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Rooting back to its 19th century legacy, Gispert Cigars is an excellent choice for all connoisseurs. In maintaining their legacy, Gispert produces handmade cigars from Honduran and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. Additionally, each one elegantly features a Honduran binder and zesty Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. A Gispert is a mellow to medium bodied cigar and tastes of a savory smooth and creamy, cedar-like finish.

Today, all Gispert Cigars are hand rolled in the La Flor de Copan Cigar Factory under the supervision of prominent cigar maker Melo Bueso. Through its rich history, these Honduran cigars have always been upheld with an exceptional level of consistency cherished by aficionados worldwide. The Gispert Cigar truly has some of the best quality for an affordable cigar, so order a single or box online from JR.
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