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In 1961, Simon Camacho opened Miami's first premium cigar factory, and later began making Camacho cigars. Christian Eiroa then purchased the rights to the Camacho brand in 1995, five years after Simon's death. In 2008, Davidoff purchased this storied brand and continues to produce and distribute unparalleled premium cigars in their modern, fully equipped factories in Honduras, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.

For many years, Camacho Cigars were world renowned for making some of the finest full-flavored Cuban-style Honduran cigars on the market. Although they are still highly revered for these bolder blends, Camacho, now boasts a star-studded lineup of various strength cigars to provide the perfect blend for every palate. In addition, the company’s factory in the Dominican Republic is home to the wildly popular barrel aged series that features Nicaraguan tobaccos that are aged in either rum or Kentucky Bourbon barrels, to add a captivating new twist on the classic Camacho flavors. The rest of the line t ranges from the mellow to medium bodied Camacho Connecticut to the bold, uber full bodied Camacho Triple Maduro, and everything in between. Every Camacho blend in the lineup has one thing in common, they stay true to Camacho’s old-world standards and unyielding commitment to excellence.

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