4.345454545454546 55
Churchill A very smooth and mellow cigar. If you like large cigars this baby is big and beautiful. 3 5 1
Churchill Not a bad cigar. The 5 pack was worth trying at that price. I might try them again down the road. 4 5 1
Churchill While being new to cigars I have been looking for my cigar. So far I have been introduced to some Gurkha's which I like and I am also fond of the sweetness of Baccarat. I find Don Diego to be enjoyable as well but if the rest of my Gispert Churchill cigars smoke and taste as well as the first then these will always have a place in my humidor. Excellent draw solid construction great mild taste and I even find the smoke from the cigar itself to be enjoyable. I get a good draw that lets me know I'm smoking a cigar. I like to be able to get a good draw with the right amount of flavor and be able to let out some smoke and these do it. I'll keep trying other cigars as I get more experience but for a novice who enjoys mild to medium sticks I would recommend these for their price point quality and flavor. 4 5 1
Churchill Great value. These are my go to when I cannot get a good sale on a higher ranked cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill I have been smoking Gispert's for the past 10 plus years. They are a good cigar for the price. They never disappoint me. Not too strong and not too weak. 4 5 1
Churchill My choice for the man-cave during NASCAR or NFL game! 4 5 1
Churchill I echo other comments about the smooth mild smoke that this Gispert offers. A nice way to spend an hour on the deck. 4 5 1
Churchill Mild smoot smoke. Superb quality construction . 5 5 1
Churchill Very good stick for the price. Mild flavor nice even burn and very budget friendly! This is slowly becoming my go to yardgar and fish stick! 4 5 1
Churchill Great cigar 5 5 1
Churchill A great value and a great cigar. My go-to cigar for everyday. 5 5 1
Churchill Great cigar to light up on the back nine. Lasts all the way to 18. Good mild cigar with consistency. Good cigar for the price. 4 5 1
Churchill Excellent stik 👍 5 5 1
Churchill I have been smoking Gispert Churchills for a looooong time. Love the flavor and strength. The large ring size of this Churchill delivers volumes of smoke with little draw effort. It's price point is a big advantage as well. 4 5 1
Churchill A nice smooth, not over powering cigar. Mellow to medium flavors. Even burn and the longer you smoke on them, the better the flavors comes together. A good every day cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill nice, soft yet firm feel. Started out pretty good - but taste was not as pleasing as thought and had to relight several times. Fired up on arrival. Hopefully some time in the humi will help. Afraid to give these to friends... 2 5 1
Churchill They are good 5 5 1
Churchill Excellent draw and flavor very good with coffee or after dinner drinks 5 5 1
Churchill A very smooth and mellow cigar. If you like large cigars this baby is big and beautiful. 3 5 1
Churchill Flavor draw and burn is good. Strength is closer to full not sure how others found this to be mild not the Churchill anyway. 5 5 1
Churchill Had been smoking Hauptmann's for a lot more money. This is just as good as a cigar for a lot less. 5 5 1
Churchill Real enjoyable mild cigar & one of my favorites...the red label hard to find lately 4 5 1
Churchill Excellent value Churchill. Great construction with even burn. Have not had a gopher in any Gispert Churchills. Flavor is superb. A great value my go to smoke when budget is tight. 5 5 1
Churchill I have smoked a lot of cigars in my time- since 1969 and Gispert is one of my favorites. I have smoked cigars much more expensive that are not any smoother or good as Gispert- 5 5 1
Churchill This cigar is a nice mild cigar for anyone on a budget! I personally smoke these quite often because they are extremely good for their value! I'd suggest these to any cigar smoker 4 5 1
Churchill this is a Quality smoke. I have been trying to find a better bargain but have had no luck. This is the best bang for the buck. Great smoke anytime of the day or night. 4 5 1
Churchill Great cigar, Decent price. Smoked them for several years. Opened the box on delivery and they were as expected. Favorite smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill An wonderful cigar excelling in construction, and flavor. A new treasure with will always be on hand in my humidor. 5 5 1
Churchill NICE SMOCKE 4 5 1
Churchill A good smoke for the money 3 5 1
Churchill The cigars were ok....some will like it better than I did 5 5 1
Churchill first class cigar you would no be disapointed by this product 5 5 1
Churchill Great Cigar 5 5 1
Churchill Very enjoyable smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill Your service people very helpful and product arrives in timely way. 5 5 1
Churchill I purchased a box of the predecessors of these 25 years ago in Honduras. Brought me back. Solid even burning reliable and enjoyable. 5 5 1
Churchill Very nice cigar draw a little tough in the begging then gets better after it is smoked down a inch or so. Little spicy toward the end not my thing but might be yours. Construction and burn are good. 4 5 1
Churchill great value 5 5 1
Churchill I think this cigars became popular so the factory can't keep up. Or, they had a bad batch and are trying to get rid of them. But now, half of them fall apart/unravel in my hand. My humidor is perfect; but the cigars...The taste is still ok, but if the wrapper unravels too much, nothing is left. Note, the price is still pretty good with the extra 5 cigars being included. 3 5 1
Churchill Good cigar little tight draw in the beginning gets better think that has to do with the length overall would buy again. 4 5 1
Churchill A good middle of the road smoke. Draw is good. Feels good between the fingers. 3 5 1
Churchill Cigar burns a hole in the middle once in awhile. 5 5 1
Churchill Great mild cigar. No throat burn 5 5 1
Churchill Same smoothness at the end as when I first light them. Mild and lasting flavor. Perfect for the golf course 5 5 1
Churchill The Gispert Toro is my everyday smoke due to it's flavor and consistency from box to box. The Churchill however, is a different story. Although the flavor is good I have found the construction to be inconsistent. Over half of each box is usually loose pack, develops runs and holes, and occasionally unwraps and falls apart. I highly recommend the Toro but cannot say the same for the Churchill. 4 5 1
Churchill I added this to my rotation 4 5 1
Churchill Great cigar at a great price. 5 5 1
Churchill This is a great smoke always pick some up when the are on special, the Churchill is a little inconsistent when it come to burn have had some canoeing issues with the Churchill. Love the toro good smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill Gispert is one of my favorite smokes when I'm in the mood for a milder stick. The flavor and construction is as consistent as it gets. Highly recommended, especially when they're discounted. 4 5 1
Churchill The problem with the Disport brand is not the smoke is the construction. The Fabric fails to make a cigar that is tight enough but still draws. A hole in the middle is common. 3 5 1
Churchill Have always enjoyed everything about this cigar…nice draw, even burn, nice flavour and great price for a very solid cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill Great smoke 5 5 1
Churchill My beef with this cigar is with the large band. I like the cigar. It smokes nicely and has nice flavors. When they attach the second fat band they use so much glue that it sticks to the actual cigar! The band is plenty big enough that there is no excuse for this. When you try to remove the band it tears the wrapper. I have tried leaving it in place until I am forced to remove it hoping that it will heat up and stop this but no luck. I have been buying these off and on in hopes that they would resolve this but nothing seems to have changed. 4 5 1
Churchill Good all-around smoke... 4 5 1
Churchill I have smoking these for awhile. They hold their ash and stay lit for the entire smoke 5 5 1


Churchill 7 × 54 GICH5

Gispert Churchill cigars have pleasing premium smokers for many decades thanks to their rich creamy smooth flavors, consistency, affordable price, and top-notch construction. Draped in a golden-brown Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf, the cigars are filled with the finest aged Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos. Billed as the mellow Honduran, every puff provides easygoing flavors of coffee, cedar, leather, sweet cream and just the perfect touches of spice. Order a 5-pack from JR Cigar, and start enjoying one of our most popular Honduran brands.
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