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La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo cigars are a brand-new premium line coming from the General Cigar Company that is named after “medio tiempo “ a key tobacco component that is the part of the long filler blend. These rare medio tiempo leaves are harvested from the very top of the plant that gets the most direct sunlight. Given that medio tiempo only grows on a select few plants, and is prized for its thick dark leaves, and rich concentrated strength, General decided to name these cigars Medio Tiempo. For this latest La Gloria release, the medio tiempo leaves were harvested from the top of some Connecticut Habano tobacco plants grown in the Connecticut River Valley. The blend also includes long leaf fillers from Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Dominican Republic, all held together by a Connecticut broadleaf binder and a gorgeous Ecuadorian seed Sumatra wrapper. This is a full-bodied smoke with savory flavors of earth, oak, cocoa, leather, and cinnamon, that come courtesy of a unique five nation blend rarely used on any other premium cigar. The La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo is expertly hand crafted at the famous El Credito factory in the Dominican Republic, and is available in three popular vitolas that are seated inside aromatic cedar slide top boxes of 25. A premium cigar of this high-end quality would normally command a very unforgiving price, yet La Gloria Cubana Medio Tiempo is affordable enough to accommodate just about every smoker’s budget ! Order these hot new sticks from JR Cigar today, and discover the wonders of Medio Tiempo tobacco.
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