4.0 64
Wraith Maybe I lack the number of tastebuds that some of my brother smokers have so I can't carry on about the cedar flavor with a hint of coffee and cinnamon. I just like them. They're well constructed burn evenly and not too fast and I like the dark flavor (I don't like those Connecticuts). This particular model is a great size 52 ring which I prefer to the 50 and the six inch length is perfect. I'm backed up on them so I wait until they go on sale for about $50/box and at that price they're a great deal and I won't save them for special occasions. 4 5 1
Wraith Quite disappointing really. Listed as a full strength Maduro this is actually a very mild and somewhat tasteless cigar. A good lesson learned though. 3 5 1
Wraith I recieved these by mistake and rather than pay to send them back I thought I'd give them a try.. I like a full flavored cigar. These are definitely closer to medium. The flavor did seem to change somewhat but mostly they tasted like moldy wood. I definitely would not recommend them and won't consider ever getting them again even if they were free but your mileage may vary. 3 5 1
Wraith This cigar lacks flavor and aroma. The construction and burn are good but can't make up for a weak blend. Better options are available for the price. 4 5 1
Wraith My new favorite stick. Toasty with a mild sweetness.Perfect draw and nice stout body.Perfect! 5 5 1
Wraith I've been ordering 1 to 2 boxes of this cigar every month since they first came out in a SAMPLER. I love the taste and have come to make them my full-time smoke. Sometimes a SAMPLER actually has that gem of a great cigar and I guess I lucked out with these. 4 5 1
Wraith I was kind of skeptical to try new things but I needed to go with it. At first taste and smell it caught me off guard. Nice aroma. Once I cut into it and lit up I could already taste the coffee and spice from the first puff. This goes great with a good cup of joe. Throughout the cigar all the way to the end it did not disappoint at all. Kept the taste. Now I am going to try the other Abyss products. 4 5 1
Wraith Fantastic smoke smooth medium bodied with good burn. One of the best cigar values out there. 4 5 1
Wraith Bought these on sale and they have been well worth the money. Medium-full strength with mild spice. Smoked several and all have been well constructed with even burning and feel. 4 5 1
Wraith It doesn't have as much of a kick as other medium-full bodied smokes but definitely a good smoke for the price 4 5 1
Wraith Good flavor lots of fragrant smoke strong earthy smelling wrapper good burn rate draw was tight on a couple of the cigars 4 5 1
Wraith Awesome smoke one of my favorites. Full bodied and smooth. I'm a little greedy with this one and want to keep for myself. 5 5 1
Wraith Bought 40 of these in Sept 2014 and let them sit in nice 68-70 humidor until Jan 2015. The flavor is not creamy at all. It is very woody and earthy not very aromatic. Great draw construction and burn; just not my type of cigar. I tried all 40 hoping to get one that was smoother and creamier but to no avail. 4 5 1
Wraith The construction and draw are great and it's a full bodied stick. However the taste isnt great. It's head to describe but it's almost like Philly blunt. I won't buy again. 3 5 1
Wraith A very nice medium bold cigar 5 5 1
Wraith Bold and Spicy at light up. Halfway through flavor stayed consistent. Last 1/3 spice got stonge. Nice even burn to the end. Need no re-lights. 2👍up 4 5 1
Wraith This cigar is constructed well the draw was smooth and the burn was even. Not as strong as you may expect but the flavor is consistent. The aroma from the cigar is pungent and overpowering the taste is of fermented hay and cedar. For a normal price may be too much but when on sale it is worth it. 4 5 1
Wraith I'm always a bit skeptical of cigars made especially for JR Cigar but this one was a pleasant surprise. Full-bodied and flavorful. Well-constructed with easy draw. Really good value. I liked 'em! 4 5 1
Wraith They have changed. Mylast 4 boxes have allexhibited way different burn and taste fantastic. The boxes from a year or twoago were constant and smooth these have a harsh finish. Probably my last order on these 3 5 1
Wraith The Black Abyss A very nicely constructed cigar and near perfect draw. Consistency is pretty darn good as well although I have had a few that didn't have the flavor I'm used to with this cigar. The Complexity and flavor is awesome with coca leather black pepper and sometimes I get a hint of Carmel. This cigar reminded me of the H upman the Banker. I really enjoy the black abyss and was really surprised how well I liked it. Has became 1 of my go to cigars and will find a place in my humidor as long as JR has it for sale. I haven't tried the Connecticut black aybss but I am sure it is nice as well. 4 5 1
Wraith Great cigar for the price. The flavor was just not in my wheel house. 4 5 1
Wraith Great cigar. Thanks to all the reviews that helped me decide to give this a try. Great smoke for the price! Strong flavor rich and very nicely constructed. 5 5 1
Wraith Absolutely fantastic smoke with a full bodied sweetness of Cocoa chocolate and earth. Best part is the price. These are made by a renowned grower of fine tobacco. He also blended one heck of a great cigar. 5 5 1
Wraith This will be the fourth box of these cigars that I have ordered since I've been at JR's guitar member. These are fantastic cigars it will compete with some of the most expensive cigars available for sale. The draw is great the flavor is wonderful and the construction is beautiful. I continue to order the cigars I would highly recommend this to anyone probably the best bang for the buck in any cigar out there 3 5 1
Wraith It doesn't have as much of a kick as other medium-full bodied smokes but definitely a good smoke for the price 4 5 1
Wraith A nice overall smoke. Not that expensive very smooth. A little peppery and earthy. The draw and super smooth and each cigar is made to perfection. 4 5 1
Wraith Overly strong bitter flavor. 2 5 1
Wraith I ordered a box after smoking several I had received in sample packages. The first one didn't smoke well. I find that they are a great smoke after aging for a while. So in the box they went. The samplers I smoked were aged in my box for at lease a month before smoking and did smoke well. So we'll see. 3 5 1
Wraith Bought 40 of these in Sept 2014 and let them sit in nice 68-70 humidor until Jan 2015. The flavor is not creamy at all. It is very woody and earthy not very aromatic. Great draw construction and burn; just not my type of cigar. I tried all 40 hoping to get one that was smoother and creamier but to no avail. 4 5 1
Wraith My favorite cigar. Well built, smooth draw and consistent flavor. 5 5 1
Wraith Great modestly priced cigar. Lights and draws even burns with a long ash evenly I would buy these again 5 5 1
Wraith Surprisingly well balanced flavor for the price. Good wrap even burn. Great cigar to smoke while doing other things. 4 5 1
Wraith This has become one of my favorites and when I fine myself with a bad cigar I know I can rely on it for good flavors and construction. The draw can be little tight here and there but if u have a poker handy in your lounge its a quick fix. 5 5 1
Wraith Very good draw good everyday smoke and great price I can’t wait to order more 3 5 1
Wraith Really great all around smoke 4 5 1
Wraith the flavor profile was nice and consistant, bold tastes, not spicy but more umami 4 5 1
Wraith Being an avid cigar guy, I am partial to Maduro types of cigars. These cigars are well made, rarely have issues, Produce nice ash and smoke. The best thing about these cigars is the taste, suits me very well. 5 5 1
Wraith Enjoying them glad I bought them 4 5 1
Wraith It's a good cigar. Great after dinner because it just settles your palate and it is relaxing not too harsh. It does have that chocolate taste which is smooth. Good cigar well constructed 5 5 1
Wraith Good everyday smoke. Not real complex but good burn and smooth. 4 5 1
Wraith First found this cigar in a sampler and absolutely love them. These cigars are well constructed and I have yet to have had a bad cigar. Will definitely keep these in my humidor. 5 5 1
Wraith Well made with good flavor. Especially good deal with free shipping. 5 5 1
Wraith Good stick for $$$. Draw, construction, taste and burn 4 stars. On my 2nd box. 4 5 1
Wraith Loved this cigar 4 5 1
Wraith The BlCk Abyss line of cigars will not let you down. We’ll made and rolled, enough flavor to keep you interested. These are my go to cigars. 4 5 1
Wraith I love this cigar. Get some. 4 5 1
Wraith Good smooth taste. Great flavor for the price you can't go wrong. 4 5 1
Wraith Good burn and tasty 4 5 1
Wraith J R Cigars came through again. Just a hint of sweet spicy flavor, chocolate and espresso. Nice blending to highlight the Maduro Wrapper. I can say they are in the top running for sure. Construction was impeachable. From the first draw to the last a nice even burn. Flavor profile was consistent.You have to get a 5 pack to see for yourself. I like these a lot. J R Cigars delivery system was top notch, it arrived a day early.Let me add that these are a little more medium than full they land some where in the middle on that note.They do the trick very nicely, I like bold. 4 5 1
Wraith The Black Abyss is a nice everyday smoke. The flavor is full and the length is just right. 5 5 1
Wraith Not a fan...3 of the 5 had long stems in them and would not burn consistently. I won't be buying these again. 2 5 1
Wraith Starts out med-full and gains strength after the first third. Smooth and provides strong tobacco kick at the end. Good cigar when on a deal. 4 5 1
Wraith Have had a few that had hard, long stems that very adversely affected the burn. 3 5 1
Wraith Good cigar. Sale price was great. good flavor and construction. would buy again. 5 5 1
Wraith I pick these up on half off deals 5 packs 10 packs always out of stock on boxes ? They are a great tasty strong slow burning cigar I’ve never had one bad one in any pack. I’ve purchased a few so far and will continue to do so. Good value even at full price 5 5 1
Wraith 1 out of 5 was good 2 5 1
Wraith A good cigar that offers complex flavors with nice outward construction. There’s usually 6 to 7cigars that are either rolled too tight or too loose but can be enjoyed nonetheless. My biggest complaint are the cigar bands. Most of the bands are very difficult to remove due to the aggressive adhesive used to secure the bands around the cigars. Otherwise I enjoy smoking the Black Abyss! 4 5 1
Wraith I bought a pack a few months ago, and I really liked it, however, the package I bought last month was not good. Inconsistent burn, terrible draw and bad construction. 2 5 1
Wraith This cigar was great, in both taste and construction. Will buy again 5 5 1
Wraith Nice everyday smoke when you find them discounted. 5 5 1
Wraith Nice smoke at decent price. Well made construction. 5 5 1
Wraith Love these. Keep them stocked. 5 5 1
Wraith These are the worse cigars I’ve ever gotten from JR. They won’t stay lit, the burn very unevenly when they finally lite and they are harsh and taste terrible. J R should be embarrassed to sell these, never again. 1 5 1
Wraith Excellent smoke for the cost. But my last order for 3 five packs was shipped incorrectly. I got 2 of the Abyss but 1 of the Maria Mancini - which I don't like at all. I requested in an email a return of those and got no response. I called customer service and was told it was being handled. It wasn't, a month later and I'm disappointed. This is actually the 3 Rd time I didn't get what I ordered. So , I'm now doing business with Best Price Cigars. Thanks for everything, but I've moved on... 4 5 1

Black Abyss

Wraith 6 × 52 BAWR

The Black Abyss Wraith cigars sold in affordable boxes of 20, are bodied and full-flavored smokes that are made exclusively for JR Cigar. A dark and oily San Andres wrapper covers a Corojo binder and aged filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. Ample notes of coffee, chocolate, wood and cinnamon, with just a hint of sweet spice, has made these beauties one of our bestselling in-house cigars.
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San Andrés


Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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