4.078260869565217 115
Churchill Smoke this cigar while on a fishing trip with friends Don't really smoke a lot of Connecticut's but loved this cigar It had a good burn time The band was a little big But I'm definitely gonna put Some in my humidor 3 5 1
Churchill The cigars right up my alley Mild to medium with a really aromatic order as well as a grape flavor profile make this a must own or at least a must try 5 5 1
Churchill Mild smoke throughout. Generally not a fan dog Churchill's but this one was doable. Some of the Churchill's are almost comical and while they look cool it's a bad smoking process. Well wrapped but the flavor was uneventful. Natural tobacco leafy type taste. 4 5 1
Churchill I love the bands more than anything!!! Joking. But The Connecticut is a pretty good cigar. Nice smoothcreamy smoke. Like to have with my morning coffee. 3 5 1
Churchill I like Camacho as a whole however I don't feel this guy lived up to its name. I had burn problems and had to re light twice. Plus the taste was on the mediocre side of things. 3 5 1
Churchill This Camacho concoction is my go-to Connecticut. It’s got tremendous flavor a great draw and burns perfectly.... need I say more? 4 5 1
Churchill Creamy smooth slightly sweet. Excellent cigar! This one is my brother's absolute favorite and is high on my list as well. 4 5 1
Churchill This is a great Camacho. Very mellow flavor I felt some citrus notes even. It’s well balanced and easy to smoke with great construction. 5 5 1
Churchill From the very start of this cigar you'll know it a Camacho. Excellent construction all around. The cigar is very flavor full with notes of Almonds and spice. It has a very good draw and it is a very consistent tasting and burning cigar. Definitely worth purchasing.. 4 5 1
Churchill Extremely mild almost to the point there’s not much flavor. Pair with a cream soda or a light coffee for best flavor results as to not over power the delicate nature of this cigar. 2 5 1
Churchill the lack of flavors in this cigar are serious there's not much going on in this. its built well tho. 3 5 1
Churchill This is a great cigar to smoke. I would recommend this cigar and plus the brand itself speak for itself 4 5 1
Churchill Camacho churchill is my favourite brand and lenght. I recommend this cigar-Looks nice and price is good 4 5 1
Churchill A nice smooth flow but a nice kick at the same time. I would recommend trying this along with every other Camacho 5 5 1
Churchill Faint hay outdoorsy aroma. Dry peppery earth citrus and cedar. Seems much smoother through 2nd half of cigar. A quality fair cigar 3 5 1
Churchill What a marvel out of Camacho! Not overwhelming in power with a very nice flavor. 5 5 1
Churchill I have smoked 2 of these. 1 was fantastic 1was just ok. The first one was so good I may try another one. 4 5 1
Churchill I usually prefer other connecticuts over this one but it was a good enough for the day 3 5 1
Churchill Don't let the light shade fool you this is a complex and aromatic smoke! Absolutely adore this with morning coffee. The flavored balance eachother out beautifully! 4 5 1
Churchill The draw was great the ct wrapper was creamy and nutty. Id paired it with a nice iced latte or iced coffee! A great mild medium bodied cigar 4 5 1
Churchill Camacho churchhill is a great medium body cigar with that great Connecticut wrappergreat all around smoke for anytime rate this a perfect 10 5 5 1
Churchill This is a wonderful milder cigar. It has a beautiful light colored wrapper and has wonderful sweet tobacco notes this thing is exquisitely made and you can expect the same quality every time with comacho. 5 5 1
Churchill One of my favorite cigars to smoke. Great flavor draw and doesn't linger on you pallatte 5 5 1
Churchill really good shit. like real good you know? yeah. all around good. it's cheap too! only about $4 a stick 5 5 1
Churchill Overall a good smoke. Great rich mellow flavor. The burn was good and slow and even. The construction was good well made the consistency was. Good. 3 5 1
Churchill A well built cigar but lacks flavor. A good choice for a new cigar smoker or those that prefer a mild smoke. 3 5 1
Churchill The Camacho Connecticut Churchill is my favorite medium strength Camacho cigar. Such a pleasure to enjoy. Started off light to medium finished medium to full. I love this cigar. 5 5 1
Churchill A fairy strong and spicy smoke. Great construction. Cigar burns evenly but a little strong for my taste. Overall a good cigar. 3 5 1
Churchill Great smoke for everyday good price smooth andgreat after drinks and a big meal always keep them for poker night 5 5 1
Churchill This is a smooth and mellow cigar with a beautiful rapper and very nice seller. Will give you a consistent burn a nice ash and has a great look. Add this to your door. You will not be disappointed 5 5 1
Churchill Thought this cigar was decent. Everything was about average with nothing too exceptional or dull. Good cigar though. 3 5 1
Churchill I don't smoke Connecticut too often but this is a good cigar. It's smooth and consistant. Pairs well with a morning coffee 1 5 1
Churchill Camachos are good and this is good. Bold flavors and awesome aroma. Tasteful and elegant at the same time. Worth the price alone. 4 5 1
Churchill I still have a number of these aging in my humidor under the old label style. They're well built and mild cigars. Good for a midday smoke but not for after hours. 3 5 1
Churchill Hey very flavorful mild Connecticut wrap smoke I love Camacho cigars price just right Nutty earthy woodsy 5 5 1
Churchill One of the better Connecticut cigars but also doesn't do a lot to stand apart from the crowd. I personally like this creamy peppery woodsy stick in the morning with a hot cup of coffee. You can't really go wrong here. 4 5 1
Churchill I am not a Connie fan by any means but I really think Camacho is knocking it out of the park with their current line. Do yourself a favor. If you don't like the connies grab this one. Let it age for about 6 months and give it a try. You will change your mind 4 5 1
Churchill Sweet hay and honey hit the tongue right out of the gates on this one. The flavors change some chocolate comes and goes as does a woody note. The burn is wavy but never too bad the whole way and the the draw is always a perfect amount of tight. Highly recommend this stick to anyone and everyone. 4 5 1
Churchill A very nice earthy cigar with a hay aroma. The smoke was creamy with some spice. Very nice construction with no burn issues. Good cigar 4 5 1
Churchill The Camacho Connecticut is a beautiful looking cigar with lots of tasty Nicaraguan tobacco and it's construction is perfect 2 5 1
Churchill Just had my first one of these last week. Very nice draw. Smooth creamy smoke. Consistent construction and even burn. I will definitely get a fiver of these. 5 5 1
Churchill The whole Camacho line is top notch. These guys are no different. More full than medium for me these cigars are pretty awesome. 5 5 1
Churchill Although I'm a fan of Camacho the Connecticut isn't really my liking. The stick was well put together and had a good burn. 4 5 1
Churchill It's tough to find a solid Connecticut but this one fits the bill. Tons of flavor and decent strength. 3 distinct flavor changes throughout. 4 5 1
Churchill Prelight I got barnyard and earth. After lighting the draw was a little loose but had buttery creamy notes. Good flavor throughout. Overall a good mild cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill I wasn't sure if they changed the blend when they got rebanded but something felt off about this one. Might have been a bad stick so I'll need to give it a second chance. 3 5 1
Churchill Good cigar. I am not a huge Connecticut fan but many will love it. Great construction but not the best draw. Good mild flavors 3 5 1
Churchill Not a big Connecticut fan but got some atime a local event and enjoyed it but not my smoke of choice 4 5 1
Churchill The Connecticut is such a crowd pleasing flavor! Mellow but in no way boring! The draw isn't too tight or loose and gives a mouthful of good smoke every time! 4 5 1
Churchill 1st cigar I ever smoked and I was hooked on cigars after that. Big fan of their entire line 4 5 1
Churchill This is one smooth smoke that gives a firm mild to medium bodied taste that can be enjoyed anytime of day. 5 5 1
Churchill I am all about Connecticut cigars. And I have to say by far the Camacho Connecticut is definitely one of my favorites. Very smooth and not too mild a little more on the medium side but it is an excellent cigar that you must try at least once if you like Connecticut's. You won't be disappointed. 4 5 1
Churchill This was my go-to for a long time. You can't beat it for the price - not too mild for a Connecticut consistent flavor good burn that stays even all the way to the end. Also try the bourbon barrel Camachos if you want something stronger! 5 5 1
Churchill This is a very good tasting cigar the burn was even the draw was easy one of my tops like many of the camacho cigars 5 5 1
Churchill Great mild cigar to get you going in the morning with your coffee. 5 5 1
Churchill The Camacho Connecticut Churchill it's a really good morning cigar to have with a cup of coffee 5 5 1
Churchill Draw is perfect. The construction is mint. The downside here is flavor. The flavor tends to be very uneventful. It's a typical toasty tobacco type with a quick finish. Good for the price. 4 5 1
Churchill One of the better Connecticuts I have smoked. Good mild to medium blend with tons of flavor. Burns well and lives up to the Camacho name. 4 5 1
Churchill I love this cigar! I don’t want it to end! Nutty woody spicy classic! I would smoke these all day 5 5 1
Churchill What can i say about this cigar that hasnt already beem said? The rookie in me still cant handle full cigars too much so this is a go to for me!! 5 5 1
Churchill Creamy consistent draw. Good burn. Great construction. Definitely ordering more soon. Easily one of my favorite Connecticut wrapped cigars. 5 5 1
Churchill By far my favorite Connecticut so far. Nice medium flavor with great oak and chocolate cherry notes. Pairs well with a nice craft lager or a small batch bourbon 4 5 1
Churchill One of the better Connecticut cigars. Great draw and construction. Tons of smoke. Flavor is sweet and woody. Some nuts. 5 5 1
Churchill This is a perfect morning smoke. Wake up grab some coffee and head to the lounge. 4 5 1
Churchill Very smooth and mellow cigar. I found these to be a great cigar to start the day. Not badly priced either 5 5 1
Churchill I have liked every Camacho I've tried so far. This one isn't quite as strong as I prefer but if you want an excellent smoke that's not too overpowering it may be for you. 4 5 1
Churchill I really enjoyed the Camacho Connecticut. It's not the best Connecticut I've hadvbut it's a good go to. 5 5 1
Churchill Cool burning with a great draw. Creamy & sweet mild but with lots of flavor. Not the cheapest never on sale but worth the price in my opinion. 5 5 1
Churchill This cigar draws like no other. The smoke is nice and creamy which is a huge plus for me. Nice sharp cigar. 4 5 1
Churchill Creamy vanilla. Woody leathery spice. Smooth. I love this cigar always have stock on hand. This is actually the one that started it all for me. 4 5 1
Churchill Nice cigarYou can never go wrong with one of these they’re nice medium mild body with this like kick at the can never go wrong with the Camacho 5 5 1
Churchill Okay cigar not one of my favoites. I personally could not get any type of flavor out of this cigar. 3 5 1
Churchill Great cigar as long as you don't burn the wrapper on lighting. Nice cedar with a sweet tasting smoke 3 5 1
Churchill Very mellow smoke with a consistent burn good construction and a smooth draw. If you enjoy the more mellow end of the spectrum this would be a good choice for you. 4 5 1
Churchill The Camacho Connecticut is a good morning cigar goes great with coffee. It is a very light med bodied smoke 4 5 1
Churchill Great cigar by Camacho. Very well made smooth and lighter flavored smoke. Nice easy draw this is one of the staples in the famed Camacho line. 4 5 1
Churchill Great taste great for anytime the draw is mild and long lasting Will buy again 5 5 1
Churchill Camacho Connecticut is a very much mild cigar as most Connecticut cigars are. These are perfect for a morning smoke along with some coffee. Camacho caters to just about everyone's taste and strength profiles and this one is definitely for the beginner. 3 5 1
Churchill This cigar is a nice addition to my humidor. It smokes well and has nice flavor a of fruit and pepper and goes well with whiskey. 5 5 1
Churchill This is a premier cigar. Very smooth and has a great taste. If you want to splurge a little I’d recommend. 5 5 1
Churchill Mild smoke throughout. Generally not a fan dog Churchill's but this one was doable. Some of the Churchill's are almost comical and while they look cool it's a bad smoking process. Well wrapped but the flavor was uneventful. Natural tobacco leafy type taste. 4 5 1
Churchill Camacho Connecticut is a milder bodied cigar that is made very well. It has good flavor and burns very well. White ash is always a good sign from this premium cigar because they only use the best of the best tobacco. 4 5 1
Churchill There are much better connecticuts out there. Not to say these are bad but if I want a Connecticut I want the creamy thick smoke that they're supposed to have. Still these aren't a bad smoke just a little overpriced. 4 5 1
Churchill Was given one of these by a friend when I first started smoking and it’s a staple in my box smooth draw nice flavor even burn 5 5 1
Churchill Huge fan of this cigar. Great brand. Have a few in my humi. Fan of the Connecticut. It's mellow an all day smoke. Love it on the golf course. Go get you some. 5 5 1
Churchill I have had a couple of.these and really enjoyed them. Great for the morning with such a smooth.taste and good draw. Wish they had alittle better construction...all three cracked 4 5 1
Churchill Had this baby last night and I must say it's one of the best Connecticuts I've had in a while! Flavor is smooth woody touch of sweet and a little buttery. Paired it with an iced tea and it goes down perfect! Definitely gotta buy more! 4 5 1
Churchill The construction is fabulous as with all their cigars. I am normally not a big Connecticut Shade fan but this one is really good. Lots of pepper on the retro and nutty sweet honey flavor. Not your typical CS cigar it had some body and some strength to it. 4 5 1
Churchill Camacho continues to be one of my favorite brands I've yet to have a bad one and this stick will not disappoint mild to medium awesomeness smoothness 4 5 1
Churchill Camacho is always a great smoke. Love this cigar. Especially good for the price. Highly recommended. 4 5 1
Churchill This is a well constructed cigar. The flavors are a bit on the mild side. Its really pretyy much just a run of the mill smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill Nice cigar. Nice hints of spice and coffee but not overwhelming. Holds up well to my bite. Draw is really nice with my punch. All of the cigars had a nice draw. The aroma is very pleasant. I prefer large cigars and this one is a pleaser 4 5 1
Churchill Not a big ring Maduro that I always prefer but I promised myself I'd try other cigars and expand my taste buds I got it in a sampler and tried it and was impressed with the flavor and aroma and how the ash acumulated 4 5 1
Churchill The Camacho Connecticut is the perfect smoke for those craving something “milder-mannered” but don’t want to sacrifice flavor. This is boldness meets balance. 3 5 1
Churchill While most Camachos are unbelievably strong this one is mild and creamy. It is thoroughly delicious. I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes Camacho but doesn't like getting smacked in the face by Mike Tyson every time they smoke a cigar 3 5 1
Churchill Not too shabby. Mild smoke good flavor decent draw a punch seemed to work better than a cutter long consistent burn 2 5 1
Churchill This is a great beginners Camacho. I'm not a seasoned smoker so I gave this one a try and it was phenomenal. Great flavor without knocking your head off. 5 5 1
Churchill Really liked this. Smooth ready to smoke and good for a hot summers day. The construction and draw was very good and thus was just a great light smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill I enjoy most of the Camacho lines. this one was just too light on flavor to make a big impact on me. Obviously it's a Connecticut but even still it was bland. 4 5 1
Churchill nice mild offering from camacho. light subtle herbs with hints of pepper and bite towards the end. wish it had a better draw but I did use a hole punch (could be why) 3 5 1
Churchill Always a fan of Camacho cigars. Very nice and creamy in the Connecticut. Burn line was razer sharp the whole smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill Great creaminess and mild smoke. When you think of Connecticut shade this Camacho is the way to go. 3 5 1
Churchill Camacho cigars are always well constructed and taste amazing. Slight pepper on this with some cream an enjoyable smoke. 4 5 1
Churchill Hit and miss with this cigar if it's on it's a great morning cigar with mild flavors or cream. Pairs well with coffee in the morning 4 5 1
Churchill I like the rebrand recently. Camacho makes some solid sticks which are cheap and tasty. It's a good value for what you get. I would grab some! 3 5 1
Churchill Great intro to the world of Camacho. Not as strong or in your face as the other lines. Draw was ok construction was top notch. Loved the smooth wrapper. Cedar and cream mostly with some peat and earth too. Really liked this smoke! 3 5 1
Churchill A great Connecticut representation put together by Camacho. Silky smooth smoke with some mellowed out flavors 5 5 1
Churchill I don't smoke Connecticut too often but this is a good cigar. It's smooth and consistant. Pairs well with a morning coffee 5 5 1
Churchill This was a stick recommended to me when I first started smoking cigars so it has a special place on my heart. a nice mild easy smoke for those starting to look for what they like. 3 5 1
Churchill You people are wonderful 5 5 1
Churchill The Camacho Connecticut has become my go-to cigar and my number one choice! Smooth smoke, great flavor and easy draw make this a spectacular cigar for anyone!! 5 5 1
Churchill This is the best overall cigar outside Cuba 5 5 1
Churchill My Go to Cigar! 5 5 1
Churchill The tobacco content is superior and the cigar is well made with excellent draw. 5 5 1
Churchill Lovely !! 5 5 1

Camacho Connecticut

Churchill 7 × 48 CCTCH20

A smooth yet bold blend, this Churchill is fantastic. It is crafted with aged Dominican and Honduran long filler tobacco making it exceptionally smooth with a nice cedar taste to it. This is complimented by the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper which makes it creamy yet with a little zest to balance it out. A fantastic mellow bodied cigar and another great addition to the Camacho family. Packaged in a box of 20.
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Honduras Connecticut

Honduran Corojo

Honduras / Dominican Republic


Mellow - Medium


Box of 20

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