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Churchill Nice yard cigar very enjoyable keep lighter handy.Pairs great with Jack Daniels and Coca Cola. 4 5 1
Churchill I normally like to let new cigars sit in the humidor for at least a week prior to smoking one but I was curious when these arrived so I pulled one out and fired it up and enjoyed it very much. The appearance of this cigar is a bit rough with a Colorado maduro wrapper the cut produced crumbly tobacco bits falling out of the cap. It was an easy light with a pleasant nutty sweet aroma. This is a mild and uncomplicated smoke the burn was uneven but manageable the gray ash was a bit flaky but held on nicely for more than an inch. Bottom line: If you enjoy a mild cigar you will like this one. I think that it will be a better smoke after a few months aging. My non-expert opinion is that this is a mix of long and medium filler tobacco which would explain the construction problems that some people are having. 4 5 1
Churchill Tastes great WHEN they smoke! Oreder 2 bundles (40 total) and unable to smoke 20 of 18 out of 40. Wrapped TOO tightly with Lumps near band. Will NOT order again. 2 5 1
Churchill I have purchased these tree times and the first two were well worth the money. The third bundle was impossible to draw even with the draw poker. Ever cigar in the bundle was bad. I also smoke other styles of this brand and they are all excellent. I was very surprised with that this happened. 2 5 1
Churchill At least one out of every bundle of twenty is rolled too tight and will not burn. There were four out of my last bundle of twenty that would not burn. That's unusual but frustrating. 3 5 1
Churchill These are excellent everyday smokes.very tasty for a fair price.i would suggest you. Buy them when on sale. 3 5 1
Churchill Very good cigar for the price. Good draw well constructed nice aroma. 4 5 1
Churchill These used to be a great cigar for the price. Now... it’s terrible. Doesn’t burn evenly, bitter, falls apart in your mouth, yuk. It’s too bad. 2 5 1
Churchill Good price 3 5 1
Churchill Bad 1 5 1
Churchill sorry guys but 20/20 had bad draw and no flavor. I bought 20 of a different brand for the same price at the same time and they were. much better. 2 5 1
Churchill The WORST wrapper tobacco ever put on a handmade cigar Most Binders are prettier than this extremely veiny Vericose Cigar. Bothing has any age it lets out strong notes of Harsh ammonia. They a are also quite furry with plume 1 5 1
Churchill I had this cigars before I like it However this order was not good it has stems hard to draw I was in happy with this order 1 5 1
Churchill This is a great inexpensive cigar. I will choose it over a premium cigar occasionally because I enjoy the taste and duration of the smoke. Well constructed with a rare tight draw. Well worth the investment. Good enough for close friends! 4 5 1
Churchill Great economy smoke fund myself enjoying this more than some of the more expensive brand name sticks 4 5 1
Churchill Over half of these were not worth one penny. Learned my lesson when purchasing Casa de Garcia. Never again. 1 5 1
Churchill Maduro is the way to go 4 5 1
Churchill A great patio cigar. Sturdy construction and no bitter taste all the way to the end. I work in my garden a lot and tend to bite my cigars. This stick holds together no matter how much abuse I give it. 5 5 1
Churchill I am reluctant to review this cigar because I am concerned the price will increase. I only smoke the Churchill maduro because I haven't found anything better. I stopped looking a long time ago. I laugh at guys who think they found a great cigar for only $5! Are you kidding me! For me these are the only cigars I want to smoke and the only cigar I buy. Enough said. 4 5 1
Churchill Absolutely the worst cigar I have ever smoked! Bought a bundle of 20 smoked 1 and threw the rest in the garbage. Rocky Patel vintage 1999 the only way to go 1 5 1
Churchill Like many others the draw on the Churchill Maduro can be difficult. Some are fine. Others aren't. Proper humidification helps - sometimes. Still an excellent value for golf yardwork or other outside activity. 3 5 1
Churchill This one of my favorite smokes. The last bundle I got wouldn't stay lit and kept unraveling. I hope this is not of things to come. I ordered another bundle hoping I wouldn't have these problems 2 5 1
Churchill I have been waiting over 2 weeks for restock probably will have to go to some were else 2 5 1
Churchill I have ordered these before with satisfaction for this brand.....however this time I was so disappointed...the draw was terrible, I had to skewer,poke prod,& massage the 1st two of twenty just only to get to light.....WTH!!! Put them in my humidor in hope's of future redemption . 2 5 1
Churchill Very hard to draw. Good flavor and burns nicely with a good ash. I won’t purchase again because of the draw. Packed or rolled to tight. 2 5 1
Churchill Bundles always has a couple of sticks that will not draw, still not a bad afternoon smoke. 3 5 1
Churchill I disagree with some of the reviews. Smoking this cigar was relaxing. Taste was good. It burned well ash was good no problem with draw. Construction solid. Consistently good flavor for the smoke. Would buy a bundle. 4 5 1
Churchill Personally I enjoy these more than their regular Connecticuts. For one thing I havent had a problem with the construction like the Connecticuts which sometimes are rolled really, really bad. The last bundle I got of their Connecticuts I had 10 that could not be smoked no matter how much I tried to get them too. I guess where they make these they just have better rollers. On top of that the flavor is richer and the sweetness is more present. It's a more full bodied medium cigar. It's good for folks that enjoy some body and don't want to shell out too much doe for something. The tobacco itself is definitely premium quality and you'll notice that when you take your first draw. It lacks the complexity of other pricier smokes but sometimes you just want that basic tobacco taste without all the bells and whistles. It's got a really nice natural taste and the smoke is light enough that even new smokers can find joy in it. Would highly recommend this great price point product! 4 5 1
Churchill Admittedly I am a newbie in the world of cigars even I have seen 75 summers. Thanks to the inter web am learning to appreciate all the nuances from grower to the end product. My first bundle was this offering from JR after I bought one stick of Drew estates factory smokes Madura. Half way through this bundle for the price is tolerable and beyond for an everyday day smoke & have ordered a bundle of # 9 limiteds for a step up comparison. Although I am in no way able to discern being a work in progress. Have to say I look forward to that time of day to sit back and fire up one of these Garcia’s. To be continued 4 5 1
Churchill Reasonable cigar for the price. Inconsistent draw. Flavor okay. 3 5 1
Churchill Good Sticks for the cost. 5 5 1
Churchill Unfortunately, this Casa de Garcia cigar turned out to be a poor choice, mostly due to the fact that the shade of maduro was too light, making for a mediocre smoking experience. 1 5 1
Churchill My problem with these cigars is the uncertainty whether I will be able to smoke it or not. I have purchased about 6 of the bundles over the past few months and about 25% of the time, the cigar is so tightly wrapped/pressed that I can't draw it. I have even used a metal skewer to try and get some flow and the skewer bent! Won't buy again. 2 5 1
Churchill This cigar has a smooth clean smoke. 5 5 1
Churchill The flavor is there when they smoke, hence the 2nd star... but I'd say about 75% of the pack wouldn't smoke, either due to holes or being too tightly packed. Zero quality control. Incredibly disappointing waste of money. I dropped a dollar to save a penny, should have just paid a slightly higher price for a more premium brand on sale of which there are plenty on this site. If you're reading, don't let the price tempt you. Do not buy these. 2 5 1
Churchill Great smoke for the price 5 5 1
Churchill I smoke 4 - 5 cigars a day and have smoked these for some time. gotten used to them though some often canoe when I smoke them 4 5 1
Churchill Burn and draw issues however decent taste 4 5 1
Churchill Nice! 5 5 1
Churchill Couldn't get them to draw. Tried Three and threw them in the trash. The rest I sent back for refund. 1 5 1
Churchill These are typical of all of the Casa De Garcia line, a lot of them are rolled too tight. If you let them rest for awhile they loosen up and become pretty good. 4 5 1
Churchill I was disappointed. The filler and wrapper burned at different rates. Inconsistent draw. I just started this latest shipment (smoked previously). I am hoping the balance of the order will be better with some time in the humidor. 2 5 1
Churchill First off. I want to say that I wish I would have bought a 5 pack instead of a bundle of 20, these cigars had a ragged burn, and the taste was fair about half way down then I felt like I was smoking dried up leaves from the yard, quite a few I had to toss before I was through with it. I was very sadly disappointed, JR usually has far better quality than these 2 5 1
Churchill Half the cigars are rolled way too tight. Won't draw or stay lit. Flavor is stanky on some of them. They were on sale, unfortunately I bought 60 of them. 1 5 1

Casa de Garcia Maduro

Churchill 6.50 × 50 GACH3

This Churchill is a mellow smoke but with full flavor. Packaged in a bundle of 20, it is exceptionally smooth with a great burn and perfect draw. Its vintage tobaccos hail from the DR and Honduras. Its dark brown Maduro wrapper makes it rich and robust with a nice hint of cocoa, making this cigar as flavorful as it is affordable.
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Connecticut Broadleaf

Connecticut Shade

Dominican Republic / Honduras

Dominican Republic



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