3.4444444444444446 18
Churchill I enjoy these smokes. I always got coffee and earthy leather notes from these smokes. Love them with a cup of Mayorga coffee. 4 5 1
Churchill Auction item. Looks good but almost every one was a canoe. Taste was strong coffee leather and a hint of cocoa. Taste was consistent but unfortunately so was the poor construction. 3 5 1
Churchill DAMN! WOW! I think that pretty much sums up my brother's words after I offered him a Mayorga Churchill one of my favorite cigars won on a JR Dutch auction. We were two retired people sitting on my back porch smoking excellence a spicy square pressed beauty that I bet is better than anything Castro ever smoked but hey that is just my opinion and without using flowery words to describe perfection I can only say to anyone who has never smoked this dark oily tongue teasing treat and wants to taste a devilishly good heavenly cigar on earth (damn did I just use flowery language?....uh... try this one. You will not be disappointed. This is the most consistent even burning smooth drawing non unraveling bargain I ever smoked. Brother got it right when he said Wow!. This is one damn fine cigar! 5 5 1
Churchill I like all the Mayorga smokes for their spicy flavors excellent burn and good value. This one is no exception. 5 5 1
Churchill Was ok not a fan honestly Found the aroma and taste a bit off and not good. Also a few wrappers kept opening and annoying me 3 5 1
Churchill Draw was a little tight but over all a good cigar. The flavor could use a little boost so I would suggest aging them a little while and then you should be set. 3 5 1
Churchill Mayorga is always a well made medium bodied cigar with a very pleasant taste and reasonable complexity Great choice for sharing with occasional smokers 5 5 1
Churchill When Ibegan smoking cigars I smoked a lot ofthese..great value for a flavorful cigar..hints of coffee and nuts.. 4 5 1
Churchill this was a horrible stick could not stand this one had to toss it and go with another stick 2 5 1
Churchill I'm always getting one or two of these in sampler packs and freebies. I smoke them but I wouldn't recommend them. 3 5 1
Churchill Terrible cigar. Soft underpacked won't stay lit uneven burn (when it does burn) and worst of all the maduro wrapper is dyed to disguise the mottled surface. The brown dye actually comes off on your lips and fingers unless you first wipe it down with a moist paper towel leaving a dark shoe-polish brown pigment on the towel. Beware! 2 5 1
Churchill This Churchill was so rich it was great. Anytime I had one it was early in the morning with a coffee. They complimented each other perfectly. Very rich/full coffee like flavor. 4 5 1
Churchill the cigar has a nice presentation with a nice dark wrapper it was pretty earthy tasting with some paper as well 2 5 1
Churchill Great dark Churchill with a good draw and good woody flavor. Very good cigar I highly recommend it!!!!!! 4 5 1
Churchill Off the truck these cigars are a bit average honestly. But age them in the humi for a year or two and hold on for the ride 4 5 1
Churchill This coffee infused cigar is almost S good as the first coffe ing the morning. Or has good flavor andit's not over sweet like some infused cogars 3 5 1
Churchill Not much good I can say about this Cigar. The flavor is ok. Nothing good, or consistent, about this Cigar other than that at all. I hoped letting them settle in my Humidor would help... but all for naught. In my opinion, JR would do good to drop this Cigar. There is so much better out there for the same money. To call it a 'middle of the road Cigar' would be an extreme exaggeration: so disappointed. 2 5 1
Churchill Not great but not bad at all 4 5 1


Churchill 7 × 50 MYCH3

Made by Nestor Plasencia in his famous factory in Nicaragua, this big square pressed beauty has an oily black Costa Rican wrapper that adds some spice to its other flavors of dark coffee, cocoa, chocolate and almonds. Packaged in a Cedar Chest of 20.
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Costa Rica




Medium - Full


Cedar Chest of 20

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