3.9245283018867925 53
Gordito Torpedo tried the gordito torpedo with natural wrapper from a variety pack. cool looking figurado w/box (square really) pressed body and foot. draw great consistent decent construction good burn long ash but tasted like a bad cigarette. maybe i got a bad one. it happens. not a fan. i didnt any of the flavors other reviewers experienced. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo These are very inexpensive (through auction) draw is sometime a little tight but the flavor is great. It’s a goto cheap stick for me. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo I got these off the auction and was a little hesitant on them. I finally tried one witb my morning coffee and was blown away. The draw was a little tight but had great flavors and went really well with my morning joe. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo As i write this i am having one. The construction and flavor on the sticks are really nice. It has a nice smooth draw with decent burn. Its very possible for me to grab some more just to have a good morning smoke with some coffee. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo If you read any bad reviews about this cigar don't believe it. I have smoked these periodically for a long time and they are always very good. They have a great full spicy coffee cedar chocolate flavor and burn evenly . They come unwrapped so be careful handling them. You will love these 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo This cigar is an excellent companion to their coffee or any coffee for that matter. I thought it had a well balanced flavor more in the medium range burned well with a nice even draw and a good price. I will buy more. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Got these in a sampler and very good for a fairly inexpensive cigar. I will buy a box for everyday smokes 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo The flavor is more peppery than I thought. It's a nice even smoke with a nice draw. More hints of cedar than cocoa. But a very nice cigar to begin with. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo More of a medium cigar if you ask me. Nice flavors of chocolate and cocoa. Nice earthy flavor as well. It would go good with a morning coffee. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo This is absolutely the best value friendly cigar out there. Great flavor a of coffee cocoa and dark chocolate. It's the perfect cigar to pair with a great cup of dark roast coffee. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Wonderful aroma reminiscent of cubans. Cocoa nutty great draw doesn't go out. well consructed slightly box shaped. Pleasant new go to cigar. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo I orderedd maduro but got EMS ..can u send maduro? 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo I picked these up cheap (okay, they were already cheap, I got them cheaper) on a Rapid-Fire auction. These little firecrackers are surprisingly well-made with a beautiful wrapper. I'm giving them four stars because they are a one-trick-pony-pepper-bomb. But those have their place. When I smoked one on a Saturday early afternoon, I didn't have to put any seasoning on my Sunday morning eggs. For a quick, peppery-hot smoke, these are a pretty good choice at a nice price point. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo These are the worst cigars i've ever smoked. My wife made sit at end of driveway. Nasty. You can do better. 1 5 1
Gordito Torpedo As a brand new cigar smoker I have very little room to speak but this EMS wrapper Mayorga is a gem. Construction is beautiful wrapper is velvety smooth with tight seams and light veination. Easy consistent draw and very tight uniform ash/burn. You can easily smoke half of a 5 stick with the ash hanging strong. The only other cigars I've smoked were free at company golf outings Gurkha Punch and Rocky Patel in the $4-$8/stick range. I would much rather enjoy a Mayorga. Trying their Maduro next. Try one it won't bombard you with flavors but it's a wonderful relaxant at the end of a 10hr day machining graphite ;) 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo This cigar had a medium body & is a good value! This cigar pairs well with a glass of whiskey 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo I like this cigar and have been buying it regularly because it's consistent with a mild flavor that builds to med by the end definitely not in the med-full category. The construction is slightly rustic but it smokes well and I've never had to toss one out due to a bad burn or plugged draw. It has a baked-bread type of taste with just enough pepper to wake up the taste buds. The size is perfect for a morning smoke and I alternate between these and the Buena Vista for a first smoke with my coffee. Overall they are satisfying and it's just a matter of whether you like the taste because there's a lot of competition in at the $3/cigar price point. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Mayorga is my go to cigar. The flavors and aroma are just special and unique. Rich coffee Cocoa like smooth & creamy. I smoke other majors but always come back. Unlike any others I've gotten pleasing complements about the Mayorga aromas from nonsmoking as well as smoking public. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Construction and draw wise this stick was good but on the flavor side i did not enjoy this one seemed more of a full flavored cigar then a medium to full. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo I expected more based on other reviews. I'm used to a richer flavor in my cigars. I'm an occasional cigar smoker and don't like cigarettes at all. I expect a good deep flavor and didn't feel that this delivered that. The build quality was great and it burned well but the flavor was lacking. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Great little casual cigar for the everyday use. Love the feel of the square press 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Nice aromasfull flavored. Accompanied my single malt bourbon very well. Not quite as rich in consistency as I prefer but nonetheless enjoyed. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Nice cigar for the price. Draws well and burns even. I enjoyed it while golfing and it held up well with some pretty rough handling. It also went well with my beer! 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo These are nice cigars but I prefer the taste of the Maduro. It is interesting how much smoke such a little cigar puts out. Enjoyable when you want something quick. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo These guys were a very nice surprise. Consistent cigars through the entire box (even though some had darker leaves so selection process needs work but great flavors overall. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Heads up! The 'medium-full' flavor designation is misleading. These are 'mild-medium' with a great draw. More flavor than the Macanudo's and does not leave an aftertaste. A very pleasant smoke. Glad to finally have tried them. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Burns great! Tight white/grey ash. 1st cigar I couldn’t even finish. TRASH! A month later tried again. Notes are a bit wonky and not consistent. 1st 1/3- aroma not to pleasant and flavor notes a bit spicy but wonky. 2nd 1/3- seemed better with coffee and cocoa plus aroma a bit pleasant. Last 1/3-developed a bit creamy and spicy. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Myorga is consistent and very reasonably priced for a Nicaraguan medium to full bodied cigar, especially compared to more expensive ones 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Great construction, draw, & even burn. While I wouldn’t describe the flavor as “luscious”, there are full-bodied notes of cocoa, coffee bean, & dark chocolate, as described. Benefits greatly from aging. Bought on sale, these are a great value for a change of pace and when you want to conserve your more expensive cigars. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Great cigar for the money. Thoroughly enjoyed this little beauty from start to finish. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Tried these cigars once and enjoyed them has already reordered 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo This is my 4th order not including 2 orders of the Mayorga Torpedo… Gorgeous cigar… Extraordinary Value… Enuf typed… Enjoy 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo A relatively new discovery. I tried my first Mayorga about two months ago when I saw it on a “Flash Sale”… (Love those Flash Sales!) and it had strong reviews and read like my kinda smoke. Wonderful, very distinct smooth flavor - reminds me of one Cuban I used to smoke back in London. Relative to its size it’s a longish smoke, typically 45 minutes, which is perfect if I’m n a hurry…I’ve ordered 5x since and I highly recommend the Mayorga Torpedo, which is just a longer 90 minute smoke. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Smoking one right now, constantly reorder this, love. Box pressed cigars, burn. And flavors so consistent. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo I purchased a five pack based on all the positive reviews. After lighting my 1st of 5 cigars completely unraveled so I chunked it. Second cigar still had construction issues but at least got to try it. I was not impressed by flavor or taste. It tasted rather old and very funky. I tried one more same issues and threw the rest of the cigars in the trash. I’ve smoked tons of cigars throughout my life and this one was one of the worst ones ever! Not sure if I got a bad batch as most people have positive feedback. Will not be purchasing again. 1 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Nice aroma, smooth draw and good flavor. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Purchased a 5 pack it try out honestly not expecting much. Surprise a flavorful treat perfect draw and constructive to the nub. Will definitely order more 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo This is a nice little fat one! I’ve only tried the 5 fat pack so far, but it met my expectations for medium-bodied smoke; rich and flavorful. Draw is good and construction as well. A nice compliment after or before dinner- pair with a good Cabernet or scotch and non-vegan entree for dinner. You won’t be disappointed. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Smooth and full body. Even draw and great flavor. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo all the cigars were stale and cracked. The taste was stale and lifeless. Not worth anything and embarrassed I bough these. If you want to quit smoking cigars go with these you will kick the habit in no time 1 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Very good 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo decent cigar to enjoy pleasure of having a smoke 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo I'm not a big fan of box pressed but these little jewels were an exception to the rule. Really good on flavor and draw as well as construction. Would I buy them again? Chances are very good that I will. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Always a decent smoke 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Nice cigar not always my 1st choice but when they're knocked down I try to get 1 or 2 packs. 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Incredible flavor and the perfect amount of time for a morning smoke. 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Good dtick 5 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Not impressed with this cigar. It's not bad. It just doesn't do anything for me. It was a little bitter all the way through. In its defense, it was well-constructed and had a nice burn. Since I just received these about a week ago, I'll leave the rest in the humidor for a while longer. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Not great, but I'm not picky. Nice to have some "okay" cigars in the humidor. Nice short smoke, good construction, consistent burn. 3 5 1
Gordito Torpedo For the price it doesnt get any better honestly.. 45 minute smoke, mellow, creamy enough, always a solid draw 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Great flavor and construction on this cigar. For the money it’s hard to beat and I’ll be ordering more 4 5 1
Gordito Torpedo Just can't beat these sticks for the price! Great anytime cigar 4 5 1


Gordito Torpedo 5 × 54 MYG5

Packaged in a pack of 5, the popular Gordito Torpedo is a fine looking little powerhouse of flavor. Lavish tasting notes of cocoa, coffee bean, dark chocolate and cedar will charm your palate with every puff!
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