3.861111111111111 36
Banshee The flavor profile is amazing. Honey is there some cedar almost a slight creme flavor. Draw is a tad snug. Almost a near perfect burn line no need for touch ups. Medium bodied at the most. Strength is maybe a 2 almost no kick. Great anytime smoke. 4 5 1
Banshee Nice cigar I was 5 when I knew I liked tabak . I quit smoking Marlboro in 76 and haven't smoked since . Now I have been learning so much about cigars that I started searching for the right cigar and no inhaleing the banchee is very good with the mild numbing I was smoking Marlboro for banchee is a medium strength and I bought a box of the full strength wraith and will be smoking them soon . My humidor is an ice chest with heartfelt 70 beads works very well but still learning how to keep the cigars at their best so my stars would be 5 but I think it is my inexperience with the humidor and impatience. Nice box the Connecticut wrapper is very delicate and the box is probably needed . 4 5 1
Banshee It's an ok cigar if you want to add a little badass look to your humidor. The draw is good but not much flavor to it. 3 5 1
Banshee Got these in a mystery 5 pack. All were hard as a rock inconsistent draw and horrible bitter acidic flavor. Put two in humidor and will try in 6 months. 2 5 1
Banshee So good I'll like to smoke them all the time I'll love to have onewalking downthe beach 5 5 1
Banshee I did not care for it 1 5 1
Banshee Been a big fan of the Black Abyss thought I would give this one a try. Smoked 2 and one this morning. Smooth about all I can say in the Humidor for a couple months and will try then can only get better we hope. 4 5 1
Banshee This is one of the worst cigars I've smoked Totally flavorless it tastes like smoking smoke as strange as that sounds. Bitter at the end. 2 5 1
Banshee Bought these beauties impulsively on one of your daily specials. Glad I did. Great tasting smoke. Great flavor burns well and nice aroma. Got a box of them for a great price. 4 5 1
Banshee Got these in a sampler and was surprised how smooth and tasty these are. A medium smoke that burns even and slow. I would recommend the Black Abyss Connecticut to my friends. 4 5 1
Banshee I received 5 in a JR sampler. A solid medium bodied cigar with an attractive smooth nearly veinless wrapper in which there were several small jagged tears that didn't seem to affect smokeability. Not a great deal of complexity but some nice spice some bite and a little cedar. Need to smoke more before I can comment on consistency but appears to be a decent daily cigar. 4 5 1
Banshee Excellent construction with perfect burn and draw. Spice at the beginning with some toasted flavors later on. Medium strength. Intend to buy again. 4 5 1
Banshee This product is very bad. I would never recommend it to anyone I know. 2 5 1
Banshee very mellow anytime smoking cigar but still not bad. Really pared good with a nose mango energy drink. Great for my smoke break at work. 4 5 1
Banshee Not very tasty...pretty average. 3 5 1
Banshee Nice cigar with a good taste and flavour. Maybe rest some time in the humidor 5 5 1
Banshee This is my go to smoke in the morning with coffee. Very mellow and very subtle. Light buttery, nutty and full of smoke. The flavor is quite suble. I like Abyss Connecticut much better than the Cusano 18 Connecticut. I like this cigar as much as Excalibur Epicure. 4 5 1
Banshee In a world filled with cheap cigars, some taste very cheap indeed. The Black Abyss isn’t one of those cigars. Despite its low price it’s actually a pretty good cigar. The draw is slightly tight, though nothing that’ll hurt your cheeks, and the construction isn’t the best - the foot was actually crooked on one in particular, but there’s decent flavor here at a low price. The ash falls off at around one and a half to two inches, and even with a perfect cut the wrapper will unravel slightly around the shoulder, but that’s kinda to be expected for a $4 cigar. This isn’t a Davidoff Winston Churchill or a Perdomo or Olivia, and you’d be silly to expect it to be at 1/4 the price of the Davidoff, but this is a decent budget cigar that you won’t feel too bad about if you find yourself having to pitch it after only smoking a half of it. I think that I will give the torpedo a try next. 4 5 1
Banshee Boring cigar. Good burn and construction but one flavor note. Boring. Good yard cigar 2 5 1
Banshee Nice even burn, overall a quality cigar 4 5 1
Banshee I like all the Abyss series but the Connecticut is my favorite. A smooth, tongue over the palate move after each drawl. Easy drawl, great texture, and after drawl aroma. 4 5 1
Banshee For the price you can’t go wrong. I enjoy these here and there. Nice and mellow, good amounts of smoke!! 4 5 1
Banshee It’s a very pleasant easy smoke from a cigar with the optimum size for daytime smoking 4 5 1
Banshee Awesome smoke 5 5 1
Banshee The flavor smooth not to strong of a draw gave off a pleasant flavor very good smoke 5 5 1
Banshee Good draw, burn went south once but not a big deal, well made, looked & tasted fine. Sometimes the band at the foot was a pain. 5 5 1
Banshee Ok 4 5 1
Banshee Good smoke for the money 4 5 1
Banshee All around good cigar 5 5 1
Banshee Really a great find ,draw construction, good slow burn, and tasty too the Nub. By Big Bunny 5 5 1
Banshee Mild and creamy. Good construction. 4 5 1
Banshee Really good cigar for the price. Mellow with a decent flavor. 4 5 1
Banshee Flavorful, consistent. This is an excellent everyday morning smoke. Compare to a lot of higher end Connecticut’s 5 5 1
Banshee Would be a good daily if you're getting them for the right price, I sure did. 4 5 1
Banshee All around great smoke. I thoroughly enjoy sitting, watching hockey with a beverage on the patio. 5 5 1
Banshee nothing good mostly tasteless 3 5 1

Black Abyss Connecticut

Banshee 5 × 50 BACBAN

The premium handmade Black Abyss Connecticut Banshee cigar is a wonderful follow up to the original Black Abyss line. A rare vintage Criollo 98 Dominican binder and a filler blend of Cuban-seed long filler Dominican tobaccos come rolled inside a silky blonde Ecuador Connecticut wrapper. This sophisticated vintage recipe results in a smoke that’s medium bodied and brimming with rich flavors of nuts, coffee, spice, and hints of honey. Be sure to add a box of 20 of these tasty and affordable smokes to your cart when you order your favorite premium cigars online from JR Cigar.
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Ecuador Connecticut

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic



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