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Smokers shopping online for cigars with an honest-to-goodness history are not limited only to handmade smokes! The De Nobili cigars brand of machine-made dry-cured cigars has been carefully crafted in rustic, rugged style right here in the USA (Scranton, PA, to be exact) since way back in 1896. Built for smoking satisfaction as well as savings, De Nobili machine-made domestic cigars feature a flavorful filler blend of Kentucky and Tennessee tobaccos surrounded by both a binder and wrapper of top-quality natural tobacco leaf. With De Nobili cigars, these smokers who have a dry-cured preference are provided a medium-to-full-bodied strength profile, making for a cigar-smoking experience that is both bold and budget-savvy.

And, because all of the smokes in our extensive array of De Nobili machine-made domestic cigars are dry-cured and available in travel-friendly packaging, they make a sensible selection for cigar fans on the go. When you're online to buy cigars that taste great, travel well, and teach a lesson in tobacco history, take a moment to browse our diverse collection of De Nobili dry-cured domestic cigars.

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