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Mayorga cigars have been around for a very long time. The original blend was totally revamped in 1997 by cigar and coffee maker expert, Martin Mayorga. Since their rebirth, Nestor Plasencia in his famous factory in Nicaragua produces these premium cigars. A fantastic Nicaraguan cigar and one of our best-sellers, this solid, square-pressed vitola is loaded with creamy coffee flavors followed by a rewarding long, lingering finish that will satisfy any cigar lover's soul. Your choice of either a spicy Nicaraguan EMS wrapper or a jet black and robust Costa Rican maduro; which both are exceptional. Their maduro cigar stunned Cigar Aficionado with a ´94´ rating, and each of their other cigars has never received a rating below '89'!

Mayorga cigars are affordable, tasty, well built, and packed with flavor. This is the perfect smoke to compliment a decadent meal, and a nice cup of dark roasted coffee.
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