3.6666666666666665 18
Punch Chateau L These cigars have a delicious flavor and aroma. Better than most big name brands. Not kidding. Uneven burn? Yes Whoopty Doo. 5 5 1
Punch Chateau L Absolutely the best cigars I have had. 1 5 1
Punch Chateau L Great cigar for a fraction of the price Each batch is just as good as the first. I rather one these than the originals 4 5 1
Punch Chateau L I mostly smoke while relaxing with friends and golfing. Well made cigar with good flavor. Certain cigars make my mouth water and I end up spitting a lot, not so with this one, although I do some. Strength is medium and many people compliment on the smell. It does not leave a bad taste in my mouth the following day. 4 5 1
Punch Chateau L They sent me the maduro instead of natural . Second time in a row they sent the wrong cigars! 1 5 1
Punch Chateau L my all-time favorite from jr--ordered it every month for years--consistently excellent 5 5 1
Punch Chateau L great cigar 4 5 1
Punch Chateau L I have been smoking JR Cigars for years. Great smoke for the money. 3 5 1
Punch Chateau L Very good cigar great taste and aroma will last for almost a full round of golf and I get complimented on it all the time 4 5 1
Punch Chateau L Love the size of this cigar for the golf course. It provides enough flavor to make you forget it's a $2 smoke. An outstanding value. 4 5 1
Punch Chateau L Good flavor, good value, would buy again. 4 5 1
Punch Chateau L I may have got a bad batch but in my experience with alternatives, the bigger they are, the worse they are. I actually had to send mine back. They cracked, split, blew up. I could actually hear the wrapper popping as I smoked it. Disappointed because I don’t want to send my cigars back, I want to smoke them. 2 5 1
Punch Chateau L Well priced outstanding cigar , I buy these every time I order. 5 5 1
Punch Chateau L I ordered the Chateau L and the maduro was delivered. It has a little harsher taste. 4 5 1
Punch Chateau L Don't waste your money on these. Terrible flavor, uneven burn. Have ordered JR Alt. For years, this is the by far the worst. 3 5 1
Punch Chateau L I have been smoking JR alternative cigars for 20 years, lately it seems they are not properly dried or cured and they do not burn right, sometimes they burn up the center and a lot of times they are hard to keep lit, and I don’t believe the ring size is the same as it used to be even though it says 50 for a ring, I believe it is less. It seemed the price keeps going up and the quality is going down. Maybe it’s just time for me to quit. 3 5 1
Punch Chateau L One of the best cigars for them money, but they have gotten a little expensive. I always buy when JRs has a good sale 5 5 1
Punch Chateau L Burns great flavor is great 5 5 1

JR Nicaraguan Alternative

Punch Chateau L 7.25 × 54 JRPUC3

The JR Alternative to the maduro-wrapped Punch Chateau L Maduro cigar is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a great tasting premium cigar for much less. These top-notch cigars are meticulously handcrafted using the same or similar premium tobacco as the original blends, and many times they are made in the same factory. The difference being, is that we pay for the packaging, marketing, and advertising, thus cutting out the middleman, and passing the savings onto you. They've been our bestselling cigars by far, for over 50- years, and standout as a first in the industry that has never been copied. Order a bundle of 20 today, and enjoy those savory Punch Maduro-style flavors for a very affordable JR Cigar price.

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