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Toro I’ve smoked both this Toro size and the Belicoso. The draw has zero resistance, which should be a positive. However, with a cigar of this large ring size, the smoke comes into your mouth in a huge quantity and somewhat hot. The flavor of the Hispaniola is great. The smoking experience is optimized by the tapered tip of the Belicoso. I’m not a cigar chewer. But with this Toro size, you need either a V-cut or you need to make the end of the cigar smaller by basically chewing on it and moistening it, to limit the amount of smoke coming in. Great cigar, but get the Belicoso. 4 5 1
Toro I got two of these in a sampler, and both were excellent. The construction, draw and burn were perfect. Flavor was robust, spicy and sweet. Too bad they are so expensive, because these are my new favorite Upmanns! 5 5 1

H. Upmann Hispaniola By Jose Mendez

Toro 6.25 × 52 UPHIT

As the name implies, this H. Upmann Hispaniola By Jose Mendez Toro cigar comes from Jose Mendez & Co., which provides some of the very best Dominican tobaccos in the world. This sophisticated Jose Mendez blend contains premium tobaccos from several different farms and regions in the Dominican, including Andullo and Pilotico, with some fully aged Nicaraguan leaves added as well. The cigar is finished a stunning reddish-brown Ecuador Sumatra leaf. You’ll enjoy a full-flavored cigar with a luring sweet tobacco aroma and rich flavors of toasted almonds, cocoa, cedar, and hints of spice. Order a box of 20 right here at JR and start enjoying this delicious new take on the legendary H.Upmann cigar

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Ecuador Sumatra

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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