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For the first time ever, Montecristo and Plasencia join together to create a premium cigar masterpiece…

At this very moment, you’re witnessing a page out of tobacco history. Not only is this the very first Montecristo made in Nicaragua with nothing but 100% Nicaraguan leaf… but that leaf is true, exquisitely aged vintage luxury cultivated by none other than the famed Plasencia family. Inspired by the craftsmanship of the old sword makers and blended by Grupo de Maestros, Montecristo Espada cigars were crafted to commemorate the tradition, knowledge, honor, and power of the legendary Montecristo brand. The result is a rich, majestic, and complex beauty that exudes elegance from your first glance at its lush, suede-covered box to the final puff from the last cigar within it.
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