4.181818181818182 22
Toro Good stick. Nice and easy to smoke. Gave to friednds as their first stick and it was a perfect smoke. 4 5 1
Toro 👍👍👍👍 4 5 1
Toro Great mild smoke. Consistent all the way through. Was sad when it ended. If you like a mild to medium cigar these are great. 4 5 1
Toro Everything you sent me was FIRST CLASS! Thank you. 5 5 1
Toro Very Good Every day smoke. 5 5 1
Toro My every day cigar. The quality is consistently excellent and the flavor is mellow but but bold! 5 5 1
Toro Super nice smooth & creamy stick with an excellent draw and even burn all the way to the end! I'll be buying these by the box from now on. 5 5 1
Toro My favorite cigar, smooth and fresh. J&R devilvwey was swift and protected, cigars had a lot of life in them when I got em, very fresh. 5 5 1
Toro I have been a JR Cigar cutomer for Years. I have been shorted cigars in the last two orders I have made. It is very difficult trying to fix this problem each time it happens - It should not happen at all - You have lost a customer - Me. Sincerely ' Steve Lestyan 1 5 1
Toro surprised how soon it gets bitter toward the end 3 5 1
Toro …these pups just need a little more punch for my taste. The construction is perfect; silky smooth and consistent. The draw, the ash…all good, no complaints…smoke it to the nub. If you’re looking for a light every day smoke, this is it. 4 5 1
Toro Loved the robusto size of these. So I tried the toro length to see if more is better. Not sure it's the case. It started out great and tailed off a little. Still really good and enjoyable. Will let my other toros rest in my humidor for a few months and try another robusto to conduct further research 4 5 1
Toro First Camacho. Was looking for a new, lighter cigar to try. This was a really solid mellow & well constructed cigar. I don’t think the flavor is going to blow anyone away, but it is an enjoyable smoke. I’d note the draw was very good and it never went out on me. 4 5 1
Toro Nice burn/flavor/draw! Really enjoyed 4 5 1
Toro My goto cigar! Nice mild connecticut smoke - live the flavor! Fast shipping! 5 5 1
Toro Draw too hard not smooth. Smoke good. Flavor gets better as cigar burns down making draw easier 5 5 1
Toro Good quality 4 5 1
Toro It's not Camacho, its me. I just don't like the long chemical tasting finish. I have found all Camacho to have that flavor, some more, some less. I'll put them down for a bit but I don't have high hopes. Been looking for a good mild smoke, this isn't it. 2 5 1
Toro Draw was excellent, flavor was outstanding, and smoke was what I’d expect from Camacho. 5 5 1
Toro Great smoke especially when you can catch em on sale. 5 5 1
Toro Quality is excellent Smoke is perfect Draw is also perfect 5 5 1
Toro I recently went on a hunt for the best conecticut wrapper big name toro. All the big brands offer one and nearly all have a bitter..machine made, papery hay grassy finish. I've been told it is the use of excess water in the curing process but i won't stick to that. Any way, Cao, avo, and most of the others have that nearly identical flavor. I thought that was just how the leaf is supposed to taste. But no. Camacho has virtually no bitter finish. I've had six of them so far. That finish is even in the Dunbarton brulee (saka manages to minimize it with what ever else HE does) has some of this. So if you like creamy nutty light cigars and don't like the taste of a phili blunt, get a five pack of these and see if you enjoy it. Oh, the thing burns well, lasts pretty long and looks elegant save for the band. Camacho bands are ugly, makes the cigar look like a candy bar from 1908. 4 5 1

Camacho Connecticut

Toro 6 × 50 CCTT5

Camacho Connecticut Toro offers a smooth and flavorful departure from the robust fuller bodied brands that have made Camacho a household name among well -seasoned cigar connoisseurs. This top notch 6 x 50 Toro features aged fillers from Honduras and the Dominican Republic, covered by a rich Honduran Corojo binder, and the main attraction—a beautiful, golden brown Connecticut seed wrapper grown in Ecuador. The end result is a mellow to medium bodied smoke with a complex tapestry of sweet spice, leather, cedar, some woodsy tones, and hints of citrus. Order a pack of 5 from JR Cigar and enjoy those rich and rewarding Camacho flavors without the added strength.

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Honduras Connecticut

Honduran Corojo

Honduras / Dominican Republic


Mellow - Medium


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