3.851063829787234 47
Belicoso I am not a huge fan. The flavor has a flat and mildly bland taste. It burns uneven and the binder begins to peak down too quickly for the smoke. 3 5 1
Belicoso If your looking for something that is on the mild side then look no further it’s okay. 3 5 1
Belicoso This was actually way better than I expected. I normally smoke full body maduros and wasn't expecting much from these. Much to my surprise these are great flavored sticks. These are very smooth and have a nutty salted caramel flavor. The burn is about as good as it gets very even and I did not have to touch it up. I give the Gispert an A. I will buy again. 5 5 1
Belicoso The belicoso is a nice smoke. Great mouth fit easy draw an mostly even burn makes this a nice stick. Natural wrapper thats somewhat oily very enjoyable 3 5 1
Belicoso Very nice cigar. Construction was great and the draw was easy and smooth. Nice flavor and a good luck for any time of day. 5 5 1
Belicoso This is a decent smoke with a smooth nutty taste. The construction is a little off though which brings down the value. It's not much better than a Casa de Garcia which is about half the price... 3 5 1
Belicoso Nice smooth smoke. Not overpowering very smooth stick. Nice smoke when you just want enough cigar but not too much. Perfect for fall season. 3 5 1
Belicoso I love this blend and the price point. Not a big fan of the vitola in general. This is one of the best values cigars you can find. 4 5 1
Belicoso The his pert belicoso gad a plug something fierce oh well it happens no Bueno MI amigos 3 5 1
Belicoso Nice enough smoke. Very well constructed. Not a complex flavor profile at all but a good general stick at a reasonable price. 4 5 1
Belicoso Just ordered it so not sure how it is. But can't review anymore cigars until I review this 4 5 1
Belicoso I received a free box during a JR promo. These at one time were one of my favorites. They have since changed the packaging they now are in boxes of 15 and have a band that covers most of the cigar which has to be removed. The blend is also different it is still a good mild cigar but no longer has the complexity or flavor I previously enjoyed. 3 5 1
Belicoso This is a great afternoon cigar! Excellent taste & quality to say the least!!! Won't be the cigar for the price! 5 5 1
Belicoso I smoked Gisperts years ao after a small smoke shop and barbershop! carried them suggested them. If you like a mild to medium creamy spicy cigar they are a low cost alternative so day a Monte. Was very impressed by the Belicoso.. 4 5 1
Belicoso Gisperts are my usual golf course go to cigar usually the Churchill or Robusto. I bought a box of Belecosos and was so disappointed with the construction (soft tip) that I returned the box in exchange for another box. The second box was the same as the first! I won't buy the Gispert Belecoso again will stick with the Churchills and Robustos while on the links! 2 5 1
Belicoso I have smoked Gispert for years and always have a box in my humidor and always the Same. Made well and very consistant Smooth mild smoke 4 5 1
Belicoso A very nice very mild cigar. Nice pleasing flavor. It stays consistent from beginning to end. No huge flavor blast just nice and relaxing. 4 5 1
Belicoso Ok so the only positive thing to me about this cigar is the fact that it was consistent through out the whole cigar other than that it wouldn't stay lit there were construction issues. Not going to buy these again 2 5 1
Belicoso Well rounded cigar from the moment you light this sucker up. Great pull even burn top notch cigar from gispert. 3 5 1
Belicoso The cigars I've always surprise me with their consistency. The flavors are nice and mild but very present almost leaning towards medium bodied with hey slightly tan leather and sweet nut. Who doesn't love sweet nut. 3 5 1
Belicoso This was a pretty average cigar it was medium body medium strength. 3 5 1
Belicoso Great cigar. My favorites are the Churchill and Belliccoso 5 5 1
Belicoso A descent smoke. In a pinch this is an ok cigar. Nothing to write home about. 4 5 1
Belicoso Love the gispert brand. The churchills were my go to but these just might have knocked em down 4 5 1
Belicoso Excellent smoke. Creamy very smooth. 5 5 1
Belicoso Tasty morsel of a cigar. Very nutty mellow and smooth with a great draw. These are very good in Belicoso but the Toros are great too. You can't beat these if you like mild 'gars. 5 5 1
Belicoso The Gispert Belicoso is a very slept on easy going fantastic mild cigar that will not break the bank. Odds are the ones you get will have some age on them only adding to the smoothness. These are good. 4 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is a nice mild cigar for anyone on a budget! I personally smoke these quite often because they are extremely good for their value! I'd suggest these to any cigar smoker 3 5 1
Belicoso This is a consistently mild flavor mild milk toast cigar. Not the most exciting cigar I have ever had but decent first timers. Always have had a good burn and draw a sweetness to it and seems for the most part well built. I still prefer the Churchill 4 5 1
Belicoso The best way to describe this stick is smooth as melted butter! God this thing basically smokes itself! 4 5 1
Belicoso This is a very nice morning smoke it is very sooth both wrapper and smoke texture creamy and pairs very well with the morning coffee easy drawing even burning not biter great smoke to help you kick your day off 5 5 1
Belicoso This cigar is my number one go to stick. Great construction smooth draw wonderful creamy smoke. I always try to keep at least one in my box. I have one left. 5 5 1
Belicoso not a lot more than tobacco flavors in this one. but a great stick to just sit around and enjoy with other people. this was the first thing that I ever bought myself and I bought a lot more since then 3 5 1
Belicoso Great mild cigars. No construction issues on the few I have smoked. Seems like they were creamy smoke with nutty cedary kind of taste. 4 5 1
Belicoso Gispert has been around for ever. I got this in a sampler with lots of other super premium but this one really stood out 2 5 1
Belicoso I've become a big fan of Gispert cigars over the years, and of the belicoso in particular. It has an excellent draw and tightness of the wrap that leads to an even and slow burn for the entire cigar. It is my favorite mid-morning or afternoon smoke with a very pleasing aroma and taste. 5 5 1
Belicoso Received a five pack of the Belicoso vitolas. Had one after work. Pleasantly surprised by the flavors of this blend! The draw was good overall, burn was consistent, wrapper was near seamless. Smelled chocolate on the foot and wrapper prior to lighting. Cream, cedar, and a nutty component for the majority of the cigar, stone fruit sweetness throughout as well. I would recommend this to anyone trying to find a good Honduran cigar. Blend is mild, flavor is great. Price point is amazing considering the quality of the cigar. 4 5 1
Belicoso Not a bad smoke. 4 5 1
Belicoso Uneven burn...poor draw 3 5 1
Belicoso Great Shape and Great Smoke smooth not bitter or harsh 5 5 1
Belicoso Smooth flavor, even burn, a favorite! 5 5 1
Belicoso I started buying cigars from JRs on 6th Ave & 46th st in NYC in 1975.They keep upping their game with choices and their prices cannot be beaten.This cigar is a great example of that.I will being buying more of these. 4 5 1
Belicoso Always a great every day cigar. Well made and consistent. 5 5 1
Belicoso Good 4 5 1
Belicoso Friend of mine told me about these , very enjoyable beautiful taste, will definitely will reorder, Big Bunny. 4 5 1
Belicoso Good in every way , love the tastes of this sick . 4 5 1
Belicoso original was part of a goodie bag at the Houston Cigar fest - turned out to be a delightful smoke so picked up a couple of 5 packs - great price performance. well made and smooth taste. will add to humidor. Have after dinner with a nice Irish whiskey like Jamison and you won't be disappointed 4 5 1


Belicoso 6.12 × 52 GIBE

Gispert Belicoso, packaged in a Cedar Chest of 25, hails from Honduras and features a creamy, mellow sweetness with hints of cocoa, caramel, and cedar throughout. Gispert is a wonderful cigar that is flawlessly constructed, extremely tasty and surprisingly affordable.
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