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Tried-and-true tobacco tradition in 20 travel-friendly packs of five (100 cigars in all), De Nobili Popular cigars are dry-cured machine-made smokes crafted in rustic, rugged style right here in the USA (Scranton, PA, to be exact) since 1896! Built for savings and smoking satisfaction in a slight 3.88 x 34 size perfect for short smoke breaks, De Nobili Popular cigars feature a flavorful filler blend of Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos surrounded by both a binder and wrapper of top-quality natural tobacco leaf. Sometimes referred to as "New York's cigar" due to its prevalence in movies of the 1950s and '60s, De Nobili Popular cigars provide a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile for a smoking experience that is both bold and budget-savvy.

Because De Nobili Popular machine-made domestic cigars are dry-cured and available in convenient take-along 5-packs, they are a sensible selection for cigar fans on the go. When you're online to buy cigars that taste great, travel well, and teach a lesson in tobacco history, try out the De Nobili Popular cigar for unique New York-style smoke.

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Kentucky Dark Fired


Kentucky Dark Fired

United States



20 Packs of 5 (100 total)

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