice throughout. Great tobacco and nice packaging. 4 5 1
Ricasso Very good cigar. Great medium to full flavor. Montecristo is hard to beat for the price 4 5 1
Ricasso This is a nice change of pace for Monte. More spice and a change of flavors due to the Nicaragua tobacco. Not your father's Monte. 4 5 1
Ricasso This was something I tried because I really love Montecristo. This stick had great flavor burn was even and was easy to light and stayed lit. I would say medium body. I would highly recommend trying these if you like Montecristo. I got five to try but I definitely will be buying more. 4 5 1
Ricasso 3 out of the 5 that I had were great! The other two were constructed rather poorly. 4 5 1
Ricasso Delicious cigar medium body full of various flavors smooth nice easy draw a little too grassy for my taste but could go for it again 4 5 1
Ricasso An exquisite cigar of moderate strength that anyone could enjoy no matter what range of flavor you prefer! 4 5 1
Ricasso I was given a 5 pack as a gift and could not thank my friend enough. Great construction and draw along with having great flavors. 5 5 1
Ricasso A full body cigar it's very flavorful and a must try. I enjoyed it more than a zero mile cigar which is saying something. It's smooth and the draw is just right. 4 5 1
Ricasso This is my father's absolute favorite cigar. I have to constantly replenish his stockpile of these bad boys. I find them quite enjoyable as well. Mild flavor good body crisp draw and a nice sharp burn. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great cigar but go with the 7.0 x 56 size. You will want to sit and enjoy this as long as you can. Once your done smoking it you will want another they are that good 5 5 1
Ricasso Great cigar great draw and great flavor would highly reccomend To anyone to put in their humidor 5 5 1
Ricasso Everyone of these I've had has been amazing. The flavor is unlike most and is nice and smooth. 4 5 1
Ricasso Great smoke would buy any time and smoke any time can't go wrong for the money at all 4 5 1
Ricasso Excellent cigar featuring good construction nice draw and above all good flavor. Thumbs up. 5 5 1
Ricasso This is a wonderful cigar that allows its full potential to be unlocked every time 4 5 1
Ricasso This cigar is amazingly flawless in its construction draw consistency and flavor. It is definitely box worthy. These are in my top 5 and I always keep these in stock 5 5 1
Ricasso I liked this smoke from start to finish. Great consistency and flavor throughout the smoke. Excellent burn and draw. 5 5 1
Ricasso I love everything about this one flavor is good smooth tasting good draw I would recommend 5 5 1
Ricasso Loved this cigar! Full flavored tons of chewy smoke flawless construction and burn and one I buy again and again. 5 5 1
Ricasso Montecristo Espada is absolutely positively my favorite Montecristo cigar. This cigar has absolutely amazing flavor. Untouchable in class this is a must try cigar 5 5 1
Ricasso Another great Monte smoke. This is something special.about this cigar that leaves you guesting. Great smokeashburnflavor and finish. 5 5 1
Ricasso Oh yes ! This is by far my favorite from the espada list this cigar smokes like gold and tastes like butter !!! 5 5 1
Ricasso Monte makes another great cigar. If you really enjoy the classic Monte then you'll love the Monte. They changed it up a little bit here for the better. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great stick with a wonderful aroma and taste. Will leave you wanting more but they aren't cheap 5 5 1
Ricasso I had one of these last week. Everything I had expected from this stick I got from the cigar 5 5 1
Ricasso Luxurious and elegant smoke. Flavor and draw are amazing. You cannot beat jr prices at all. 5 5 1
Ricasso A great full bodied smoke. Monte should have gotten into Nicaraguan tobacco a long time ago! Worth a try for sure. 4 5 1
Ricasso This was a glorious stick nice tried and true smoke have another going to fire up 4 5 1
Ricasso Great burn and construction starts off with pepper light caramel sweetness but turns richer and more full bodied into espresso and nutmeg with spices 4 5 1
Ricasso The Montecristo Espadas flavor profile started with earth and cedar as I smoked I got a subtle sweetness and cocoa powder. About halfway through I started to get slight white pepper. This cigar finished with coffee flavor and nuttiness this is a great cigar these flavors are right in my wheelhouse. The Espada is a really good cigar that I highly recommend! 5 5 1
Ricasso Another just ok Monticristo. I have learned to love the AJ Monte and #2 but the rest are over rated as far as I am concerned. 3 5 1
Ricasso Not a bad stick but not all that either. Burned good and good draw just not strong enough for me. 4 5 1
Ricasso This cigar is very good... nice medium taste good construction nive draw... has a cedar taste 5 5 1
Ricasso This is a overall good smoke. Good flavor. Well made and leaves you wanting more 5 5 1
Ricasso Great looking great smoking a great tasting cigar like everything in this line is well-made full of good 4 5 1
Ricasso Very nice smoke. It was well crafted and has a solid draw. No complaints here. 4 5 1
Ricasso You can never go wrong with a Monte. Always a good blend with great characteristics. I taste the nodes of leather wood and cocoa 5 5 1
Ricasso The expresso taste to these are very odd but they are nice to have just in case I am I'm that mood 3 5 1
Ricasso Love nearly everything Montecristo puts out. The whites are my go to but I like everything i have tried by them. This is no exception. Smooth 4 5 1
Ricasso This monte is a bit pricey. But i enjoyed it. Would i get is again? Not sure sonce if u research u can get comparable for leas price. But it is solid smoke 4 5 1
Ricasso I don't smoke many montes. This one is my second favorite out of the bunch. The biggest downfall is the construction issues I've had. The flavor is good but I've had uneven burn and a couple split and unrolled during smoking. 4 5 1
Ricasso Espada such a great cigar made by Montecristo. I had one and it was amazing. Gift from the wifey. 4 5 1
Ricasso Monte cristo is always a good time. Smooth smoke with good flavor and it burns consistent 5 5 1
Ricasso An excellent smoke. I enjoyed this one greatly. Good draw good flavor. Stronger than many of their cigars. 3 5 1
Ricasso Very enjoyable smoke with flavors of cream leather nut wood and earth. Goes well with a nice rye. 4 5 1
Ricasso This is one of my favorite smokes.always had good experiences with this thing. Lots of subtle flavors and rich smoke. Very creamy and delicious. 5 5 1
Ricasso I fell in love with a cigar at the very first time I ever had one. Before I was finished my first one I purchased a box very smooth very elegant very fantastic cigar for any time of the day or special occasions. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great full flavor change of pace from a standard Monte. I liked this cigar so much that I made it a stocking stuffer for the men in my family. 5 5 1
Ricasso This is a quality smoke and a classic brand. You can't go wrong with a Monte but maybe I am biased. 5 5 1
Ricasso Not quite as good as the torpedo but still an excellent smoke. An overall great line from montecristo 5 5 1
Ricasso Not bad though I'm not a huge mc fan. I've smoked a few espadas and they aren't bad when you're in the mood for one 3 5 1
Ricasso A bought a box of 10 of these. Excellent cigars and very cool presentation. The box it comes in is unique and very cool. Cigar itself is a gem. Great draw and nuttyness. Smooth exhale very calm and relaxing. 5 5 1
Ricasso These are also excellent. The only issue I had was when peeling the wrappers they were tough to get apart and it damages the wrapper which then started peeling and opening up. Otherwise a decent flavor and draw. Buy a box of ten you will like the 4 5 1
Ricasso This is an outstanding cigar. Spicy and earthy with a flawless burn and draw. 5 5 1
Ricasso The Espada is one of my favorite cigars from Montecristo. I love the hints of chocolate to contrast the rich bold flavor. Really a great smoke. 4 5 1
Ricasso One of my top 5 smokes ever. It's no bombshell in terms of exotic flavors but it's a Monte and it's a helluva good smoke. Nutty creamy and buttery all at once are the best words I can think of to describe this. From start to finish easy to smoke and beyond pleasurable. 5 5 1
Ricasso This monte is amazing. Smooth good flavor all the way through! Monte made a great cigar with this one. Very good quality stick. 4 5 1
Ricasso Macs rule can't go wrong. Very enjoyable smoke. I would buy again and again. 5 5 1
Ricasso Sick looking cigar it's awesomely amazing and I'd recommend it to anyone who asked me 5 5 1
Ricasso Good smoke well made like all montecristo cigars. Flavor was not my favorite but it was ok. 4 5 1
Ricasso Nothing wrong with this But it just wasn't my flavor profile. I was just expecting a little more with the hype it has. 4 5 1
Ricasso Good construction and draw. Has interesting hay and grassy flavors and a dry mouth feel. Good flavors but in the milder side of the scale. 4 5 1
Ricasso Excellent cigar what more can you ask for with this brand. This is a masterpiece for Montecristo in with the price you get nothing less than perfection 4 5 1
Ricasso Good smoke. Burns nicely. Worth the price. Great taste. I usually have one every so often 5 5 1
Ricasso This is such an amazing cigar I'm afraid that I could not do it justice by attempting to describe the pleasurable experience I had whilst enjoying this immensely satisfying cigar. 5 5 1
Ricasso The Montecristo Espada Ricasso is packed with tobacco but still has a full draw. It took more than an hour and a half to reach the final draw. Very good cigar! 4 5 1
Ricasso I honestly expected better from Montecristo. The draw has not been very good at all and the flavor is lacking. 3 5 1
Ricasso A very well made cigar. Oily wrapper with great aroma. A medium bodied Nicaraguan that I try to enjoy when I have the opportunity. 4 5 1
Ricasso Love me some montecisto's. This is an excellent cigar. Nothing from montecisto is a disappointment. Excellent flavor nice burn and a beautiful smoke all around. 5 5 1
Ricasso I'm smoking one as I type this is an great cigar. Well-constructed Burn awesome not hard on the pallet 5 5 1
Ricasso Consistent fair earth tobacco and black pepper. I consistently get burn issues and tunneling 2 5 1
Ricasso Just when you think Montecristo can't get better Bang ! The come out with this series do your self a favor and go out and get this stick you won't be sorry great smoke all the way thru to the nub tons of classic Monte flavors with a little kick from this new series 5 5 1
Ricasso Monti Is one of the best cigar on the market. Pairs well with a nice bottle of scotch 5 5 1
Ricasso I loved this montecristo. The taste was awesome all the way to the end. Burned so evenly as well. 3 5 1
Ricasso Nut cream lightly sweet. Medium flavor. Fantastic stick but it should be given the price. 4 5 1
Ricasso I would give the performance of the cigar a B- with its snug draw wavy burn at the start and somewhat ugly and flaky ash experienced in the middle and final third. 3 5 1
Ricasso In general I'm not a huge monte fan but I really enjoyed this stick. A lot of complex flavors that kept me interested despite the showy obnoxious band 4 5 1
Ricasso Beautiful construction with notes of nuts and cream. Lacking in strength. Rating 4.0 out of 5 4 5 1
Ricasso Maybe I got a bad apple and should give another chance but on first impressions it was lacking. Not horrible but far from good. Looks real cool though. 3 5 1
Ricasso I absolutely love this smoke I have only had one and was very impressed it was without a doubt one of my favorites 5 5 1
Ricasso Yet another great in the monte lineup. I felt this one was earthy and spicy changing as the cigar smoked on. Without a doubt worth a try 5 5 1
Ricasso This is possibly my favorite of the montechristo cigars. It has a slightly grassy almost leather-like aftertaste which sounds strange but it's very nice. 5 5 1
Ricasso I have not had any bad Montecristo to this day and this beauty is no exception 5 5 1
Ricasso Montecristo cigars are always one of my favorites and this one is one of them 4 5 1
Ricasso A classic Habana style smoke fit for a king! Puff like royalty with a rich and hearty cigar thats been a favourite for decades. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great bold and smooth cigar with a lot of flavor has an aged wrapper filler and binder draw was a little tighter then I prefer but still a great stick 4 5 1
Ricasso This is a beautiful cigar and the taste I got out of it was really great but the draw was very snug and the wrapper cracked on me then the cigar started tunneling. I was really hoping for something exceptional but I was disappointed..maybe it was just a dud or something 3 5 1
Ricasso It was amazing grabbed it not really knowing anything about it and wow i was amazed 5 5 1
Ricasso Fantastic cigar in every regard. A great medium bodied cigar with excellent flavor and flawless construction. I smoke these down to the nub and they are great all the way to the end. 5 5 1
Ricasso I've always been partial to Montecristos. This one is no exception. Solid and smooth burn full flavor. Lasts a while! 5 5 1
Ricasso This is an excellent cigar! It is considerably stronger than the classic Monte but oh so good. 4 5 1
Ricasso Thick smoke long draw. A relaxing cigar. consistent notes of white pepper. Not overly strong but a tasteful treat to the palate. 5 5 1
Ricasso Oh yes ! This is by far my favorite from the espada list this cigar smokes like gold and tastes like butter !!! 5 5 1
Ricasso Excellent as expected. Rich favor with a nice draw. Very good smoke indeed. Would buy again for sure. 5 5 1
Ricasso Opening notes of leather peppery spice and a faint citrus underneath. Much fades going into the first third in favor of a bread note and a light sweetness that's hangs in the background. By the second third the leather returns as well as pepper to a much smaller degree. Final third is led by a blend of leather and bread flavors. 4 5 1
Ricasso Very elegant and refined cigar. Seem less transiton from rich body to pull Makes the experience lovely 5 5 1
Ricasso Great all around cigar highly recommend purchasing this cigar from JR or a similar site as these cigars can get pricey quick 5 5 1
Ricasso The construction of this cigar is what you expect from a premium brand. Good burn draw and even pack. But for me I felt the flavors were a bit bland. Nothing stood out to me that would make me go buy more. If offered to me sure I'd smoke and enjoy it but it's not something I'd sent out for. 3 5 1
Ricasso Nice smooth flavor burn was great and even to the nub. The draw was good this one starts out a little mild then gets a little stronger with a nice pepper taste 3 5 1
Ricasso These cigars are one of the best buys around.the flavors are always fantastic.this is a great cigar. 4 5 1
Ricasso Won this Montecristo on JR Cigars Beat the Dealer game. Nice packaging and great aroma. 4 5 1
Ricasso The espada ricasso is a good smoke that is well constructed and has a ton of flavor. I recommend this to anyone looking for a good smoke. 5 5 1
Ricasso Very flavorful and even burn! Very well made and great aroma also great for the price! 5 5 1
Ricasso Very rare cigars to come across this cigar it's good and great a bit bold but still good a hint sweet 4 5 1
Ricasso Great cigarnot a big Monte cristo fan but I loved this cigar. Will buy again. 4 5 1
Ricasso I have draw issues with these. I want to like them. When they smoke they are great. Pleasing flavors. Durable to a heavy wet bite which I like but too many with draw issues. 3 5 1
Ricasso I received one of these in a sampler pack a few months ago. I saw they were listed among the 5 packs on sale and decided to lite it up. All I can say is this was one GREAT cigar. From the time I put fire to it I smoked it to the end. Nice draw and smoke. Great construction. The flavor didn't knock me off my feet. I ordered the 5 pack. 4 5 1
Ricasso A friend of mine gave me one of these to try to local cigar bar in a wasn't that bad. The flavor was a little bit strong for me, even though it's considered like a millimeter mm. But it burned pretty good have one little run at the beginning of that evened out and overall. It was good and have a good draw not really a week draw kind of tight. But overall it wasn't a bad cigar, but not my preference. 3 5 1
Ricasso For sure lives up to the Monte name. I can not wait to revisit this stick. 4 5 1
Ricasso I got a box for Christmas I’ve been smoking them sparingly I love this bold stick I enjoy it after a big meal with some coffee 5 5 1
Ricasso The Espada cigars are really good. I haven't had a bad performer and they all taste great. I like that the strength isn't much more than the original line. 5 5 1
Ricasso You cannot go wrong with this cigar! Balanced, smooth and full-bodied this is another Montecristo beauty. 5 5 1
Ricasso The Montecristo Espada Ricasso it's very tasty with nutty flavor and a good creaminess 5 5 1
Ricasso The Epada by Monte Cristo is a great smooth flavor. The cigar gives a great pull with heavy smoke. Feels nice in the hand. 5 5 1
Ricasso Delicious cigars at a very affordable price. I have less than 20 left out of the boxes I purchased. Gave a few to some friends since they are so great. 5 5 1
Ricasso Big fan on Montecristo Espada. Nice draw, peppery flavor well constructed. In a sea of offerings, this is a winner. 4 5 1
Ricasso Wonderful smoke great with any drink. Notes of spice, dark chocolate. No touch up after light burns evenly. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great stick a most buy. Perfect everyday anytime cigar. Great draw amazing flavor just wow. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great smoke with great flavor. Will definitely be back for more in the near future 5 5 1
Ricasso Was a great pair with black coffee noce flavor good draw didn't fall apart inwas very happy with it. 5 5 1
Ricasso Good, good, good, very good. Try it you’ll see. You’ll want to smoke it again. 5 5 1
Ricasso Six years after the original Undercrown Dogma release, Cigar Dojo and Drew Estate have collaborated once again, porting over the amped-up Dogma philosophy to Drew Estate's Undercrown Sun Grown blend 3 5 1
Ricasso This is an absolute awesome smoke do not hesitate to buy these by the bundles you will not be disappointed! 5 5 1
Ricasso I really enjoy this cigar. I will be buying a box of these shortly to add to the collection. Great for a really special occasion. 5 5 1
Ricasso I had this for the first time last night. Great construction with a sharp burn. medium to full bodied with a great creamy pepper on the back end. 4 5 1
Ricasso I would recommend this cigar anytime of the day to anyone. Great cigar at a great price., 5 5 1
Ricasso JR has a great selection, and this is a great choice from their selection, their montecristo selection is top of the line. This one has a great draw and flawless construction . The flavor is perfection and price is right on point. You could wait until it’s a deal but either way it’s great deal so don’t hesitate. 5 5 1
Ricasso Creamy from the beginning, this cigar has great taste and an even greater profile. I would smoke daily 4 5 1
Ricasso This cigar is incredible! It is very delicious and burns perfectly. Always recommend this one to a friend. Remember never smoke alone! 5 5 1
Ricasso Awesome offering - nutty and peppery, not for soft palettes. Goes well with coffee or scotch. Burns down smooth to the finish. 5 5 1
Ricasso The construction, draw, quality of tobacco, and consistency is great in this cigar. Not my personal flavor profile though. If you like a more traditional, high quality, and full bodied cigar, this would be a great choice for you. 5 5 1
Ricasso Consistency was okay but the cigar was way too tightly packed. Made the draw unbearable 4 5 1
Ricasso It’s a solid cigar I would recommend it to a high class smoker would buy it again 4 5 1
Ricasso Another fantastic cigar by Monticristo, enjoyed every thing about this cigar and very much look forward to smoking one again 5 5 1
Ricasso Great special occasion cigar for anything you want to celebrate. A good high quality good flavor smoke 5 5 1
Ricasso montecristo espada ricasso, you gotta try one if you haven't yet, hope you do. they are oh so good 4 5 1
Ricasso By far, this is one of my “All- Time” favorite sticks! Has amazing flavor, unique flavor, burns flawlessly, produces great smoke that’s very aromatic. Easy to draw, burns perfectly, great bands to add to my band book. Highly recommend! 5 5 1
Ricasso Construction and consistency are definitely notable with this cigar. I have had a number of these and I have never been dissapointed 5 5 1
Ricasso This is an amazing cigar- It is great to have on occasions that deserve celebrating! 5 5 1
Ricasso Great construction and draw, and the flavors were really nice as the cigar progressed! I'd highly recommend this stick and it's great at a decent price point. 4 5 1
Ricasso Not only does the band look great the flavor and smoking experience is great. Flavorful, Even burn with wonderful rolling flavors as you burn it down. Grab some you will like them. 5 5 1
Ricasso Love this cigar. I was gifted this on a golfing trip makes a game of golf that much more enjoyable I like this cigar a lot 5 5 1
Ricasso Excellent cigar! Notes of hot wood by the fire. It’s a great cigar to share with all your lovers. 5 5 1
Ricasso First when you clip the cap you automatically can smell the wonderful aroma. As I smoked it I got a subtle sweetness and cocoa taste. About halfway I got a taste of white pepper. For smokers that like the taste of earth and cedar with a dash of sweetness and a finish of pepper then this cigar is for you. I enjoyed it. 4 5 1
Ricasso Monte never produces a bad cigar. Long lasting, good draw, good, medium flavor. Not my #1 favorite Monte, but, overall, a very good cigar. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great day for the weekend and I hope you have a great day today love you too I love you and I love I hope your 5 5 1
Ricasso What’s not like about Monties they’re absolutely delicious and one of my favorite smokes and go to cigars 5 5 1
Ricasso I will Continue to express how great these sticks are. You can never go wrong with Monti and they are always a great tasting cigar 5 5 1
Ricasso This cigar was rich slightly sweet taste of berries / dark fruit / dried fruit with a little the spicy taste / sensation. 4 5 1
Ricasso Great taste, easy on the palate, finish i s excellent. Wrapper at times will tear when taking the rings off. Overall a good cigar for on the back deck in the evening. 4 5 1
Ricasso Now we're talking a very smooth cigar but has a great flavor coffee spice and chocolate. Burns even great cigar for relaxing in the evening . 5 5 1
Ricasso Hands down, my favorite Montecristo. This is, in my opinion, the most flavorful cigar in the entire Montecristo line. 5 5 1
Ricasso Smoked these bad boys on the golf course and loved them. Although maybe it was my great round that made them better? 5 5 1
Ricasso Very earthy and peppery! Good pricing for a box and quality. Love the wrappers love the box. Makes a great gift presentation. Better off for a box at $130 then an overpriced 5 pack. 5 5 1
Ricasso Excellent draw, fantastic smooth taste, and a beautiful presentation. 5 5 1
Ricasso Has notes of flowers and a spice, over all not a bad cigar. Not my favorite but a decent cigar! 4 5 1
Ricasso This is a superb cigar! Great taste, flavor, and aroma! My all time favorite cigar! 5 5 1
Ricasso Medium to full bodied smoke. Good draw with even, consisten burn. I'll definitely be grabbing some more of these. 5 5 1
Ricasso Great draw from a properly rolled and consistent cigar. First one out the box is the same as the last one out. Its very smooth with great flavor notes. Great burn and decent for the price! 5 5 1
Ricasso The montecristo Espada Ricada is another one of my favorites from the group. Good medium flavor, goid draw, lasts and pairs well with bourbon. 5 5 1
Ricasso It is a nice smoke. I enjoy the epic and whites a little more, but this a nice cigar to relax and enjoy a bourbon by the firepit on a cool evening. 4 5 1
Ricasso Always well constructed and almost always 5 stars across the board . top 3 cigar of mine 4 5 1
Ricasso graham cracker and raisin type flavor through the second and third, excellent hints of spice very smooth consistent draw 5 5 1
Ricasso Amazing cigar for the pmoney. A real bang for your money. Good draw to the cigar and construction and flavor a must have to add to your collection. 4 5 1
Ricasso Solid, robust, smoky. The taste is nice and lively. Must get! Will not disappoint, order now. 3 5 1
Ricasso Thank everyone so far so happy 😃 to see ya again and see what happens otototo 5 5 1
Ricasso Love this cigar! Just looking at the cigar it looks like a very high end cigar. Amazing full draw, solid structure and the sweet burst that I have grown fond of. 5 5 1
Ricasso Today I am not going on a vacation this weekend so much for me and I will not gonna miss it is the last night of my family life in a way and I am so grateful to have a son 5 5 1
Ricasso Montecristo's are always the best. Love these for their consistent flavor and draw. 5 5 1
Ricasso Solid clean mouth smoke and felt and smelled like my priest solid 10/10 for nostalgia 5 5 1
Ricasso such a unique smoke! Montecristo Espada Ricasso! I mean can you read that? I often say a cigar is a commitment of time! Time well spent with others! unless you have no friends.... and there's probably a reason for that.... simply no one likes you boo boo.... Great notes! 5 5 1
Ricasso Great cigar at a nice so great price point. Highly recommend the cigar however if it breaks the bank JR ALT are just as good 3 5 1
Ricasso Great smoke, just pure great unadulterated absolute notes on hints of great Smokey Smoke that’s just pure smokey 5 5 1
Ricasso All cigars from this like have been amazing. Highly recommend this stick. Perfect choice for the money. 5 5 1
Ricasso Are you a cigar smoker? If you haven’t tried the deliciousness of this cigar I question you as a smoker… the smoke was so complex with plenty of subtle hints of delicious supple pure complexity 5 5 1
Ricasso This is fantastic, best draw ever. I kept it in the humidor and smoked it real quick. Nice and soft. 4 5 1
Ricasso Go with something else... Over rated and over priced wish these didn't get pushed to new smokers the way they do... 4 5 1
Ricasso Okay cigar... Just a mediocre cigar with an old name that people recognize... 5 5 1
Ricasso Great Value and even better stick, You can never go wrong with a Monte Espada 5 5 1
Ricasso What a great cigar. Perfect blend and smooth all the way through to the end. 5 5 1
Ricasso Smoke this for the first time and was amazed at the flavor profile. Terrific medium body flavors with a unique finish. Construction was very good, which wasn't a surprise. Definatley will be smoking more of these. 5 5 1

Montecristo Espada

Ricasso 5 × 54 MXESR

The Montecristo Espada Ricasso is a thick Robusto from a line of cigars that is destined to be famous. Montecristo and Plasencia put their joint heads together and procured the finest all Nicaraguan tobacco leaf on the planet to make these cigars. The result is an extremely well balanced, fuller bodied beauty that will rock your world with flavor.

Exquisitely packed in stunning wood dress boxes and stuffed with 10 delicious cigars.

The image shown is the 6.00 x 50 Guard size.

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Medium - Full


Box of 10

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