3.8666666666666667 30
Robusto Tubo Smooth and mellow. These are great anytime if the day. They draw great and won't overpower you. 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo This cigar tastes like nothing. I felt like I was just sucking air through a straw. Very disappointing. 3 5 1
Robusto Tubo Class A cigar all the way around. The best draw I've ever had. Burns great and consistently. Ash gets long and nice! 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo Won 5 pack on Beat the Dealer. Researched and looked forward to first one. Flavor and aroma were definitely hay and barnyard a little too much horse pee for me. Smoked about inch and half and couldn't go further. Construction burn draw ash were very good. Disassembled remainder and was impressed with build and quality of tobaccos used. Buried the others deep real deep to see what some age will do for them. Have enjoyed other Camacho's and liked. 3 5 1
Robusto Tubo Not much flavor, and what flavor there is isn't very good. Put down halfway through. If mild body is what you like, the Criollo is much better. 3 5 1
Robusto Tubo I Purchased a 10 pack of these after winning an auction. Let me tell you they are very nice smokes. The draw is fantastic the smoke is mild to medium. Lots of raw earth Cedar and has a smooth creamyness to the smoke. 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo Great flavor one of the few connie wrappers i enjoy i was really surprised and now i have a 5pk on the way the i won on beat the dealer so even better 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo Very good cigar smooth draw and consistent. Love this cigar. Good every day cigar. 1 5 1
Robusto Tubo Much more than I expected. The draw was good. A little stronger than what I am used too. 3 5 1
Robusto Tubo An easy smoking mello smooth cigar that you can smoke all the way to the end without it getting bitter or harsh 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo Excellent 'moke. Smooth and easy. Well made. Will buy again. 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo Love sitting on the deck enjoying a cigar 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo 👍 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo It's a very good cigar. Got a lot of flavor for a mild stick. A wee bit pricey but it is a very good smoke. 3 5 1
Robusto Tubo I first bought a five pack to try them out. The first one I had was more in the medium-to-full range. They might be marketed as medium bodied but I tell you that they pack a bite. I then had another a few weeks later & it was a world of difference. It had smooth creaminess, woodsy, nutty & an orange peel spicy note. I eventually bought a box of these. The box itself has outstanding craftsmanship & can be used as a humidor. 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo It was a hot summers day in Las Vegas, on the 3rd hole, and as expected my golf game left much to be desired, so I thought I'd try this Connecticut, and it was a delight. Made my lackluster golf game tolerable. Highly recommend this Cigar. 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo Cigars came fresh a nice mellow smoke to enjoy with a nice cold beer or two. Shipping took a little long 7 days otherwise I’m pleased 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo Very good stick. Easy draw, nice aroma. It is going to be one of my usual smokes for sure. And fast delivery from JR Cigars. 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo I got this as part of a Camacho 5 cigar sampler. The flavor is fairly punchy but comfortably mild-medium. The one I smoked had a very loose draw which I don’t love, but the construction was otherwise excellent. It smoked really fast, however. A robusto normally lasts me 45-55 minutes, but I smoked this down to a nub in less than 35. Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and I look forward to trying the other cigars in the pack. 3 5 1
Robusto Tubo Good smoke, but great service from JR’s 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo Wow, what a great smoke. I stay close to the connecticut stogies most of the time and this was an amazing connecticut! Lots of transitions, great draw, razor sharp burn, great Ash. It blew my mind. Super mellow for us connecticut lovers. 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo Such a consistent, smooth smoke. Easy draw, get a great ash and calm mild flavor. Never a campfire taste the morning after. Love knowing the quality I purchase every time. Highly recommend. 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo Real smooth 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo Tight draw and very little flavor. 2 5 1
Robusto Tubo Favorite kinda expensive 5 5 1
Robusto Tubo The draw on this stick was so tight, but once i opened it up with a perfecdraw it was okay. The flavor doesnt really have that creamyness the description boasts. You definitely get the peppery kick from it, but all in all the flavor was a bit lacking. The burn started out uneven in the first third but did fix itself in the second. 3 5 1
Robusto Tubo Good flavor, good construction. 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo Clean and smooth with soft notes of leather and cream. 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo The Camacho Connecticut is one of the few Connecticut shade wrappers that I like. It has nice flavors and is smooth. At these prices, it’s a real bargain! 4 5 1
Robusto Tubo Another bad experimental choice! Live and learn!! 2 5 1

Camacho Connecticut

Robusto 5 × 50 CCTR5

This medium-bodied beauty contains a flavorful blend of Honduran and Dominican tobaccos that makes it smooth with a hint of cedar and earth. The light brown Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper adds in a little zest with tastes of pepper on the back-end. Available in a 5-pack.
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Honduras Connecticut

Honduran Corojo

Dominican Republic / Honduras


Mellow - Medium


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