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Jose Blanco—aka Jochy—the famous cigar master that created the highly rated Ether, and Aging Room, is also the mastermind behind our enormously popular Black Abyss brand. Made exclusively for JR, this distinguished marque comes to you in two unique blends, both crafted at Señor Blanco’s legendary 79 year-old Tabacalera Palma factory in the Dominican Republic. 

The original Black Abyss is a powerful cigar that manages to remain smooth and very well balanced thanks to its quality, well-aged tobaccos, and expert artisanship. The blend uses a silky chocolate brown Mexican San Andrés wrapper, a Corojo binder, and all-Cuban seed Criollo filler from the Dominican Republic.  This finely tuned recipe delivers a tapestry of bold woodsy notes, with subtle hints of earth, coffee, and cinnamon. A well-tempered burn and a warm sweet tobacco aroma add even more allure to this full flavored gem.

Black Abyss Connecticut, the brands first line extension, will appeal to those who prefer a mellower smoke. This medium-bodied edition comes skillfully crafted with an aged Cuban-seed Criollo 98 binder and a filler blend of Viso Piloto Cubano and Cuban-seed Viso long filler tobaccos. A velvety blonde Ecuador Connecticut wrapper adds a soft sweetness to the blend that includes decadent notes of honey, dried fruit, cocoa, cedar, and thick warm honey.

Both Black Abyss variations offer amazing taste, impeccable construction, and outstanding value.

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