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Toro The centerpiece of the marketing here is "Medio Tiempo" which ad copy aside is basically a thick ligero leaf. I won't get into it all here. This said, after having five of these out of the box I purchased, I'm not able to see the MT leaf at the foot of the cigar. Maybe it's further in, or maybe the shade is closer to the others that I can't see it. However, that doesn't detract from my opinion that this cigar is quite different from other LGCs I've had. It has a definite aggressive profile but doesn't get out of balance much...exception is if I smoke it a bit too fast then it definitely loses its manners. However, I'd say the profile comes close to the original Serie R that made EPC famous. Consistency is quite good, though I'd say the draw is on the loose side for a strongly flavored cigar. Some variations in wrappers in the box as well, but nothing more than minor. I like this, esp with bourbon/scotch. It is strong enough to hold up well. Again though - to my 30 years of smoking cigars palate, this is on the strong side. Ignore the marketing when you smoke one, and enjoy it on its own merits...it is a good stick. 4 4 1

La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo

Toro 6.12 × 50 LGMTT

The La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo Toro is a full-bodied premium cigar that is named after it’s very rare medio tiempo leaves that are a key component in the filler blend . Medio Tiempo leaves, which grow above ligero leaves, are found at the very top of the tobacco plant that gets the most direct sunlight. Given that medio tiempo only grows on a select few plants, and is prized for its thick dark leaves, and rich concentrated strength, the famed General Cigar Company decided to name these cigars Medio Tiempo. Beyond this sun drenched medio tiempo tobacco, the rest of this five-nation blend includes long fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, all held together by a Connecticut broadleaf binder and a silky-smooth Ecuadorian seed Sumatra wrapper. This fantastic La Gloria creation, produced at the famous El Credito factory in the Dominican Republic, delivers a tapestry of well-balanced flavors that includes earth, oak, smooth buttery leather, cocoa, and cinnamon. This top-notch Toro is sold in aromatic cedar slide top boxes of 25, for a surprisingly affordable price! Order yours from JR Cigar today, and discover the Medio Tiempo tobacco difference.

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Ecuador Sumatra


Nicaragua / Dominican Republic / Honduras

Dominican Republic



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